Delhi Film Policy 2022



Delhi, 13th May, 2022

No.  PR  &  Pub./923/DTTDC/2018/PF-V/150  R&I.—The  Government  of  National  Capital Territory of Delhi vide Cabinet Decision No. 3069 dated 24.02.2022 approved the „Delhi Film Policy–2022‟.

Therefore, the „Delhi Film Policy-2022‟, as specified in Annexure -1 to this notification, is hereby notified with immediate effect, with following Cabinet Decisions;

1. To authorize Hon‟ble Minister of Tourism, Government of Delhi, to bring in any consequential changes covering any operational issues in the approved „Delhi Film Policy-2022‟, as and when required.

Delhi Film Policy 2022

2. To authorize MD & CEO, DTTDC to frame detailed operational guidelines for implementation of the approved „Delhi Film Policy-2022‟, with the approval of Hon‟ble Minister of Tourism, Government of Delhi.

3. To fund to this „Delhi Film Policy-2022‟ by covering under GIA to DTTDC for „Branding Delhi‟.

By Order & in the Name of the
Lt. Governor of National  Capital Territory of Delhi,
SWATI SHARMA, Secy. Tourism

High security zones i.e, near Rashtrapati Bhawan, North Block & South Block, Raj Path, Parliament House, India Gate etc. would not be under the purview of this Policy. Thus, this Policy will not be applicable for such high security zones. For film shootings in these areas, specific approvals from Government of India would be required.

The permissions granted through the Online Single Window Clearance Mechanism i.e, e – Film Clearance would also be subject to guidelines/ instructions of Ministries/Institutions of Government of India issued from time to time.

1. Introduction

Delhi is a popular tourist destination in India and the world. It is a vast city with diverse culture, diverse people and diverse landscape. Delhi is the perfect destination for film shootings in India. The city boasts of a very healthy blend of old heritage and modern grandeurs and as such it offers best of both worlds to the film makers. While on the one hand, we can see lively streets of Old Delhi, on the other hand, we have quaint streets of Rajpath and nearby areas. Delhi also has various popular film locations that have been used in the movies for the aesthetic backdrop.

In Delhi, about 30 films are shot every year which seems way below its actual potential. Delhi has immense capacity to emerge as a leader in film production by leveraging its geo-physical, political, regional, historical and cultural context and creating a favorable environment for a thriving film industry. There are many film producers, directors, writers and actors who belong to Delhi and are utilizing their talents in cities like Mumbai, Chennai, Hyderabad etc. Introduction of a Film Policy with incentives and measures to boost such talent will be beneficial in retaining talent in the city and creating appropriate employment opportunities.

It has been consistent endeavour of the Government to take proactive steps for easing the process of doing business in Delhi. In continuation of these efforts and in order to provide a friendly and efficient film making ecosystem to the producers, it is prudent to simplify the existing processes and practices for granting filming approvals so as to further ease film making in Delhi.

Welcome to the Delhi Film Policy 2022

2. Vision

To create an enabling environment that encourages inclusive growth in tourism by supporting film-making in the National Capital Territory of Delhi.

3. Definition
  • Policy‟ means the Delhi Film Policy 2022;
  • GNCTD‟ means Government of National Capital Territory of Delhi;
  • DTTDC‟ means Delhi Tourism & Transportation Development Corporation Ltd./ Delhi Tourism;
  • MD/ MD & CEO‟ means Managing Director/ Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer, DTTDC;
  • Government  of  India  (GoI)‟  means  Ministries,  Departments,  Institutions  and  Autonomous  Bodies  of
Government of India.
  • Film‟ means a cinematograph film.
  • Cinematograph film‟ means any work of visual recording and includes a sound recording accompanying such visual recording and “cinematograph” shall be construed as including any work produced by any process analogous to cinematography including video films and shall include feature films, short films, documentaries, TV Series, Web Series and ad films.
4. Objectives

The Delhi Film Policy 2022 intends to brand the national and international profile of Delhi through films. The following stipulates key objectives of the Delhi Film Policy 2022:
  • 1. To promote artistic, creative and cultural expressions

  • 2. To brand Delhi as a vibrant film shooting destination by easing approval processes for film shooting

  • 3. To build large, enthusiastic audiences for films shot in Delhi, both at the domestic and global level

  • 4. To develop and support local talent and provide skilled ecosystem in Delhi
5. Strategy

To achieve the objectives of the Delhi Film Policy 2022, three broad frameworks are necessary to promote and encourage film shoots in Delhi:

5.1 Institutional Measures

Online Single Window Clearance Mechanism (e – Film Clearance)

The Online Single Window Clearance Mechanism (e – Film Clearance) will support and promote development of films in Delhi. The Delhi Film Policy 2022 aims for ease of doing film business. The mechanism will fast track approval processes for film shooting from various stakeholder agencies. About 25 agencies will be connected online with Delhi Tourism and Transportation Development Corporation (DTTDC, hereinafter called Delhi Tourism), an undertaking of Govt. of Delhi, and the film production houses. Delhi Tourism shall be designated as the Nodal Agency for this purpose.

