Filling up of correct information/data at the time of submission of LOC

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Filling up of correct information/data at the time of submission of LOC

No. CBSE/CE/PS/Coord/2023
Dated: 17.08.2023

All the Principals
Schools Affiliated to CBSE
Subject: Filling up of correct information/data at the time of submission of LOC
Dear Madam/Sir,

For conducting Board's examinations of classes X and XII, CBSE uses to collect the name of the students from the schools in the form of the List of Candidates.
While filling in LOG, it is desired from the schools that the demographic details and the subjects offered by the students should be filled in correctly. The correct submission of these two details have the following benefits:-
  • Exams are conducted smoothly and students do not face any problem before the examination

  • Passing documents are issued with correct details and students need not to face any problem later pertaining to the correctness of their data.
However, it has been observed in the past that the schools and students are not sincere and careful and thus submitting wrong data. This creates the following problems:-

1. If wrong demographic details of the students are filled in, students need to get these details corrected after passing examinations and thus may face problems in admissions etc.

2. If wrong subjects are filled in, student will not be able to appear in the examination.

As LOC submission has started, so with this circular, all the schools are once again reminded the importance of correct submission of data in the LOG. Hence, Principals/Schools  are  directed  to  go  through  the  LOG  Notification  No. CBSE/ LOC/2023-24/ dated 17/08/2023 meticulously before filling up of candidates' information. Staff engaged for filling up of details should be made aware of all the guidelines which are laid down in the said circular to avoid mistakes . Parents may also be briefed about the importance of correct data and the consequences if wrong data is submitted. Subject correction after submission of LOG will not be entertained in any manner.

No window for correction in the uploaded data will be made available. Uploading correct data is the responsibility of the school concerned. Hence, make sure the data is correct before its submission to the Board.
Yours faithfully

(Dr. Sanyam Bhardwaj)
Controller of Examinations

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