CBSE : Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) of Videography for Inspection Committee members

NO. CBSE/AFF./ SOP for videography/2023
Dated: 24/03/2023
Circular No. 11/2023

All the Heads and Managers of the Schools
Sub:  Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) of Videography for Inspection Committee members - reg.
Madam / Sir,

The Board has prepared Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) for duration of videography and Do’s and Dont’s of Videography in regard to conducting the inspections of schools who have applied for affiliation with CBSE under various categories. The same are enclosed at Annexure ‘A’ (duration of videography) & ‘B’ (Do’s and Dont's for videography).
Standard Operating Procedures
The Inspection Committee members appointed by the Board are required to follow these SoPs of Videography for the conduct of the inspection of the schools.

(Anurag Tripathi)
Secretary, CBSE

1. Deputy Secretary to the Chairman, CBSE for kind information to the Chairman.
2. CVO/All HODs/Regional Director of the Board.
3. The Joint Secretary (A & L), CBSE.
4. Regional Officers/ COE Heads of CBSE for information.
5. The Analyst (IT), CBSE, Preet Vihar, Delhi-92  - requested to send the SOPs with appointment letter of the Inspection Committee.

(Anurag Tripathi)
Secretary, CBSE


A. Suggestive SOP for preparation of videography during inspection is appended as per following:

Duration of Videography of each area/aspect to be covered



Location /Activity to be covered

Recommended Time duration in Minutes


The name of the school prominently painted / displayed on the façade / entrance gate (flex board not allowed).

Boundary wall of school on all sides with aerial view.

Parking and other open area including assembly area

Upto 5 Minutes


Playground with outdoor and indoor sports facilities

Upto 3 Minutes Wide angle coverage of video


All Laboratories (Science subjects, Computer, Maths etc.) including stock register and practical files if any with wide angle shot to show dimensions followed by storage and seating arrangement.

Upto 5 Minutes for all labs


Library (wide angle shots of the library should be taken)

Upto 2 Minutes


Approach to toilets/ CwSN toilets from inside should be covered. All CwSN compliant toilets on every floor should be covered with proper permanent signage.

Upto 3 Minutes for boys and girls


Drinking water Arrangement

Upto 2 Minutes


Fire Safety Equipment

Up to 2 Minute


Class Rooms : Occupied and Vacant

Upto 3 Minutes in total for each standard primary, Middle, secondary & Sr. secondary)


Other Rooms such as indoor games facilities, auditorium, activity rooms wellness rooms etc.

Upto 02 Minutes


Faculty interaction / class rooms interaction

Upto3 Minutes


Documents verification

Upto 5 Minutes

*Note –No assembly, welcome ceremony, lighting of lamp, felicitation to be organized. The videography should include a group photograph of the IC with the school staff.

B. Dos and Don’ts for videography

(I) Dos
Annexure- B
  •  A professional videographer should be hired to make the video
  • The video should be shot in continuation starting from the entry of the school covering the schools’ name and subsequently covering the rest of the facilities
  • The aerial view of the school, entire area including boundary wall and the playground should be shot using a drone camera
  • The boundary wall of the school should be completely covered from all four sides
  • The CwSN toilets should be covered on all of the floors if available with permanent signage indicating the floor number/name.
  • The long shot of the ramp (if available) should be covered so as to clearly show slope gradient of the ramp
  • The signage mentioning name/ classes, labs, other activity rooms , library and toilets  should be covered. Seating area in library, stocks and storage space in labs should be covered.
  • All the facilities in the presence of IC members should be covered in video
  • The video should be comprehensive covering all the parameters
(II) Don’ts
  • The video should not be of more than the  prescribed duration / time limit as mentioned in the circular
  • The video should not be shot in bits and pieces.
  • The video should not be shot using mobile camera
  • The image of the video should not be blurred.
  • Multiple video links should not be submitted
  • The video link should not be removed under any circumstances.
  • The school should not upload a video in Google drive
  • At the time of shooting video, it should be ensured that toilets are vacant.
  • No welcome ceremony, conduct of Assembly is to be covered
नोट :- हमारे वेबसाइट पर ऐसी जानकारी रोजाना आती रहती है, तो आप ऐसी ही सरकारी योजनाओं की जानकारी पाने के लिए हमारे वेबसाइट से जुड़े रहे।
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