Chandigarh Housing Board gives its nod to transfer cases of licence for small flats

The Chandigarh Housing Board on Thursday gave approval for the cases of transfer of licence in respect of small flats where allottee and co-allottee have passed away but with certain riders.

“Approval is hereby accorded to deal with the cases of transfer of licence in respect of small flats under the Chandigarh Small Flats Scheme, 2006, wherein both the allottee and co-allottee have expired after the allotment of flat in accordance with the clarification issued by the Chandigarh Administration on certain conditions,” the housing board said.

Chandigarh Housing Board

The conditions included that all the pages of ‘application form’ and the documents submitted should be signed along with date and death certificate of the original applicant as well as co-applicant should be submitted in original. In case, the death certificate is not available as per records of the authority concerned, then the necessary confirmation from the authority concerned and two affidavits from the relatives or from the persons, who knew the deceased person, should be submitted.

It was also said that the affidavits should clearly establish the fact of the death.

“The valid identity proof with photograph of the deponent, executing affidavits, must be submitted along with affidavits, it was said. It was specified that the Chandigarh Housing Board will transfer the licence of small flat in the joint names of all the children of the deceased applicant(s), who are presently residing in the allotted

flat and having a valid permanent identity proofs viz. voter card, Aadhar card of said flat. In case of minor, the licence will be transferred through a guardian,” it was specified.

“The guardianship certificate should be issued by the competent authority. Police verification report of the applicants will be obtained from the police station concerned. The small flat should be free from all litigation, building violation, maintenance issues etc. and a report to this effect will be obtained from the enforcement officer, CHB, and all dues should have been paid/ deposited and nothing should be outstanding,” it was added.


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