CBSE : Important Information Practical Examination/Project/Internal Assessment for 2023 Examinations

DO No. CBSE/CP/Prac.2023 /2022
December 29, 2022
Dear Principal,
Subject: Important Information for the conduct of Practical Examination/ Project / Internal Assessment for 2023 examinations - reg.
You are aware that the Board will be conducting Practical Examination I Project I Internal Assessment from 02"d January, 2023 to 14th February, 2023 for both the Classes X and X II. You may also be aware that there are more than 28000 schools affiliated to the Board in India and 26 countries abroad. Almost in all these schools, Practical Examination I Project I Internal Assessment will be done within the schedule.
Important Information Practical Examination
In Class XII, Board will be appointing external examiners for the conduct of the Practical Examinations. There is a possibility that one teacher would have been appointed as an external examiner for more than one school. During the schedule of practical, JEE (Main) will also be conducted. In such scenario, proper planning for the conduct of Practical Examination/Projec U Internal Assessment is required at the Board level and also at the school level.

To ensure that practical's are conducted and completed within schedule, all the Principals are requested to note the following:-

1. Get their laboratories ready for the conduct of practical examinations.

2. Contact external examiner appointed for your school and fix the date(s) for the conduct of Practical  Examination.

3. Instruct teachers of your school who have been appointed as an external examiner to get in touch with the school where they have been appointed as an external examiner and fix the schedule in the conduct of Practical Examinations.

4. All teachers  appointed external examiner  should  be  positively  relieved  by the  school to complete their assignment in other schools.

5. It is mandatory for the teachers to complete this assignment given by the CBSE on time.

6. Observers appointed for the practicals should also be contacted and it should be ensured that they are also present during the conduct of Practical Examinations.

7. Guidelines issued by the CBSE for the conduct of Practical Examinations should be strictly followed .

8. It may also be ensured that all the students appear in the scheduled Practical Examinations as no practicals will be re-conducted/allowed for them beyond the schedule.

Smooth conduct of the practical will set the road map for the successful and timely conduct of practical/examinations and declaration of result thereafter. This important task cannot be completed without the support and involvement of the Management, Principal, Teachers and Students. Hence, it is once again requested that due care and attention be paid to all the instructions issued by CBSE from time to time.

With New Year Greetings.

Yours sincerely,

(Nidhi Chhibber)
The Principals/Heads of the Schools affiliated to CBSE

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