Penalty provision/ deduction in Administrative Fund provided by Government of India due to delay in activities undertaken in Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana- Gramin

No.J-11060/04/2022-RH(FMS No.379002)
Government of India
Ministry of Rural Development
Department of Rural Development
(Rural Housing Division)

Krishi Bhawan
New Delhi Dated the  12th September 2022.


The Additional  Chief Secretaries/ Principal  Secretaries/Secretaries Department of Rural Development and Panchayati Raj, Dealing with  Pradhan Mantri Awaas Yojana- Gramin  (PMA Y-G) in all States/UTs.

Subject: Penalty provision/ deduction in Administrative Fund provided by Government of India due to delay in activities  undertaken in Pradhan Mantri Awaa Yojana- Gramin (PMAY-G )-reg.


The Ministry/ Department of Rural Development is  implementing  Pradhan  Mantri Awaas Yojana- Gramin (PMA Y-G) w.e.f. 11 April 2016 to provide assistance to eligible rural households for the construction of 2.95 crore houses to achieve the objective of "Housing For All" in rural areas by March  2024.  In this connection, I am directed to in form the following decision of the Department of Rural Development for imposition of penal ties to be deducted from ensuing tranches of Central hare of Administrative Fund under PMAY-G in cases where there  is delay in various stages of sanction/construction  of houses as follows:

Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana- Gramin



Reason for penalty

Proposed penalty to be deducted from admin fund


Sanction of House

If delayed for more than one month from the date of issue of the target.

Rs. 10/- per house for first month of delay*.

Rs.20/- per house for each subsequent month of delay (or part thereof)


1st Instalment

If delayed for more than 7 days from the date of sanction

Rs. 10/- per House/ week of delay, or part thereof


2nd Instalment

If delayed for more than 3 month from the 1st Instalment

Rs. 10/- per House/ month of delay•


3rd Instalment

If delayed for more than 2 months from the 2nd Instalment

Rs. l0/- per House/ month of delay*


4th or 5th Instalment/ Completion

If delayed for more than 2 months from the 3rd / 4th Instalment.

Rs. 10/- per House/ month of delay*


Capturing and approval of the phonograph of each stage of the house

If delayed for more than 3 days from capturing of the photograph.

Rs. I0/- per House/ instance of delay

*Month would mean one calendar month, i.e. the day prior  lo the corresponding day in the next calendar month.

2. It is pertinent to note that this order shall come into effect from 1st October,  2022 onwards. Penalty will not be imposed in case the activity is completed before 1st October, 2022 even if with delay beyond what is given in the table above. However. from  1st October 2022. the penalty will be imposed if the activity has been performed with delay as per the above table. In such case, the calculation of delay will include the delay period prior to Isi October 2022 for determining the amount of penalty to be deducted.

3. No penalty would be imposed, if no central funds are available with the state: provided that the state has  sent its demand in time, along with complete set of documents, fulfilling all conditions for release of central  share. including release of state share of funds.

Yours faithfully

(Gaya Prasad)
Deputy Director General (RH)
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Tel No.: 011-23388431

Copy to:

I. PSs to MRD/Mo (RD)
2. PSO to SRO/ PP to A  (RD)/ PP to A & FA
3. Directors/ OS, Rural Housing Division.
4. US/AC/AD/SO of Rural Housing Division.
5. JC, DoRD.

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