CBSE : Integrated Payment System (IPS) for payment of Term-II for External Practical Examiners

Dated:   16.11.2022


The  Principal/Head,.
All Schools affiliated with CBSE (Through CBSE website)
Sub: Integrated Payment System (IPS) for payment of Term-II for External Practical Examiners - reg.
CBSE : Integrated Payment System

You are aware that Board has released the payment of Term-I examination using Integrated Payment System (IPS). The benefit of IPS is that payment is made directly in the account of beneficiary by the Board. In addition to this, automatic payment is released once data has been submitted correctly and freezecl.

As communicated earlier, the Board is launching IPS for payment of External Examiner involved in the conduct of practicals of Term -II Examinations. All the concerned are requested to kindly submit the data in the IPS. While doing so, following is requested:-

1. Read the User Manual of IPS and note the fields required to be filled in.
2. Based on the same, collect the data and check the same to ensure that data filled in is correct.
3. Kindly ensure IFSC Code is as per new merger of the Banks.

Once satisfied that the data is correct, the same may be filled in. The applicable rates will be automatically filled in. However, the details of rates are available in the IPS Module itself. Once data is filled in, CBSE will start releasing the payment in an automotive mode. After the IPS for External Practical Examiners, the CBSE will start payment for the conduct of Term -II Examination and thereafter for evaluation also.
Your suggestions to improve the system, if any, are solicited on Email ID [email protected] I am sure with this initiative of the Board, all the future payments would be  released using Integrated Payment System (IPS) immediately once the concerned activity is over.

Yours faithfully,


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