Permission to offer Mathematics (041) in Class-XI to the students who offered Mathematics Basic (241) in Class-X

Dated: 25.05.2023


The Principal
Schools Affiliated to CBSE
Subject: - Permission to offer Mathematics (041) in Class-XI to the students who offered Mathematics Basic (241) in Class-X

You are aware that CBSE has  issued  Circular  No. Acad-03/2019  dated 101h January 2019 on the issue of "Introduction of two levels of Mathematics for All India Secondary School Examination from the Academic Session ending March 2020 onwards ."
Permission to offer Mathematics
Further, as per the circular, Mathematics Standard will be meant for students who wish to opt for Mathematics (041) at Sr. Secondary level and the Mathematics Basic would be for students not keen to pursue Mathematics at higher levels. However, because of the Covid pandemic, this condition was relaxed by the Board in the past sessions .

Now, after detailed deliberations, the following has been decided by the Board for the session 2023-2024:-
  • As per circular no. Acad-03/2019 dated 10.01.2019, students of Class-X who have studied Mathematics Standard (041) can offer Mathematics (041) in Class-XI.  In case, the students who offered Mathematics Basic (241) in Class­ X are allowed to offer only Applied Mathematics in Class-XI.

  • This rule has again been relaxed by the CBSE for the session 2023-2024 only, thus, students who offered Mathematics Basic (241) are also allowed to offer Mathematics (041) in Class-XI.

  • Before permitting Mathematics (041) in Class-XI to such students, the Head of the Institution should satisfy that the students are having the aptitude and ability to pursue Mathematics (041) in Class-XI.
This exemption is being given as a special measure to facilitate the present batch i.e. 2023-2024 of students of Class-XI.

However, it is clarified that circular no.Acad-03/2 019 dated 10.01.2019 will be applicable from the 2024-2025 session.

Accordingly , schools can take the appropriate action.
(Or. Sanyam Bhardwaj)
Controller of Examinations

Copy to web admin with the request to upload on CBSE website.

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