CBSE : Conduct of Practical Examination/Project Assessment/Internal Assessment for Classes X and XII, for session 2022-23


Conduct of Practical Examination/Project Assessment/Internal Assessment for Classes X and XII, for session 2022-23.
Internal Assessment for Classes X and XII, for session 2022-23
As per provisions of Examination Bye-Laws/Scheme of Studies of the Board, the Practical Examinations/ Project/Internal Assessment for the session 2022-23 will be conducted as per the following schedule :

Date of Start of Practical Examinations/Project/InternalAssess ment


Last Date for Completion of Practical Exams/Project/Internal Assessment


Date of Start of Uploading of Marks/Internal Grades


Last Date for Uploading of Marks/Internal Grades


All the schools are therefore requested to initiate the following actions to ensure timely completion of practical examinations/project/internal assessments of all the students:

(1) Prepare a plan based on the number of students registered in the school in concerned subjects and inform all the students time ly, so that all students can appear in the Practical Examinations/Project/Internal Assessments .

(2) Inform all the students that they need to appear in the Practical Examination/Project Assessment during the schedule as given above only. The Practical Examination/Project Assessment of a student who may be absent on the day of examination due to any reason, shall also be re-scheduled within decided dates. No request for special permission beyond the schedule shall be entertained by the Board.

(3) In case a student is absent in the Practical Examination/ Project/Internal Assessment etc. for session 2022-23 , the student is to be marked "Absent" in the online system. In cases, where a student is absent on the day of examination, due to any reason and his Practical Examination/Project Assessment is to be conducted at a different date, he shall be marked as "Re-scheduled" instead of "A bsent".  The school will be allowed to re-conduct the Practical Examination/Project Assessment in respect of students  marked as "Re­ schedu led" during the above schedule only.

(4) Contact the Regional Office for appointment of External Examiner(s) and Observer.

(5) Ensure timely completion of Examinations, uploading of marks on the same day and despatch of answer books to the regional offices.

(Dr. Sanyam Bhardwaj)
Controller of Examinations

Enclosure :

SOPs  and  Guidelines  for  the  conduct  of  Practical  Examinations/ Project/Internal Assessment.

Copy to Web admin with the request to upload on CBSE website .

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