Delhi Development Authority : Modifications of Master Plan for Delhi 




New Delhi, the 25th May, 2021

Modifications of Master Plan for Delhi

S.O. 2022(E).—The following modifications which the Delhi Development Authority/Central Government proposes to make to the Master Plan for Delhi – 2021, under Section 11A of DD Act 1957, are hereby published for public information. Any person having any objection/suggestion with respect to the proposed modification may send the objection/suggestion in writing to the Commissioner – cum – Secretary, Delhi Development Authority, ‘B’ Block, Vikas Sadan, New Delhi – 110023 or via e-mail to [email protected] within a period of Forty-Five (45) days from the date of issue of this notice. The person making the objections or suggestions should also give his/her name, address and telephone/contact number(s)/ E-mail ID which should be readable.

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MPD 2021

Existing Provisions

Proposed Amendments/Modifications

Chapter 12.0: Transportation, Para MULTI-LEVEL PARKING FOR PRIVATE MODES:

For plots for multi-level car parking already earmarked/designated by local bodies, the existing development control norms will continue, as follows:

i. Minimum Plot Size – 1000 sqm.

ii. In order to compensate the cost of Multi- level parking and also to fulfill the growing need of parking spaces within urban area, a maximum of 25 % of gross floor area may be utilized as commercial/office space.

iii. In addition to the permissible parking spaces on max. FAR, 3 times additional space for parking component shall be provided.

iv. Maximum FAR permissible shall be 100 (excluding parking area) or as per the comprehensive scheme. However, no FAR shall be permissible in plots/existing buildings where 5% addl. ground coverage is permissible (Refer para 8 (4) i) Parking Standards, Chapter 17.0 Development Code).

v. Maximum ground coverage shall be 66.6%. The maximum height shall be restricted to permissible height of the land use in which the plot falls. There will be restriction on the number of levels of basement subject to structural safety.

vi. In case of comprehensive schemes, development controls including height shall be as per approved scheme.

vii. Number of basements - No Limit, subject to adequate safety measures.

viii. For development of Multilevel Parking, models should be worked out to encourage the private sector initiative with restricted commercial component, not exceeding 10% limited to FAR 40 on the plot.

ix. Specific proposals requiring relaxation in above-mentioned norms for already designated sites would be referred to the Authority.

For plots for Multi-Level Car Parking (MLCP) already earmarked/designated by local bodies, the existing development control norms will continue, as follows:

i. Minimum Plot Size – 1000 sqm.

ii. Maximum FAR permissible (excluding parking area)

iii. Maximum Ground coverage - 66.6%.

iv. MLCP plots shall be located on roads with RoW of 12 m and above, subject to feasibility report from a competent agency and NOC from Traffic Police and other statutory bodies.

v. Remunerative uses i.e. activities permitted in Local Shopping Centre, Public and Semi Public uses and Residential use except Banqueting and multiplexes

vi. Parking to be provided for remunerative use, shall be @ 3 ECS/100 sqm. and 3 times additional ECS for MLCP component.

vii. The height shall not be restricted, subject to clearance from AAI, Delhi Fire Service and other statutory bodies.

viii. A single agency shall be responsible for management of the MLCP and the On-street parking up to a distance of minimum 500 m along the road from the MLCP site.

ix. Suitable measures have to be taken by the Management Agency to discourage on-street parking around the MLCPs by means of increased parking charges (at least 3 times that of MLCP) and other measures.

x. MLCP plots forming part of comprehensive schemes, shall be governed by the development control norms of the approved scheme.

xi. Metro deduction shall not be applicable.

xii. For all the MLCP sites beyond 3000 sqm Traffic Impact Assessment (TIA) and Traffic Management Plan (TMA) studies are mandatory.

xiii. In case of MLCP plots which do not completely get covered by these norms shall be put up for approval of authority for appropriate decision.

The text of MPD-2021 indicating the proposed modifications shall be available for inspection at the office of Dy. Dir. (Plg.) Master Plan Section, DDA, 6th floor, Vikas Minar, I.P. Estate, New Delhi-110002 on all working days during the period referred above. The text indicating the proposed modifications is also available on the following link i.e.

[F. No. F.15(03)2021/MP]
D. SARKAR, Commissioner-cum-Secy.

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