Jharkhand Nilambar Pitambar Jal Samridhi Yojana 2021 नीलाम्बर पीताम्बर जल समृद्धि योजना

Jharkhand Nilambar Pitambar Jal Samridhi Yojana 2021 नीलाम्बर पीताम्बर जल समृद्धि योजना 

Jharkhand government launched Nilamber Pitamber Jal Samriddhi Yojana 2021 one year ago to raise groundwater level across the state. This year, govt. has started Birsa Harit Gram Yojana, Nilambar Pitambar Jal Samridhi Yojana, Veer Shahid Poto Ho Khel Vikas Yojana and Didi Badi Yojana under MGNREGA. 

Jharkhand Nilamber Pitamber Jal Samriddhi Yojana 2021

Jharkhand state receives 1,300 to 1,400 mm of rainfall on average per year. However, around 70% of this rainwater used to flow away as 70% of the state is a plateau. Additionally, Jharkhand does not have storage facilities like small check dams which can stop the torrential flow of water and utilise it for irrigation. As a result, districts like Latehar, Garhwa and Palamu faced water crises.

The Jharkhand Nilamber Pitamber Jal Samriddhi Yojana was launched to solve this problem. Under the Nilambar Pitambar Scheme, loose boulder check dams were built near the hills and in hundreds of villages in Jharkhand. These help to control the free flow of rainwater and increase groundwater levels.

नीलाम्बर पीताम्बर जल समृद्धि योजना

Additionally, the construction of trench-cum-bunds (TCB) has helped to conserve rainwater. With the construction of irrigation wells under MGNREGA, farmers are now using drip irrigation facilities on a large scale.

Impact of Nilambar Pitambar Jal Samridhi Yojana

Chief Minister Hemant Soren mentioned that the efforts undertaken under the Nilambar Pitambar scheme were now showing results. Villagers are taking the initiative to conserve water by joining the government’s scheme and this has helped to increase agricultural production as well as the prosperity of the villages.

The scheme is being executed across 4,000 panchayats in the State. In many districts, barren fields have reportedly become green again and are being used for cultivation. Apart from this, people in rural areas have been provided with employment opportunities in their respective villages and panchayats.

Under Nilambar Pitambar Jal Samriddhi Yojana, a target of implementing 3,32,963 schemes was set in the state. Against this, 1,97,228 schemes have already been completed. For the remaining 1,35,735 schemes, work is underway.

नीलाम्बर-पीताम्बर जल समृद्धि योजना in Jharkhand Budget 2021

Jarkhand Budget 2021-22 was presented on 3 March 2021 in which the following announcement was made “नीलाम्बर-पीताम्बर जल समृद्धि योजना के अन्तर्गत 1 लाख हेक्टेयर लक्ष्य के विरूद्ध 1,12,094 हेक्टेयर भूमि का उपचार किया जा चुका है। लगभग 98,065 हेक्टेयर भूमि का उपचार प्रति पर है। वर्ष 2021-22 में 1 लाख हेक्टेयर भूमि के उपचार का लक्ष्य रखा गया है। बिरसा हरित ग्राम योजना के अन्तर्गत 20,000 एकड़ लक्ष्य के विरूद्ध 26,000 एकड़ में आम एवं मिश्रित बागवानी का कार्य किया गया है। वित्तीय वर्ष 2021-22 में 25,000 एकड़ भूमि पर इस कार्य को कराने का लक्ष्य रखा गया है।”

वित्तीय वर्ष 2021-22 के लिए राज्य द्वारा मनरेगा योजना के अन्तर्गत 1,100 लाख मानव दिवस का सृजन किया गया जायेगा, जिसके अनुसार प्रस्तावित बजट की राशि 3,770.07 करोड़ रुपये (तीन हजार सात सौ सत्तर करोड़ सात लाख रुपये) होगी।

Source: https://www.indiatoday.in/india/jharkhand/story/jharkhand-nilambar-pitambar-scheme-groundwater-level-1831019-2021-07-22

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