CBSE : Observation on Question Paper's Class X  and XII 2023

CBSE/COORD/QP Observation/2023/ 23.02.2023


All Heads of the Schools
Affiliated to CBSE
(Through the CBSE website)
Subject: Observation on Question Paper's 2023-reg Madam/Sir,
You are aware that the Board Examinations for Class X  and XII  have  started  from 15th February, 2023 . Every year, schools are requested to send their observations and issues if any to the CBSE on the question paper in OECMS.
Observation on Question Paper's Class X  and XII 2023
This year , the following has been observed:-
  • Schools are sending observations to various email ids not meant for the purpose.
  • Observations are sent after several days.
  • Observations  sent  are  vague  and  not  clear.  For  example-  The  question  is  not correct. But what is not correct in question is not mentioned.
To streamline this process, the following is requested: -
  • Observations should be uploaded on OECMS
  • To clarify the issue, if required,   details may be sent to the e-mail id- [email protected]
  • Observations should be sent on the same day the examination is conducted.
In case, the observatio11(s) received are not clear, not received on time, not in compliance with the instructions issued by the CBSE, or vague, no action will be taken by the Board.

Your assistance is requested on time so that  appropriate action will be taken by the Board.

Dr. Sanyam Bhardwaj
(Controller of Examinations) 

Copy to web admin with the request to upload on CBSE website.

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