Request for including activities in NIC Code-regarding

F.No.5/2(10)/2022/E-P&G/Policy Government of India
Ministry of Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises Office of the
Development Commissioner (Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises)
(Policy & Governance Division)

710, A-W ing, ih Floor Nirman Bhawan
Maulana Azad Road, New Delhi-110108
Dated:18 November, 2022

Subject: Request for including activities in NIC Code-regarding .
The undersigned is directed to refer to various requests from stakeholders received in this office in respect of inclusion of Drone Manufacturing , Portable Petrol Pump/ Portable Service Stations, Biomass pellet manufactur ing, etc. under the NIC codes and to state that the Ministry of M/o Statistics and Programme Implementation , vide their letter no. P-12018/1/2020-ESD (ES)-Part (1) dated 23.08.2022 , has clarified
Request for including activities in NIC Code-regarding


Request received for inclusion of /clarification sought regarding NIC code

Corresponding 5 digit as suggested by MoSPI



Inclusion of 'Drone Manufacturing'



Inclusion of 'Portable Petrol Pump/ portable service Station'



Inclusion of 'Biomass Pellet Manufacturing'



'Technical Textile (Packtech)'

covered under NIC code 13999

This issues with the approval of the competent authority.

Deputy Director (Policy)

1. All MSME-DFOs/Director of Industries (States/UTs)/industries Associations - for wide dissemination.
11. NIC cell, Oto the DC(MSME) -for necessary action
iii. SENET Division, 0/o the DC(MSME) - for uploading on the website of this office and on Udyam Registration Portal for information of Stakeholders and the General Public.

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