DDA houses are considered cheaper than private houses. Although their size is also small. At the same time, under the new scheme started in Narela, the price of EWS (Economically Weakers Section) flats has been kept between Rs 7.91 lakh to Rs 12.42 lakh. At the same time, the cost of LIG flats ranges between Rs 18.10 lakh to Rs 22.80 lakh.



F/1/0152/2022/CORD/-O/o DD (Coordination)  

Dated 12.09.2022

Subject: Launching of DDA Online Running Scheme 2022 on 'First Come First  Serve Basis'.

In order to provide facility to interested persons to buy DDA flats at any time without waiting for launch of Housing Scheme, DDA has decided to launch an On-line Running Housing Scheme from 121h September 2022 on first come first serve basis. The main features of the scheme are as follows:

DDA Housing Scheme 2022 Online Booking Start

1. The scheme is completely on-line and offer about 8500 flats of EWS and LIG category. The details of the flats being offered are as follows:

Sl. No.


No. of Flats*

First Phase of FCFS**

Approx Range Plinth Area of Flat(in Sqr.)

Broad Range of Tentative Disposal Cost (Rs. In Lakh)

LIG/One Bedroom


Narela, Sector-G7







Narela Sector A1 to A4, Pkt 1A, 1B & 1C (EWS)




10.75 to 12.42




Note: * The number of flats may increase or decrease subject to availability.

**      In initial 1st Phase of the scheme 1,281 flats will be available till the entire inventory is sold out. After the inventory is sold out or as decided by the Competent Authority the additional inventory will be added.

ii. How to Apply: -

a.    The interested persons can check all relevant details like size of the flats, location of the pocket, Lay out plan of the flat and pocket online at https://eservices.dda.org.in/.

b. The person applying for flats under this Scheme shall have to deposit application money as detailed below: 
  • EWS  Rs. 10,000/­

  • LIG   Rs. 15,000/-
The application money paid will be adjusted against the cost of the flat but will be non-refundable in case of surrender/cancellation.

c.  The desirous persons may apply online and will have a choice to book a specific flat on 'First Come First Serve' basis.

d.  One selecting for a specific flat online, he/she will be given reasonable time i.e. 30 minutes to deposit "application money" online. During the period of 30 minutes to flat will not be available for selection by other persons. Once application money is paid, the flat gets reserved for that applicant.

iii) Allotment: -

Demand-cum-Allotment letter will be issued by DDA through online mode only and the same will be available in the online portal of the applicant. The allottee needs to deposit the demanded amount within 90 days to avoid liability of levy of interest. After payment of the demanded amount and submission of requisite documents, possession letter will be issued through online mode only.

iv) Earlier, there were two criteria for allotment of EWS flats i.e. individual annual income of the applicant should be less than Rs. 3 lakhs and annual family income is less than Rs. 10 lakhs. DDA has now relaxed criterion of having individual income less than Rs 3 lakhs for allotment of EWS flats and all persons having annual family income less than Rs 10 lakh are eligible to apply for EWS flats.
v) All the interested person are requested to apply for allotment of flat . in accordance with the above conditions. The Scheme is being launched w.e.f 12.09.2022 and will be in operation till the entire inventory included under the Scheme is disposed off. DDA reserves the right to withdraw any or all flats or include more flats in the scheme.

vi) For other terms and conditions of the Scheme other than what have been mentioned in this circular, please refer to Scheme Brochure of "DDA Special Housing Scheme 2029"

For more details, contact:

Dy. Director (Coordination)-H, DDA
Second Floor, D-Block, Vlkas Sadan, INA, New Delhi 1100
Contact: 011-24661800; www.dda.gov.in 23

(VS Yadav)
Commissioner (Housing)

  • Applicants can apply online. For applying online, the applicant is required to visit DDA’s website i.e., eservices.dda.org.in.

  • Applicant

  • Applicant applying for flats under this Scheme shall have to deposit application money as detailed below:-
  • JANTA : 10,000/-
  • ONE BED ROOM FLAT : 15,000/-
  • The desirous applicants will apply online and will opt for specific flat on first-cum- first-serve basis

  • One selecting for a specific flat online, he/she will be given reasonable time say 30 minutes to deposit application money online. Till this period of 30 minutes, the flat will not be available for selection by others.

  • Once application money is paid, the flat will be kept reserved for that applicant.

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