How to Apply National Gopal Ratna Award in Animal Husbandry & Dairying Sector During 2023

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How to Apply National Gopal Ratna Award in Animal Husbandry & Dairying Sector During 2023

1. Introduction:

For transforming the entire ecosystem of awards conferred by the Government of India especially building credibility and trust by focusing on merit, objectivity, transparency, people-participation, simplicity, efficiency and use of technology, the Central Awards Support Unit {CASU) set up in MHA has exercised reviewing and revamping of awards.

2. Preamble:

2.1 Indigenous bovine breeds of India are robust and possess the genetic potential to play crucial role in the national economy. In the absence of a specific programme on development and conservation of indigenous breeds, their population has been declining and their performance is below the potential at present. Hence there was an urgent need to take up a scientific programme for their development and conservation. Under the leadership of the Hon'ble Prime Minister of India, "Rashtriya Gokul Mission", a new initiative was launched in December 2014 for the first time in the country, with a view to conserve and develop indigenous bovine breeds.
2 The objective of any bovine breeding programme is genetic up-gradation of Cattle and Buffaloes and to achieve this, Artificial Insemination (Al.) service needs to be robust. There are 302 million bovines in the country as per 20th Livestock census. The average productivity is 5 kg per animal per day at present. Their average low productivity is a matter of concern. AI technicians have a crucial role in transforming the bovine population from the state of low productivity to optimal productivity . Hence there is a need to identify the best Al technician striving hard towards 100% Al coverage so as to achieve the country's flagship programme objective of doubling of farmers' income.
2.3 Similarly, about 2 lakh Dairy cooperative societies and Milk producer Companies at village level are growth drivers as it involves about 2 crore dairy farmer as members and act as a rural institution to provide the farmers market access for their produce and help in earning remunerative price.

3. Categories:
  • Best Dairy farmer rearing indigenous cattle/buffalo breeds.

  • Best Dairy Cooperative Society/ Milk producer Company/ Dairy Farmer Producer Organisation.

  • Best Artificial Insemination Technician (AIT).
3.1 The National Gopal Ratna Award 2023 consists of a Certificate of merit, a memento and monitory prize in first two categories i.e Best Dairy Farmer and Best DCS/FPO/MPCs as under:

Rs. 5,00,000/-(Rupee five lakh only) Rs. 3,00,000/- (Rupee three lakh only) Rs. 2,00,000/ - (Rupee two lakh only)
  • 1st rank
  • 2nd rank and
  • 3rd rank
In case of Best Artificial Insemination Technician (AI1) category, National Gopal Ratna Award-2023 will consist of a Certificate of merit and a memento only. No cash prize will be provided in Artificial Insemination Technician (AI1) Category.

4. Objective:
  • To motivate farmers to take up productivity enhancement of indigenous breeds of milch animals in a scientific manner.

  • To motivate Cooperative and Milk producer Companies to grow and to instill competitive spirit.

  • To motivate Artificial insemination Technicians to take up 100% AI coverage, under Rashtriya Gokul Mission (RGM).
5. Eligibility:
  • Farmers maintaining any of the recognized indigenous breeds out of 53 breed of cattle and 20 breeds of buffaloes (as per Annexure-1) shall be eligible to apply for award.

  • A Cooperative  society/Milk Producer  Company  (MPq/Farmer  Producer Organization (FPO) engaged in Dairy activities set up at village level and is registered under Cooperative Societies Act/ Companies Act collecting at least 100 liters of milk per day and having at least 50 farmer/ milk producer member.

  • Artificial Insemination Technician of the State/ UT Livestock Development Board/State /Milk Federations / NGO's and other private  organizations having undergone AI training for a minimum of 90 days shall be eligible to apply for the award. Since, the award is meant for Artificial Insemination Technician {AI1), the Veterinary Doctors are not eligible for this Award.
6. Application process/procedure: Nomination procedure and Award Committees:

6.1 Media Plan:
  • Wide publicity shall be given through DAHD and NDDB web portal, e-Gopala app and also through sending emails to all stakeholders as carried out during earlier Gopal Ratna awards 2022.

  • Guidelines shall be communicated to all State Governments to distribute among all /State Governments/Village Panchayats/ State Livestock Boards/State Milk Federations/ District Milk Unions and Milk producer Companies/ Farmer producer Organisations/ICAR Institutes/Universities / NABARD/ Department of Financial services (for communicating to the Banks) etc for generating awareness about the Awards programme.

