Swasthya Mitra Job Vacancy in Rajasthan : 80,000 Job

80,000 Swasthya Mitra Job Vacancy in Rajasthan

Rajasthan government has decided to deploy Swasthya Mitras in every village of the state to bridge gap b/w health department and patients. There are 80,000 Swasthya Mitra Job Vacancy in Rajasthan under Affordable Health Mission. People can now apply to become Swasthya Mitra to serve at the rural level. The Swasthya Mitra Project aims at providing local support to the communities for preventive and promotive health.

The Rajasthan Health Dept. will deploy 80K Swasthya Mitras apart from existing fleet of Auxiliary Nurse Midwifes (ANMs), ASHA and Anganwadi workers in villages. From each village, 2 persons would be selected for Swasthya Mitra Jobs who are native of the area. All the selected candidates will get training to create awareness among the community to help and guide people in case of medical need.

These Swasthya Mitras will identify the nature of disease on the basis of signs and symptoms. Then they will guide people on how to seek proper medical treatment (which specialty/ dept the patient should go to) without much delay. Moreover, they will provide information about the central and state govt. healthcare schemes meant for poor people and how to avail assistance.

Rajasthan Swasthya Mitra Job Vacancies Apply

There are more than 40,000 villages in Rajasthan and now govt. will deploy 2 Swasthya Mitras (1 man & 1 woman) in each village under Affordable Health Mission. A total of 80,000 Swasthya Mitra Job Vacancy in Rajasthan are on offer. The state govt. will select Swasthya Mitra on voluntary basis from each village to provide help and support at the earliest possible time to the needy people. Many diseases and conditions are controllable and can be completely cured if detected and treated early and in an appropriate manner.

Selection Process for Swasthya Mitras in Rajasthan

The Swasthya Mitras would be selected in Rajasthan through a process that is defined below:-
  • Interaction with the local village body (Panchayat/ Ward Members) to identify people who can read and write. They must not be qualified beyond 10+2. These people will include only those who does not not have any opportunity to seek either Govt or Private jobs and employment for them is a big challenge. They should come from a poor to lower middle-class family and should have an attitude to serve.
  • Psychometric Assessment test would be conducted to select the candidates to become Swasthya Mitras with the attitude to serve people and they must be connected to the soil.
  • Personal Interview will also be conducted to select appropriate candidates.
All the Swasthya Mitras who would be selected from villagers must have knowledge of all central and state govt. health schemes and policies.

Duties of Swasthya Mitras in Rural Areas in Rajasthan

All the selected Swasthya Mitras will have to perform the following duties after their training is completed:-
  • Identification of wide range of diseases based on the signs and symptoms.
  • Help and guide the patients as to which Specialty / Dept is the best for treatment of needy people.
  • On the spot checking Blood Pressure (BP) and suggesting dietary and lifestyle changes that are needed to control it.
  • Checking Blood Sugar level and suggesting appropriate diet and exercise to control it.
  • Providing Injections and IV line.
  • Stitching of cuts, dressing of wounds and Physiotherapy.
As per the health department officials, the role of Swasthya Mitras is to bridge gap b/w govt. officials and patients. Moreover, Health Mitras will create awareness about diseases under Nirogi Rajasthan Scheme. The recent Swasthya Mitra 80,000 Job Vacancy in Rajasthan will bring down the infant mortality rate (IMR) and maternal mortality rate (MMR). Other health indicators like immunization, institutional deliveries, ante-natal checkups will also improve.

Swasthya Mitras will encourage people of Rajasthan to adopt family planning measures. Moreover, the selected rural candidates will also play an instrumental role in preventing spread of vector borne diseases like dengue, malaria, chikungunya.

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