CBSE : Release of payments of examination 2022

Dated: 25.03.2023

The Principals/Heads of the Schools,
Schools affiliated to CBSE (Through CBSE website)
Subject: Release of payments of examinations-2022- reg. 

For 2022 examinations, Board had released the payment using the Integrated Payment System (IPS). However, in the following activities complete payment could not be released because of non-compliance of instructions:-
  • Payment of Practical/Project Assessment-2022

  • Payment of Chief Nodal Supervisors-2022 (Evaluation Team)
Details of payments which could not be processed/released through  IPS are as given below-

1. In some subjects examiners were appointed by the CBSE, however, the schools had wrongly filled 99999 instead of allotted School Code. In these subjects , batch-id could not be generated in the system. Hence, schools were unable to submit details and payment could not be processed.
Release of payments of examination 2022
2. To some CNS, additional answer books were allotted for assessment. These answer books were over and above actual allotted answer books. As a standard practice, the evaluation lasts for about 10-12 days. In these cases, details of additional answer books and extended days etc. were not accepted and payment could not be processed.

3. In few cases Centre Superintendents were deployed from outstation cities. TNOA of these Centre Superintendents was not processed through IPS.

4. There might be some more cases, where payment through IPS could not have been processed.

5. The payment of Compartment Examinations 2022 including Centre charges and CNS charges has not been released through IPS.

It has therefore been decided that the abovesaid payments shall be released by the concerned Regional Office in the offline mode.

Schools/officials falling under above four categories (1,2,3 & 4) will send their bills to the concerned Regional Office within two months from the date of the issue of this circular i.e. latest by 24.05.2023 for the release of payments.

In the similar manner, in case of category 5, schools will send their bills for Centre charges and evaluation of answer books for Compartment examinations - 2022 to their Regional Offices within two months from the date of the issue of this circular i.e. latest by 24.05.2023 for the release of payments.

If the payment is not claimed by 24.05.2023, the same will be forfeited and no request for the release of the payment of 2022 will be considered by the Board.

It is requested that this information may please be brought to  all concerned for needful action at their end.

(Dr. Sanyam Bhardwaj)
Controller of Examinations
Copy to:

1. All the Regional Offices of the Board with the directions that:-
  • (a) Process and dispose-off the requests of payment received upto 24/05/2023 as per instructions given above. While processing these payments, the status may be checked from IPS before releasing the payment.

  • (b) Please remind the schools etc. if not making claim so that schedule could be adhered to.
2. Director (IT), CBSE Headquarters Office, Delhi for information please
3. IAFA, CBSE Headquarters Office, Delhi for kind information please
4 . Web-admin with the request to upload on CBSE website

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