5.2 Policy Measures

To promote Delhi as a Film Tourism Destination, policy measures will be vital for establishing Delhi as a shooting and film producing destination. The Delhi Film Policy 2022 shall offer incentives and further develop shooting locations in Delhi by building and enhancing film-related facilities and infrastructure. These measures will attract film production agencies and establish film making in Delhi. In addition, there will be promotion of Delhi for film shootings through participation in various international, national and local industry events and hosting festivals and other similar events with film-fraternity participants.

The following measures have been identified to make Delhi an attractive destination for film shootings:

1. There shall be administrative measures and incentives for making the Delhi Film Policy 2022 a success

2. A Film Shooting Promotion Cell shall be established within Delhi Tourism. In addition, a Film Facilitation Committee, Film Development Cell and a Film Advisory Board shall be constituted for ensuring ease of film making in Delhi

3. Delhi Film Policy 2022 shall establish Delhi Film Fund for branding Delhi as a tourist destination. This Fund shall be utilized for supporting and promoting filmmakers and production agencies

4. A Delhi Film Card shall be launched to offer specific services and amenities to film production agencies for shooting in Delhi. Special packages shall be offered to production agencies of sister cities of Delhi.

5.3 Supporting Measures

These measures shall support the development of highly skilled workforce for film production agencies in Delhi. The Delhi Film Policy 2022 aims for the professional development and training of Delhi‟s local talented youth including cast, crew, extras, technicians and many more. Delhi‟s skill ecosystem will create a robust professional ecosystem in Delhi.
6. Policy Period

The Policy shall remain in operation for a period of 5 years, from May 2022 or until substituted by another Policy, whichever is earlier. The Policy provisions, however, may be amended from time to time to cater to the changing needs and requirements of the film production agencies, in consultation with the Film Advisory Board.

7. Nodal Agency for Obtaining Approvals

7.1 Delhi Tourism and Transportation Development Corporation (DTTDC), a government undertaking of Government of Delhi, has been designated as the Nodal Agency for easing the approval processes for film production agencies by coordinating with various stakeholders in Delhi.

7.2 For this purpose, DTTDC shall develop an online institutional mechanism for coordination with  the agencies concerned and all other stakeholders to facilitate film production agencies/film makers in obtaining necessary approvals for shooting. The entire process of approval shall be cleared within 15 calendar days.

7.3 If approval is not proposed to be granted in the stipulated time period, the agency shall communicate to the applicant and Delhi Tourism providing clear reasons for the delay.

7.4 However, if approval is not granted within the given time frame, deemed approval will be granted by Delhi Tourism, unless the agency informs Delhi Tourism about reasons for not being able to grant the approval in time. However, this information must reach Delhi Tourism within 15 calendar days of receipt of online application.

7.5 If the filmmakers or producers want to get the approvals in lesser time (like 10 days or 5 days before shoot or lesser number of days) because of any actor‟s dates‟ issue or any other reason, then the approval can be considered(provided all norms are followed). However, a premium amount as decided by the authorities concerned would be charged for such cases.

7.6 In addition, once approval is given to the film production agencies/film-makers, film shootings can-not be stopped for any reason whatsoever except under extenuating circumstances. And, in that case, timely information has to be provided to Delhi Tourism and the film production agency.

8. Online Single Window Clearance Mechanism: ‗e – Film Clearance‘

8.1 An Online Single Window Clearance Mechanism(e-Film Clearance) shallbe created by Delhi Tourism to providegreater transparency, grant time bound approvals and better coordination between stakeholder agencies and production firms.Thiswill reduce the time and effort of film production units and filmmakers for shooting in Delhi.

Theonline mechanism will have the following features:

1. DTTDC shallact as the Nodal Authority for managing and operating the „Film Shooting Single Window Portal‟ on DTTDC website

2. The online portal shallhave a clear mechanism for obtaining approvals for shootings at both DTTDC and non-DTTDC locations

3. Multi-level user log-in option would be linked with access permissions –

(i) The  system  shall  have  the  mechanism  to  provide  access  to  all  stakeholders  including applicants, administrator (Delhi Tourism) and the respective approving authorities.

(ii) All  location  specific  approving  authorities  of  Delhi  and  Government  of  India,  besides independent agencies, shall have access to the system.

(iii) The system shall have a mechanism to obtain both location-specific approvals and statutory approvals (including approval from Delhi Police).

(iv) The system shall list all the film shooting locations of various stakeholders.

(v) The system shall have a mechanism for automatic allocation of application to respective authorities depending on location requirement of each application.

(vi) The system shall have a mechanism to allow approving authorities to accept and reject applications for specific locations.

(vii) The system shall have provision for online payments.

(viii) The system shall have a mechanism for easy communication through notification and alerts via SMS / email between various stakeholders and the applicant.

(ix) The  system  shall  generate  acknowledgement  receipt  after  successful  submission  of  an application.

(x) The system shall have a mechanism to track the progress of each application.

(xi) The system shall generate permission letter that can be downloaded in the applicant login.

(xii) The system shall have a mechanism to allow applicants to submit feedback for grievance redressal.
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