Delhi Electricity Subsidy Apply Online

Delhi Electricity Subsidy Apply Online, BSES Application Status check, subsidy form pdf download link is now available on the official website of BSES Yamuna Power Limited. As you must be aware that now a freebies policy is running all over India. It started in Delhi when Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal announced Free Electricity Scheme in the state. Some people criticized this scheme as freebies “Muft ki Revdi” but there is a group of people especially the poor middle class who get benefited from this scheme. Now CM Kejriwal said that if you don’t want to get an electricity subsidy then give it up.

So now the government has made it optional to get the benefit of this Voluntary Subsidy Scheme (VSS) and made online applications mandatory for all the beneficiaries for the further benefit of the BSES electricity subsidy.

Delhi Electricity Subsidy Apply Online

Delhi Electricity Subsidy Apply Online

The chief minister of Delhi Mr. Arvind Kejriwal has said that Delhi’s power bill subsidies would henceforth be voluntary. Residents of Delhi must decide if they want to take advantage of the subsidy to receive free power for up to 200 units and get a 50% discount for up to 400 units each month. Residents will need to apply for the subsidy in order to continue receiving the benefits under a new voluntary subsidy scheme that has been introduced. The optional subsidy application period will end on September 30, 2022.

Apart from this, Delhi CM said that the subsidy on energy bills will henceforth be voluntary and only be granted to those who apply. CM Kejriwal introduced a phone line where consumers may leave a missed call to continue receiving their automatic electricity subsidy.

Electricity Subsidy Scheme – Overview

Delhi CM Kejriwal has also said that Delhi’s power bill subsidies would henceforth be voluntary. You may simply register for the power Voluntary Subsidy Scheme over WhatsApp if your electricity subscription is with BSES.

Name of Scheme

Delhi Electricity Subsidy Apply Online

Announced by

CM Arvind Kejriwal


To provide electricity subsidy up to 200 units


Common citizens of Delhi

Started date

September 14, 2022

Last Date to apply

30th September 2022

Application process

Online mode

Concerned Authority

BSES Yamuna Power Limited

Official website


State Govt Welfare Scheme

How to register for Delhi Free Electricity Subsidy Scheme?

You may simply register for the Electricity Voluntary Subsidy Scheme over WhatsApp if your power service provider is BSES. It’s vital to remember that in order to receive the subsidy if you are renting an apartment and want to do so, you must let the owner know. This is due to the fact that in order to apply for the subsidy, a registered cellphone number must be linked to the BSES official website.

Click here to Delhi electricity subsidy form pdf

Some claim that if we can pay our power bill, why are we being forced to accept subsidies? Because of this, the government decided a few months ago to only provide subsidies to those who would apply for them. Delhi government promised that the citizens will receive this stipend by September 30. The ones who apply for the subsidy after October 1st will receive it. According to the Chief Minister, we have decided to include an application form with the following power bill so that individuals may request subsidies.

Application Procedure to get Electricity Subsidy in Delhi

According to the administration, “Previously, citizens in Delhi had regular power outages, but by working really hard, we have improved the electrical infrastructure. Nowadays, power is available around the clock practically everywhere. By eradicating corruption, we have stopped the leakage of power and saved the government a significant amount of money. As a result, we have given the people free electricity. This has been made possible only by the staunchly honest administration.”

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In Delhi, there are 58 lakh residential consumers in total, of which 47 lakh receive subsidies. There is 30 lakh of these folks who have no power bills. While 16-17 lakh people’s expenses are split in half.

Electricity up to 200 units are free, while up to 200-400 units, the electricity bill comes to half”.

Electricity Subsidy in Delhi 2022 Apply Online

This is how you can apply for the Electricity Subsidy in Delhi via WhatsApp Number/ Missed Call:

  • The applicant must have access to WhatsApp and the registered mobile number in order to receive government assistance with their Delhi BSES Power Bills.
  • Then add this phone number (+91) 70113-11111 to your WhatsApp contacts.
  • Using WhatsApp, say “Hi” to 70113-11111.
  • To report a missed call, dial 70113-11111.
  • Scan the BSES subsidy form that is associated with the most current bill by doing so.
  • Finally, click the SMS link that was given to the cellphone number you registered with BSES.
  • After doing this, you will get a message confirming that the subsidy has been authorized on your electricity bill.
  • This can also be done offline as an option. To apply for the subsidy, residents should visit their local BRPL/ BYPL division office with the subsidy form and the most current electricity bill.


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