  • Awareness generation on eligibility, procedure, filling up of formats etc shall be made through webinars by Publicity unit of DAHD.

  • Guidelines will also be made available to PIB for wider dissemination through various media.
6.2 Procedure for filling up of form:

6.2.1   The  online  nomination   would   be  self   nomination   basis   by   an  individual   or organization through    Ministry   of Home   Affairs'(MHA) online    award portal i.e. https ://awards .gov .in by individual or with the help of Common Service Centres (CSC) or any  resource  person  may  help  farmers  to   fill   up   the   application   online   at https ://awards Alternatively, the Cooperatives, Farmer producer Companies, Veterinary Officers may help the individual farmers or artificial inseminators to fill up and submit the form through this portal. No physical application will be entertained.
  • NIC, DAHD shall provide a link for Award website on their website.

  • One applicant can fill up only one application per category.

  • The applicant shall upload his photograph in case of individual dairy farmer (Ist category) and individual artificial insemination worker (2nd category). In case of Dairy Cooperative society (3rd category), the photograph of Secretary/President of the cooperative society is required to be uploaded.

  • The application found incomplete shall be rejected .

  • Submission of physical application will not be accepted.

  • In case of Individual Category, AADHAR is required.

  • In case of Cooperative societies category, copies of relevant registration Certificate clearly indicating the registration number, name and address of the society duly self attested by the Secretary of the society, PAN Card and copy of bank passbook in the name of cooperative society indicating the account number, IFSC code, CIF number, name and address of the cooperative society may also be uploaded .

  • A person/Organization who has already been awarded with Gopal Ratna and erstwhile Kamdhenu Award in previous years are not eligible for the Gopal Ratna award 2023.
6.3 Screening of Applications:
  • The applications received at MHA website will be preliminary screened by Quality Council of India (QCI) or any other agency hired by DAHD. The agency will score the applications as per evaluation/score card provided by DAHD and recommend best 20 applications in each category to the Award Screening Committee constituted by DAHD. Field visit /verification of all shortlisted applications will be undertaken  through  NDDB/any  other  agency identified/hired  by DAHD.

  • The Award Screening Committee, DAHD shall sort out best applicants (preferably 5 in each category) and recommend the same to National Award Committee (NAC}.

  • The Committee may, if required, carry out physical verification/ seek live video footage, by involving Central state/ NDDB officials or hire an external agencies. The Committee may in its satisfaction seek document proofs necessary for screening. For this purpose, the expenditure will be met from the budget provision of RGM scheme.

  • The Committee shall decide the methodology and criteria for screening. The Committee shall maintain the confidentiality on selection of candidates for awards till the names of awardees are announced officially.

  • The Screening Committee shall reserve the right to reject application, decide on number of awardees to be recommended.

  • The Non-Official members of Screening Committee shall be entitled for TA/DA as per General Finance Rules.
6.4 The National Award Committee(NAC) and Award presentation
  • The National Award Committee, as constituted by DAHD shall select the final awardees i.e.151, 2nd and 3rd rank in each category.

  • The Committee shall decide their own methodology and criteria of selection. Committee may, if required, seek details of physical verification/ live video footage e.ct. The Committee shall maintain the confidentiality on selection of candidates for awards till the names of awardees are announced officially.

  • The Non-Official members of the National Award Committee shall be entitled for TA/DA as per General Finance Rules.

  • The award ceremony will be held on National Milk day, 26th November 2023 at a place decided by the Department of Animal Husbandry and Dairying.
6.5 Requirement of fund:
  • (i) Award amount
  • (ii) For hiring of agency/ manpower
  • (iii) For creation of software for online submission of applications
  • (iv) Arrangement for awareness generation/publicity, if any.
  • (v) Expenditure involved in announcing and arranging Award Ceremony
6.5.1 Any  other  relevant  expenditure  as  decided  by  Award   Management   Committee headed by  AS(CDD).

6.5.2 Fund shall be met from the Scheme 'Rashtriya Gokul Mission' (RGM).

6.6 Award Management Committee:
  • i) AS(CDD)-Chairperson,
  • ii) JC (RGM),
  • iii) AC(DS)
  • iv) AC(AK)
  • v) US (!FD/Budget)
  • vi) AC(Extension & Publicity)
  • vii) TO(DD)
  • viii) JSO(Media)
  • ix) Sr Tech Director, NIC
The Award Management Committee shall be responsible for smooth functioning from its launching to award presentation. The Committee shall issue necessary Office Orders/OM including Teams for carrying out various functions involved in Gopal Ratna Awards................... Read More.

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