Delhi government : Provide free education to kids of Covid-19 deceased parents

The Delhi government on Friday announced to provide free education to kids who have lost their parents to Covid-19. Along with providing free education, the government will also bear the necessary expenditure for the upbringing of those children. 
free education to kids of Covid-19 deceased parents

Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal through his official handle tweeted, "There are many children whose both parents have died, the Delhi government will bear all the expenses for the education and upbringing of those children. The Delhi government will also take care of the elders who lost their young ones."

Kejriwal in his press conference today said that families who have lost their earning members in Covid-19 can  be given financial aid but they need care and affection too. "They need empathy. It is my request to all the neighbours and the relatives of such families to take care of them. These families are facing great challenges. Give them love. The two-crore people of Delhi, we are a family. In these times of despair, we need to help each other. On the occasion of the festival of Eid, I pray for the health and happiness of all," Kejriwal said. 

The chief minister also informed in the past 24 hours, the state has recorded around 8,500 cases as against over 28,000 cases on April 20 and that the positivity rate has come down to 12 per cent as against 36 per cent on April 22. But the fight against the coronavirus has not ended and there is no room for leniency, he added. 


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