CBSE : Information about closing of IPS examination 2022 



The Principals/Heads of the Schools,
All Schools affiliated with CBSE
(Through CBSE website)
Subject: Information about closing of IPS examinations-2022 - reg. 

In 2022,  Board has released the payment using the  Integrated Payment System (IPS) of the following activities :-
  • Payment of School Result Committee Members (2021),
  • Payment of Term-I Examinations (2022),
  • Payment of Term-II Examinations (2022),
  • Payment of Practical/Project Assessment (2022), 
  • Payment of Chief Nodal Supervisors (2022).
The Board has extended the dates several times for filling of the data on portal to release the payment. It has also been observed that very few schools/functionaries are left now in respect of IPS from serial nos. 1 to 4 above. These schools are not completing their claims on the IPS portal despite of several reminders and extension of dates.
Information about closing of IPS examination
Accordingly, it has been decided to close these 04 Integrated Payment Systems (Sr. No. 1 to 4). In case of any pending claim/payment, the schools may note the following:

(a) In case any school has still not submitted its claim or has not freezed the data submitted, the school shall approach the RO concerned before 08/05/2023 with full details of claim and the concerned RO will process  the  claim  of  the school offline as per rules. Before processing payment, the ROs will confirm from the IPS portal/data the status of the payment to school.

(b) In case any school has still not updated the bank details after failure/rejection of payment of centre/any  functionaries, the school shall approach the RO concerned before 08/05/2023 with correct band account details and the concerned RO will process the claim accordingly. Before transferring payment, the ROs will confirm from the amount from IPS portal/data . The amount calculated by IPS system only shall be paid to the school functionaries whose payment had failed due to wrong bank details.

(c) All such requests shall reach the concerned Regional Office within two months from the date of the issue of this circular i.e., by 08.05 .2023. If the payment is not claimed by 08.05.2023 , the same will be forfeited and no request for the release of the payment of 2022 will be considered by the Board.

IPS for the payment of Spot Evaluation will continue as data is still being filled­ in and payment is being released regularly except cases where there are certain technical issues which are being resolved by the Board. These payments will also be completed by the end of March, 2023.

It is requested that this information may please be brought to all concerned  for needful action at their end.

Controller of Examinations

Copy to:
(a) All the Regional Offices of the Board with the directions to process and dispose-off the requests of payment received upto 08/05/2023 as per instructions given above.

(b) Webadmin with the request to upload on CBSE website.

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