CBSE : Relieving to Teachers for Evaluation

Dated: 09.02.2023

Head of the Schools
Affiliated to CBSE
(Through CBSE website)

Dear Principal,
Subject: Relieving of Teachers for Evaluation 
You are aware that the most important step of examination 1s the error free assessment. To ensure that evaluation is done with zero error, a strong policy of evaluation has been put in place. This year , to address the quality of evaluation in Science and Social Science of Class X, it has been decided to depute one PGT (Physics, Chemistry & Biology) and one PGT (Geography, History , Economics, Political Science) as AHE (Evaluators) to assist the evaluators in Science and Social Science. Further number of Answer Books to be evaluated has been fixed 20 per day in main subjects (having MM 80_70 etc.) and 25 in remaining subjects (having less MM) to provide sufficient time for quality evaluation. However, zero error evaluation can only be ensured with the devotion, sincerity and availability of quality evaluators during evaluation process.
Relieving to Teachers for Evaluation
Further for capacity building of evaluators not only guidelines for each functionary involved in evaluation have been developed but many capacity building programmes are proposed to be conducted. Beside this, for last minute  updates, short videos are also being prepared.

Evaluation will be done for about 10-12 days from 9.00 am to 5.00 pm. During this period, 20/25 answer books as mentioned above are to be evaluated by each evaluator. 20/25 Answer Books are to be evaluated in 8 hours duration. Evaluators will be devoting full 08 hours and will not be allowed to leave Spot Evaluation Centre before closing time.

Accordingly , all the schools (Principal & Management) are directed to relieve their teacl1ers immediately as per the instructions received from Regional Office concerned . Teachers should be relieved for full time for all the days of evaluation of their subject by issuing the relieving certificate (Annexure-1). Similarly, relieving of the teachers for evaluation will be the responsibility of Principal/Management as soon as evaluation is over, Chief Nodal Supervisor (CNS) will also issue relieving certificate to the teachers (Annexure-11) .

Above directions be strictly complied with by the Principal and Management and any deviation from the directions will be consider an act to vitiate the evaluation Process and attract serious action by the Board which may include disaffiliation of school, personal financial penalty and non-declaration of result of the school.

Yours sincerely,


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