Shop Construction/Shop-operation Scheme : Uttar Pradesh

Shop Construction/Shop-operation Scheme : Uttar Pradesh

Under shop construction/operational scheme, people with 40% disability will be granted with Rs.20,000/- for shop construction and Rs.10,000 will be granted for operating shop/street stall/hand cart.
Name of Scheme
  • Shop Construction/Operation of Shop Scheme
Category of Scheme
  • Individual

Benefit from Scheme
  • For shop construction amount of Rs.20,000/- is granted by the department, out of which Rs.5,000 is grant and remaining Rs.15,000/- is loan, which has to be paid at the interest rate of 4%. 
  • Department also give financial help as amount of Rs. 10,000 for shop operation on rental basis for at least 5 years or for the purchase of stall/hand cart, under which Rs.2,500/- is grant and remaining Rs.7,500/- will be given as loan, which will be paid at the interest of 4%.
Criteria to get benefited from scheme
  • Handicaps, whose disability is 40% or more, whose certificate should be issued Chief Medical Officer or doctor of Community Health Centre or Primary Health Centre.
  • Whose age is between 18 years to 60 years.
  • Annual income should not be more than double of limit of BPL.

To get the benefit, from where can we get prescribed form, if any and if available on website, then what’s the address
  • Prescribed form can be received from, District Handicap Welfare Officer’s Office.
  • Format of prescribed application can be received from official website of department
To get the benefit to whom we have to contact?
  • From concerned District Handicap Welfare Officer of district.
At what level problems will be solved which will occur during getting benefit?
  • From concerned District Magistrate/Chief Development Officer of district.
  • Director, Handicap Welfare, 9th floor Indira Bhawan, Lucknow Contact: 0522-2287267, 0522-2286188
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