Irregularities in implementation of Pradhan Mantri Awaas Yojana-Gramin



ANSWERED ON 14/03/2023



Will the Minister of RURAL DEVELOPMENT be pleased to state:

(a) whether the Government is aware of any irregularity reported under Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana (PMAY) during the last three years in Odisha;

(b) if so, the details thereof;

(c) whether the Government has carried out any inquiry in this regard;

(d) if so, the details thereof including the outcome; and

(e) the steps taken by the Government to check such irregularities in future?



(a) to (b) Yes Sir. A joint representation of 9 Members of Parliament on the alleged irregularities in implementation of Pradhan Mantri Awaas Yojana-Gramin (PMAY-G) in Odisha was received on 12.02.2020. The major irregularities alleged were:
  • 85% of the 12.85 lakh PMAY-G beneficiaries in Odisha are ineligible for the Scheme and majority of funds have been mis-utilised for personal gains.

  • Multiple members of the same family have been granted houses under the scheme and families whose applications were rejected in 2018-19 have been allotted houses in 2019-20.

  • No  mention  of  the Scheme  as  “Pradhan  Mantri Awaas Yojana-Gramin”,  a  Central

  • scheme at the ground level.

  • The State Government has not made any budgetary provision under PMAY-G for last three years.

  • The Central Government had sanctioned PMAY-G Assistance for 3.89 lakh houses damaged by cyclone “Fani” and that large irregularities have been reported in selection of beneficiaries in this category.

  • A list of 831 ineligible beneficiaries having been allocated houses under PMAY-G was shared.
In another complaint received on 26.12.2020, it was alleged that the logo of Biju Pucca Ghar Yojana (BPGY) is being affixed on the PMAY-G houses and the size of (BPGY) logo is bigger than that of PMAY-G. It was also alleged that the houses constructed under PMAY-G are being shown as houses constructed under BPGY.
(c) & (d) The complaint was forwarded to the State Government of Odisha for conducting enquiry and for furnishing an Action Taken Report. The State Government of Odisha, submitted the following interim report vide letter dated 02.02.2021:
  • that out of 775 ineligible beneficiaries in FANI affected districts alleged to have been identified as eligible in Awaas+, registration, geo-tagging and aadhaar seeding have been completed in respect of only 79 eligible beneficiaries. The remaining 696 from the list were not found eligible and therefore their names were not registered in Awaas+.

  • that out of 56 PMAY-G beneficiaries alleged to be irregularly selected, 39 have been sanctioned houses. Irregularities in selection were detected in 4 cases for which the Collector, Khurda has placed Rabindra Kumar Panda, PEO Begunia Block under suspension and FIR has also been lodged against three villagers for involvement in illegal selection. Recovery proceedings of paid amount have already been initiated.

  • that in respect of allegation for not making budgetary provision under PMAY-G,there is no pendency in drawal of matching State Share and the state has always made adequate budgetary provision.

  • that in respect of allegation of attempt by the State to rename the Centrally Sponsored Scheme (CSS), no such attempt has ever been made. State Government had decided to Co-Brand the PMAY-G houses by affixing logo of both PMAY-G and BPGY as State also invests 40% as matching State Share under PMAY-G.
The branding of PMAY-G houses as PMAY-G-BPGY houses without seeking any approval/permission of the Ministry has been viewed seriously and the Ministry vide letter dated 08.02.2021 requested the Chief Secretary, Odisha to intervene and direct the officials concerned for displaying the logo of PMAY-G prominently and to refrain from using BPGY logo on PMAY-G houses.

In addition, the Ministry of Rural Development, Government of India constituted a Central Team which visited the State during 9th-11th February, 2021 to conduct inquiry and the team submitted its report. The major findings of the report were lack of PMAY-G logo, poor quality of construction, incomplete houses shown as completed in MIS of the PMAY-G, houses sanctioned to ineligible beneficiaries, etc.

On the basis of these findings, the Ministry requested the State Government of Odisha to take the following actions immediately to ensure that perpetrators of the fraud and their collaborators are dealt with sternly, and to submit an Action Taken Report (ATR) at the earliest:
  • FIR be filed against the erring officials immediately.

  • To take action against the BDO, the second signatory of the FTOs and other supervisors who certified and inspected the houses.

  • Show cause be served against the concerned district officials for not taking timely stern action against the erring officials.

  • The State government to widely publicize the action taken in the matter including on social media.

