Welfare Schemes for Senior Citizens

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Welfare Schemes for Senior Citizens



TO BE ANSWERED ON  09.02.2021



Will the Minister of SOCIAL JUSTICE AND EMPOWERMENT be pleased to state:

(a) the details of the schemes being implemented by the Government for the welfare of senior citizens;

(b) the total funds released by the Union Government in this regard during the last three years alongwith the details of funds utilized by various State Governments, Scheme and State/UT­ wise including Bihar and Jharkhand;

(c) whether the Union Government has received any requests from the State Governments, especially from Bihar and Jharkhand for more funds under these schemes and if so, the details thereof, State/UT-wise;

Schemes for Senior Citizens

(d) the number of old age homes functioning in the country, region and State/UT-wise; and

(e) whether the Government proposes to set up more old age homes in the country and if so, the details thereof?



(a) to (e):    A Statement is laid on the Table of the House.

Statement referred to in reply to Parts (a) to (e) of Lok Sabha Starred Question No. 116 to be answered on 09.02.2021


(a) to (c) The details of Schemes along with funds released, utilised, requests/proposals received State/UT wise for the welfare of Senior Citizens are at Annexure-1.

(d) & (e) Under the sub-scheme of Integrated Programme for Senior Citizens (IPSrC), the funds are released for running and maintenance of projects inter-alia Senior Citizen Homes/Old Age Homes. A State/UT wise statement showing the number of Senior Citizens Home I Old Age Homes under IPSrC is at Annexure-11. As per The Maintenance and Welfare of Parents and Senior Citizen Act, 2007, the State Government may establish and maintain such number of old age homes at accessible places, as it may deem necessary, in a phased manner, beginning with at least one in each district to accommodate in such homes a minimum of one hundred fifty senior citizens who are indigent.


(a)to (c): Ministry of Social Justice and Empowerment is the nodal ministry of the welfare of senior citizens. However, Ministry of Finance, · Health and Rural Development also implement schemes/programmes for senior citizens.

Given below are details regarding the Schemes being implemented by the Government for welfare of senior citizens:


1.  National Action Plan for Senior Citizens (NAPSrC):

This Scheme is having the vision, mission and the plan of action of the Government of India for welfare and wellbeing of senior citizens of the country.

2. The National Action Plan for the Welfare of Senior Citizens (NAPSrC) is an umbrella scheme, effective since 1st April 2020, has four sub-schemes under it, namely:

  • Integrated Programme for Senior Citizens (IPSrC): Providing financial assistance to eligible organisations for running and maintenance of Homes to improve the quality of life of the Senior Citizens, especially indigent senior citizens by providing basic amenities like shelter, food, medical care and entertainment opportunities and by encouraging productive and active ageing.
  • State Action Plan for Senior Citizens (SAPSrC): Each State/UT frames their own State Action Plans  (SAP) taking  into account their  local  considerations  for the welfare of their Senior Citizens. This State Action Plan may comprise a long term strategy for five years as well as Ann ual Action Plan. Department of Social  Justice  and Empowerment releases funds to the  States/UTs  for  the  implementation  of  their respective  State Action  Plans.
  • Convergence with Initiatives of other Ministries/Departments in Government of India in the field of Senior Citizens Welfare (CWMSrC): The NAPSrC has identified initiatives to be taken by different Departments for the benefit of  senior citizens. These initiatives would be collated, department-wise  and  communicated  to them for proposing Annual Action  Plans in collaboration with this department.
  • Media, advocacy, capacity building, research and study, pilots and any other project aimed towards the welfare of the senior citizens and falling under the scope and coverage of the NAPSrC through NISD (NISDSrC): National Institute of Social Defence (NISD), an autonomous body of this Department, is expected to be the resource centre on senior citizens in the country. It will be equipped to implement directly any project in furtherance of the objectives of the NAPSrC.

In detail:

(I) Integrated Programme For Senior Citizens (IPSrC)

Under the Scheme of Integrated Programme for Senior Citizens (IPSrC), grants­ in-aid upto 100% of project cost are given for running and maintenance the following projects:

  • Senior Citizens' Homes (Sr.CH) for 25 destitute Senior Citizens including those under Sansad Adarsh Gram Yojana (SAGY) to provide food, care and shelter.
  • Senior Citizens' Homes (Sr.CH) for 50 destitute Mixed Gender/Elderly Women including those under Sansad Adarsh Gram Yojana (SAGY) to provide food, care and shelter.
  • Continuous Care Homes (CCH) and Homes for senior citizens afflicted with Alzheimer's disease/ Dementia for a minimum of 20 Senior Citizens who are seriously ill requiring continuous nursing care and respite or those who are afflicted with Alzheimer's disease/ Dementia.
  • Ongoing projects of Mobile Medicare Units to provide medical care  to the Senior Citizens living in rural, isolated and backward areas.
  • Ongoing projects of Physiotherapy Clinics for Senior Citizens for a minim um of 50 Senior Citizens per month.
  • Regional Resource and Training Centres (RRTCs) monitors and provides technical support, advocacy, networking, training and capacity building for effective delivery of service by the Centres for Senior Citizens, funded by the Ministry.
  • Other activities considered suitable to meet the objectives of the scheme, including implementation of the provisions of National Policy for Senior Citizens (NPSrC)

2. Under the Scheme, assistance is sanctioned to the following agencies subject to the terms and conditions laid down by this Ministry:-

  • Priority to be given to the State Governments I UT Administrations for supporting the projects under the Scheme of l PSrC through Registered Societies/ Panchayati Raj
  • Institutions (PRls) I Local bodies, in the vicinity of  Hospitals,  as  far  as possible;
  • Non-Governmental/Voluntary  Organizations;
  • Institutions or Organizations set  up  by  Government  as  autonomous/ subordinate bodies;
  • Government Recognized  Educational  Institutions,  Charitable  Hospitals/ Nursing Homes, and recognized youth organizations such as Nehru Yuva Kendra  Sangathan  (NYKS).

3. The release of Grants-in-aid to Non-governmental organisations/Voluntary organisations is dependent on the recommendation and forwarding of project proposals by the State Governments as per the norms and guidelines of the Scheme subject to completeness of proposals in al l respects. ............................ Read More.


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