CBSE : Standard operating procedure for review of Affiliation Cases 

NO.  CBSE/AFF./Circular/2023
Dated: 24.04.2023 
Circular No.15/2023

SUB:- STANDARD OPERATING PROCEDURE FOR REVIEW OF AFFILIATION CASES (Applicable only for those schools whose application has been rejected after inspection)
This is as per Notification dated 05.03.2021, Board had amended the Affiliation Bye­ Laws, 2018. As per clause 10.1.15 a provision is made for constitution of Review Committee for review of application which was rejected for affiliation. This has been introduced to enable the schools to submit representation . The school shall have right to appeal against the points mentioned by the inspection committee in the inspection report and in the letter communicated in the SARAS Portal, within 15 days
Standard operating procedure for review of Affiliation Cases
The school "not eligible for Grant of Affiliation" may submit a request for review by using progress panel of their application against the decision of the Board, within 15 days of communication of such decision. This is a TIME BOUND activity therefore , no representation will be accepted after the lapse of the prescribed period.


The school is required to visit its progress panel of SARAS application through school log in for request of review against the decision of the Board.


2.1 Two member committee shall comprise of :-
  • two Principals of CBSE affiliated Schools and/or

  • a Principal of CBSE affiliated school and an Officer from CBSE, not below the rank of Assistant Secretary
2.2 Coordinating Desk Officer of the Affiliation unit shall co-ordinate the proceedings of the Review Committee.


3.1 The school need to apply for review within 15 days by using their progress panel.

3.2 The school applied for review of their case, must keep the original documents ready on which the rejection has been made.

3.3 Two representatives on behalf of the school (either Chairman/ Secretary of the Trust/ Society/ Company or Principal/ Director/ Trustee duly authorized by them) along with Self-attested Photo lD proof, shall present their case.

3.4 The schools  are  refrained from  submitting  hard  copy of  RC  Report, Pen drive, Photographs etc. to the Board.


Step 1: Date for Review Committee shall be fixed and finalize in consultation with Review Committee members, Schools and the Co-ordinating Desk Officer shall create link for virtual meeting. After setting up meeting, Co-ordinating Desk Officer shall send invitation link through e-mail to the Review Committee members and the School Authority on their registered mail-ids.

Step 2: The meeting shall be conducted in virtual mode only through Microsoft team.

Step 3: The school shall ensure availability of Tablet/ Laptop with high speed wi-fi internet connectivity. The school shall also keep ready alternate arrangement of Internet such as extra dongle of different internet service provider (ISP). The school shall be ready with IT personnel for technical assistance, if any. The school shall make arrangement for professional videographer to ensure that all the deficiencies areas are covered.

Step 4: The login credentials for appointment of Review Committee members in respect of review application shall be communicated to their official e- mail ID. On the Date and Time of virtual meeting the Review Committee members and the school authorities will jo in the meeting by clicking on the link sent on their registered email ID.

Step 5: The Review Committee members shall submit their consent through the link provided in the e-mail.

Step 6: Two representatives of the Applicant schooi as mentioned at SI No. 3.3 above, shall represent their case in respect of the deficiencies pointed out and placed supporting documents before the Review Committee.

Step 7: The review committee shall seek clarification from the school on the grounds of rejection and verify through virtual inspection of schools and documents, whether the school has removed the deficiencies on ground on which the original application was rejected. The Review Committee shall give its clear recommendations for grant or rejection of the application as the case may be.

5 Guidelines for the Review Committee: -
  • Review Committee members shall ensure tablet/ Laptop with high speed internet connectivity .

  • The  Review  Committee  members  shall  not  refuse  this  duty  and  ensure  their availability as per the timelines.

  • The mandate of Review committee is to address only those deficiencies and points on which the application has been rejected

  • The Review Committee must read the Affiliation Bye-Laws, SARAS Manual, latest circulars before conducting the Review Meeting. The Review Committee shall go through the reasons for rejections and familiarize with the latest /relevant circulars issued in this regard.

  • The Review Committee shall maintain the decorum in the meeting and refrain from passing any vague remarks during the meeting and must focus only on the compliance points submitted by the school.

  • During the Review Committee proceeding, no other activity shall be carried on simultaneously.

  • No member shall be the head of the committee and both shall be considered at par and share equal responsibility for conducting the review. None of the member shall be inactive during this meeting.

  • The recommendation of the Review Committee should be clear for each and every rejection point communicated to the school in rejection letter. The Review committee should ensure that their remarks are not vague such as  "Review  committee  is unable to verify the claims of the school" and "affiliation unit should physically verify".
(Anurag Tripathi)
Secretary, CBSE


1. All Heads and Managers of the schools.
2. The Commissioner, Kendriya Vidyalaya Sangathan,  18 Institutional Area, Shaheed Jeet Singh Marg, New Delhi 110016
3. The Commissioner, Navodaya Vidyalya Samiti, B-15, Institutional Area, Sector 62, Naida 201307, District Gautam Budh Nagar, Uttar Pradesh.
4. The Director of Education, Directorate of Education, Govt. of NCT of Delhi, Old Secretariat, Delhi 110054.
5. The  Director  of  Public  Instruction  (Schools),  Union  Territory  Secretariat,  Sector  09, Chandigarh 160017.
6. The Director of Education, Govt. of Sikkim, Gangtok, Sikkim 737101.
7. The Director of School Education, Govt. of Arunachal Pradesh, Itanagar 791111 .
8. The Director of Education, Govt. of A& N Islands, Port Blair 744101.
9. All Education Secretaries of States/ UTs.
10. Deputy Secretary to the Chairperson, CBSE for kind information to the Chairman.
11. CVO I All HODs I Regional Directors of the Board.
12. All the Regional Officers/ Heads of CoE with the request to disseminate the information further.
13. The Assistant Secretary (JT),  CBSE, Preet Vihar, Delhi-92 - with request to upload the
Circular in the main page as well as in the SARAS Portal for information to all stake holders.

(Anurag  Tripathi)
Secretary, CBSE

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