  • The State Government may tone up its administrative machinery so that such incidences are not repeated in future.
The State Government of Odisha had submitted the Action Taken Report on the findings of the report of the Central Team to the Ministry of Rural Development on 20.07.2021. On examination, the ATR submitted by the State Government was found to be unsatisfactory and, therefore, it has not been accepted by the Ministry. It was once again decided to depute another Central Team to the State to enquire into whether the State has actually taken corrective measures or not. The 2nd Central Team visited the State of Odisha during 2nd-4th March, 2022. During the 2nd visit, it was observed that though the State has taken a few corrective measures in respect of houses inspected in the 1st visit, however, the situation in other houses in the same GP remains as it is; i.e., despite clear cut advisory of having PMAY- G logo only, the logo of Biju PakkaGhar continues to be there and in most of the cases more prominent than PMAY-G logo. Construction quality continues to be poor. Awaas+ survey has not been conducted properly. Inspection by State Government functionaries is almost negligible and social audit of the scheme is not being conducted. The report of the 2nd team has been shared with the State Government vide letter dated 17.03.2022 with directions to ensure that the guidelines of PMAY-G and those conveyed in this connection specifically are scrupulously observed and anomalies as reported are corrected across the board in the whole state, instead of only targeting the houses which have been referred in the report by the team.

The  State  Government  of  Odisha  was  reminded  to  furnish  the  ATR  vide  letters  dated 7.6.22 and 08.06.2022. The Chief Secretary, Government of Odisha had vide letter dated 21.07.2022 submitted the action taken by the State Government on the findings of 2nd Central Government Team which visited the State during the 2nd – 4th March, 2022. The ATR submitted by the State Government was examined in the Ministry and the following observations have been made:
  • The State was advised to file FIR against the erring officials, to take action against the BDOs, the 2nd signatory of FTOs and other supervisors and to issue show case against the district officials. The State Government has reported action against various officials, however, the details of officials against whom actions have been initiated has not been shared.

  • In earlier report dated 20.07.2021, the State Govt. submitted that Shri Sanjay Sahoo, Tangi block received 1st installment and was subsequently detected as ineligible as his father had already been sanctioned house under erstwhile IAY. The State had also informed that the matter is being examined by Collector, Khordha. In the present report, the State has submitted contradictory information that all the installments have been released to Shri Sanjay Sahoo.

  • With regard to observation of the Central Team about poor quality of house construction is concerned, the State Govt. has submitted that the efforts of their Department have led to improvement of quality of PMAY-G houses which has been acknowledged by the National Level Monitoring (NLM) Team report dated 07-06- 2022.
In view of the above, the State Government was requested vide letter dated 04.08.2022 to furnish a detailed report with documents/reports on point (i) and the inquiry report of Collector, Khordha finding Shri Sanjay Sahoo as eligible under PMAY-G on point (ii) above. The State replied vide letter dated 22.08.2022 submitted of having disengaged 22 officials, suspended 44 officials, served show cause notice to 268 officials & draft charged 35 officials for laxity in PMAY(G) implementation and that Collector, Khordha on enquiry revoked the cancellation of work order and Sri Sahoo was paid entire housing assistance on completion of his house.

Further, a meeting was also held under the chairmanship of Hon’ble Minister Rural Development and Panchayati Raj with Rural Development Minister, State Government of Odisha on 11.08.2022. The State Rural Development Minister informed that the state government is implementing the scheme in a transparent manner adhering to the guidelines and using IT applications. He assured that transparency measures will be further strengthened. He emphasized that the state government has zero tolerance towards corrupt practices/irregularities. After detailed discussion, the ministry agreed to the request of the state Government of Odisha for allowing the synchronization of the data captured through state's RH portal by the closing date of Awaas+ exercise and national database. The Ministry had also approved Special project for 1,42,005 FANI affected households in 14 FANI affected districts vide letter dated 13th December, 2022 .
On detailed examination of all the ATRs submitted by the State, the submission of the State Govt. was accepted by the Ministry and a final reply was given to the concerned MPs vide letter dated 28.10.2022.

(e) Under PMAY-G there is a grievance redressal mechanism set up at different levels of administration viz., Gram Panchayat, Block, District and the State. An official of the State Government is to be designated at each level to ensure disposal of grievances to the satisfaction of the complainant. In addition, the Ministry has also engaged the services of Ombudsperson appointed under MGNREGA and the State Level Appellate Authority for receiving grievances, enquiring and passing awards.

Further, there is a system of regular monitoring through National Level Monitors (NLMs) and wherever necessary special monitoring is also conducted. The report thus received from such Central Teams/NLMs is shared with the concerned State for taking corrective measures as per the guidelines of PMAY-G.

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