Inviting application s for allotment of Staff Quarters On-line (Type-I to Type-IV)


Dated 27.10.2022

Sub: Inviting application s for allotment of Staff Quarters 'On-line (Type-I to Type-IV)'.

DOA Staff Quarter Branch invites applications for the desirous DDA Officers/Officials for allotment/change of Staff Quarters (Type-I to Type-I V) category. Allotment of Staff Quarters will be made through online draw. For  the purpose of submitting applications, the desirous DOA officers/officials are required to get themselves registered on DDA's Website, as per the instructions detailed in the 'Operational Manual appended herewith (Annexure-A). Once the officer/official is registered, he/she can apply for allotment of the vacant Staff Accommodation.

allotment of Staff Quarters 'On-line

2. The vacancy position for Type-I to Type-IV category Staff Quarters is detailed as below:-

T e

T e-1

T e-11

T e-111

T e-IV








3. All desirous officers/officials of the Authority including those who join DOA on deputation can registered themselves and can apply for allotment. A list of vacant Staff Quarters is at Annexure-B.

4. Reservation to Physical handicap applicants after providing/enclosed medical certificate from a Head of Department of the Specialty of concerned diseases of a Government Hospital indicating the nature and extent of physical handicap or disease and recommending such for fresh/change is furnished.

5. The reservations in allotment of accommodation  to  PH,  Ladies  Pool & SC/ST employees shall be as under:




Physical Handicap

I to IV

05% each

Ladies Pool

I to IV

10% each


I & II

10 % each



05% each

6. In case, there is no Scheduled Tribe applicant in the unified waiting list, the quota reserved for Scheduled Tribe will be allotted to SC applicants.

7. The Scheduled Caste and Scheduled Tribe applicants shall mention the fact that as to whether they belong to Scheduled Caste and Scheduled Tribe in their application for allotment of accommodation, which shall be verified by the office of the applicants from their record/concerned DDO, at the time of acceptance of allotment of accommodation by the applicant.

8. The applicants are also required to indicate their pay-matrix/basic pay in the prescribed column of the applications form.

9. If any allottee fails to accept the allotment of Staff Quarter within 08 days from the date of allotment of the said accommodation, or fails to take possession within 05 working days from the date of receipt of the letter of authorization, he/she shall be debarred to apply automatically for residential accommodation for a period of 03 months from the date of non-acceptance of allotment subject to payment of one month 'normal license fee for that type of accommodation.
10. Only one change shall be allowed in the same Type of accommodation to the allottee.

11. Besides, 3 options for fresh allotment, applicant may also opt 3 option s in respect of change of Staff Quarter also.

12. In case fresh allotment, request for change of allotment shall be accepted only after a period of 06 months from the date of issue of allotment letter.

13.  The process of online registration and submission of application shall remain open for w.e.f. 28.10.2022 to 13.11. 2022.

Dy. Director(SQ)

Encls.  (i) Operational Manual - Annexure - A
            (ii) List of vacant SQs - Type - I to Type IV - Annexure - B

Copy to:-

1. All  HoDs  - with  the  request  to  bring  this  into  the  notice  of all  concerned  officers/officials working under them.
2. Dy. Director (System) - with the request to up- load this on DDA's website.
3. Notice Boards at Vikas Sadan & Vikas Minar and Other Zonal Offices/Field Offices.

Dy. Director (SQ)
Delhi Development Authority

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