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Apply online for Karnataka Distress Relief package Rupees 5000 Scheme for Auto / Taxi Drivers, Barbers, Dhobis

Apply Karnataka Rupees 5000 Scheme for Auto / Taxi Drivers, Barbers, Dhobis [COVID-19 Lockdown] Apply online for Karnataka Rupees 5,00...

Apply Karnataka Rupees 5000 Scheme for Auto / Taxi Drivers, Barbers, Dhobis [COVID-19 Lockdown]
Apply online for Karnataka Rupees 5,000 Scheme for auto-rickshaw, taxi, cab drivers, barbers, dhobis, building workers in COVID-19 Lockdown, Nekarara Sammana Yojane for Handloom Weavers, weaver loan waiver scheme, Rs. 25,000 per hectare to flower growers in Coronavirus 

Distress Relief Package

Karnataka government has announced COVID-19 Lockdown Distress Relief package of Rs. 1610 crore. In this package, a new scheme namely Karnataka Rupees 5000 Scheme would be launched for auto, taxi, cab drivers as well as for barbers (Nai) and Washermen (Dhobis). People would be able to apply online for Rs. 5,000 scheme at the official website (to launch soon).

As people from all sections of society are facing financial difficulties due to Coronavirus lockdown for more than 1.5 months. So the entire package will provide relief to those in distress including farmers, flower-growers, washermen, auto rickshaw and taxi drivers, MSMEs, large industries, handloom weavers, building workers and barbers.

CM has also announced certain benefits for electricity consumers of all categories. The government also announced a 11% excise duty hike, which is in addition to the 6% announced in the budget. Now check the complete details of Karnataka Rs. 5,000 Scheme here.

Apply for Karnataka Rupees 5000 Scheme for Drivers, Barbers, Dhobi

COVID-19 lockdown has affected various service professionals such as drivers, barbers, washermen (dhobis) in both urban and rural areas. The state govt. has decided to provide one time compensation of Rs. 5,000 to auto-rickshaw, taxi, cab drivers as well as to barbers, dhobis. To avail this assistance, beneficiaries will have to apply online by filling Karnataka Rupees 5000 Scheme registration form. The applications may be invited at the state govt’s official website or a new dedicated portal may be launched.


Each of the beneficiary of Karnataka Rs. 5,000 Scheme has to apply to avail financial assistance amid COVID-19 lockdown. This Karnataka Rupees 5000 Scheme will benefit around 60,000 washermen (dhobis), 2,30,000 barbers (nai) and 7,75,000 auto, taxi and cab drivers.

Rs. 25,000 per Hectare to Flower Growers

In Karnataka, the flower growers have destroyed their flowers due to lack of demand of their flower produce amid COVID-19 lockdown. As per an initial estimate, the farmers cultivated flowers in around 11,687 hectares of land. So to provide some relief to flower growers, govt. will now provide compensation of Rs. 25,000 per hectare limited to a maximum extent of 1 hectare for the crop loss. Moreover, farmers who have grown vegetables and fruits were not able to market their produce. So, the state govt. has decided to announce a relief package for them soon.

Floriculturists who have lost demand for their produce due to lockdown will get a compensation of Rs.25,000/- per hectare. This will benefit farmers who have cultivated flowers in about 11,687 hectares

Professions like Barbers and Washer men (dhobis) have lost their livelihoods due to lockdown. We have decided to provide one time compensation of Rs.5,000/- to each which will benefit about 60,000 washer men and about 2,30,000 barbers. 
Relief for Auto and Taxi Drivers
We have decided to provide financial support of Rs. 5000 to auto and taxi drivers who have lost their income due to lockdown. This will help about 7,75,000 auto and taxi drivers in the state 

Karnataka Nekarara Sammana Yojane for Handloom Weavers [Rs. 2,000]

In order to benefit suffering handloom weavers, CM Y S Yediyurappa has announced to launch Nekarara Sammana Yojane 2020 (Weaver Samman Scheme). Under this scheme, the state govt. will deposit Rs. 2,000 directly into the bank accounts of each handloom weaver. This amount would be transferred through Direct Benefit Transfer (DBT) mode. Around 54,000 handloom weavers in the state would be benefited from this scheme.


We have decided to launch a new scheme “Nekarara Sammana yojane”. Under this scheme Government will deposit Rs.2,000 directly to the bank account of the handloom weavers through 

Weavers Loan Waiver Scheme

The Karnataka state govt. had already announced Rs. 109 crore Weavers Loan Waiver Scheme. The payment of Rs. 29 crore has already been released during 2019-2020 and the balance amount of Rs. 80 crore is going to be released soon. This Karnataka Weaver Loan Waiver Scheme will enable weavers to get fresh loans to continue their occupation.

Benefits to MSMEs in Karnataka COVID-19 Lockdown Distress Relief Package

It is noted that all the micro, medium and small enterprises have suffered huge production losses due to Coronavirus lockdown. So in Karnataka COVID-19 Lockdown Distress Relief Package, govt. has decided to assist MSME sector. This would be done by passing benefits to MSMEs to enable them to revive.

In this Rs. 1610 crore package, the monthly fixed charges of electricity bills of MSMEs will be waived for 2 months. Payment of fixed charges in the electricity bills of the large industries would be deferred without penalty and interest for a period of two months.

Relief to Large Industries

To support large industries to overcome the difficulties of lockdown we have decided that payment of fixed charges in the Electricity bills of large industries will be deferred without penalty and interest for a period of two months 

MSMEs have suffered huge losses and are struggling to sustain due to lockdown. To rescue MSMEs from this unprecedented shock it has been decided to waive off monthly fixed charges of electricity bills of MSMEs for two months. 

COVID-19 Relief Package for Building Workers

There are around 15.80 lakh registered construction and building workers in the Karnataka state. The state govt. has already transferred Rs. 2,000 to the bank accounts of 11.80 lakh building workers through DBT mode. Moreover, the state govt. will now start transfer of Rs. 2,000 to bank accounts of remaining 4 lakh construction workers. However, this would be done soon after verification of beneficiaries bank account details.

In addition to this, the Karnataka government has also decided to transfer additional amount of Rs. 3,000 to building workers through DBT. Thus the total assistance for building workers amid Coronavirus lockdown will be Rs. 5,000. The above mentioned compensation are going to be provided with an estimated cost of Rs. 1610 crore. This compensation amount will help those people who are in distress due to COVID-19 lockdown.

Financial Support for Construction Workers

We have decided to provide construction workers with a financial support of Rs.3000 to each of 15.80 lakh registered building workers in the state. This is over and above the Rs.2000 that is already being transferred to their accounts.

Source: https://karnataka.gov.in/

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Indian Govt Scheme - Sarkari Yojna - सरकारी योजना: Apply online for Karnataka Distress Relief package Rupees 5000 Scheme for Auto / Taxi Drivers, Barbers, Dhobis
Apply online for Karnataka Distress Relief package Rupees 5000 Scheme for Auto / Taxi Drivers, Barbers, Dhobis
Indian Govt Scheme - Sarkari Yojna - सरकारी योजना
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