CBSE : Updation in OASIS and filling up the details of permitted sections

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CBSE : Updation in OASIS and filling up the details of  permitted sections

No.  CBSE/CE/PS/Coord/2023
Dated: 24.07.2023 All the  Principals
Schools Affiliated to CBSE
Subject: Updation in OASIS and filling up the details of  permitted sections 
Dear Madam/Sir,

This  year  the  Board  has  introduced  a  new  category   link  on  SARAS  for increase/decrease of land area of affiliated schools. It has been brought to the notice of the Board, that while applying in this category and while seeking updation of Sections with/without land area change, following issues were being faced by schools:
  • Zero section appearing in IX-XII classes (after the grant of up-gradation)

  • Section increase permission received, however, unable to update sections in OASIS

  • Fresh Affiliation/Up-gradati on granted, however, unable to update section in OASIS

  • Unable to update section with respect to the land area available.

  • Unable to update the sections

  • OASIS data edited, but not being saved

  • Requests received to inter-change the sections within the permissible limits between two classes

  • Schools not able to fill  the students details in double shift
  • Many schools have been permitted the increase in sections, in affiliation grant letters/up-gradation letters and got approval to increase sections in SARAS 3.0 (but were running fewer sections  on  account  of  Covid). Now they want to increase sections but they are not able to update OASIS.

  • Not able to exceed 40 students per section. Whereas , schools are having upto 45 students per section.
This is to inform you that the system has been further streamlined and now the schools can correct/update the data in the OASIS. In case the school wants to increase number of sections it may go to the SARAS portal (CBSE Affiliation unit) and complete the process as laid-down for Section Increase category. Similarly, if the land area as mentioned in OASIS is incorrect, the schools may apply for correction in Land Area in SARAS  portal in Land increase/decrease /correction category. Thereafter , the schools may proceed to update the relevant columns in OASIS. In case, the schools are running less sections (more sections are granted in the letter issued in the grant letter/upgradation letters , as the case may be), in such situations also the schools have to apply in the SARAS portal for Section increase.

It is also informed that per section intake shall be limited to 40 students, as mentioned in the Affiliation Bye-laws. This limit is extended to 45 only in cases of direct admission made in classes X and XII. In this regard following may be noted -

1. Students in class IX and class XI up to 45 in the session 2022-23 could be considered in class X and class XII in the session 2023-24

2. Direct admission in class X and class XII in the session 2023-24 should be limited to 45 students per section.

The schools should complete changes in section/land area by 31.07.2023.

It is further informed that direct admission for academic session 2023-24 will be done online.  Details will be communicated shortly.

Immediate action and compliance may please be noted.

(Dr. Sanyam Bhardwaj)
Controller of Examinations

Copy with kind information to:

1. Deputy  Secretary   to  Chairperson  CBSE  for  kind  information  of  the Chairperson.
2. Sr PPS to the Controller of Examinations, CBSE
3. PPS to the Director IT, CBSE
5. The Regional Directors/Officers so that while permitting direct admission, the section strength of the school as mentioned above may be kept in mind.
6. Web admin with the request  to upload it on the CBSE website

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