Recommendation for award of President's Police Medal for Distinguished Service & Meritorious Service on the occasion of Republic Day, 2023


No. 11019/33/2022 -PMA
Government of India
Ministry of Home Affairs Police-I Division

North Block, New Delhi
Dated the 21st September, 2022.


(i) The Home Secretaries of all the States/UTs

(ii) DsGP of all the States/UTs

(iii) Directors - IB/CBI/SVPNPA/SPG/NEPAl NCRB

(iv) DsG -BSF/  CRPF/  ITBP/  CISF/ NSG/  NIA/  RPF/  BPR&D /SSB/ NCB/ NDRFINHRC/Assam Rifles (Through LOAR)

(v) The Secretary, R&AW, Cabinet Sectt., CGO Complex, New Delhi.

(vi) Ministry of Civil Aviation, B - Block, Rajiv Gandhi Bhavan, Safdarjung Airport, New Delhi.

(vii) Secretary, Commission for SCs/STs, LNB, Khan Market, New Delhi

(viii) The Secretary, Lok Sabha /Rajya Sabha Secretariat, New Delhi

(ix) All  Ministries/Departments of  Government  of  India  (except  Mio Defence)

Subject : Recommendation for award of President's Police Medal (PPM) for Distinguished Service and Police Medal (PM) for Meritorious Service on the occasion of Republic Day, 2023.


Recommendations  are hereby invited for consideration of the award of Service Medals on occasion of Republic Day, 2023 (26th January; 2023), only through on-line recommendation supported by ID login, Password and OTP through Nation Award Portal (https://awards. Earlier website  address   https://policeservicemedals.  for   recommendation   of   Police Service Medals has been closed.

Police Medal for Distinguished Service

 2. Eligibility criteria are indicated below:

(i) The Citation in respect of each officer recommended for award of PPM/PM should not exceed 200 words. It may be noted that on-line recommendation in each case of the person recommended for the award of PPM and PM separately through online submission (Annexure-I) alongwith following declaration as per direction enclosed:

  • a. The above officer has not been awarded the medal for  which he/she is bearing recommended.

  • b. The integrity of the above officer is above suspicion and he/she was not concerned in any proceedings that were  censured in the Court of Law.

  • c. No judicial or departmental proceedings are being contemplated/pending against him. No vigilance case is pending/contemplated against him. The officer recommended has not been given any major penalty or punishment in the  period under review (2011-12 to 2021-21).

  • d. The character & antecedents of the above officer have been duly verified and nothing adverse reported against him.

  • e. Medal category given as per their medical examination carried out by authorized medical officer/medical board.

(ii) The States/UTs/CAPFs/CPOs are advised that while making recommendations for award of President's Police Medal for Distinguished Service and Police Medal for Meritorious Service to eligible officers, seniority may be given priority.  Officials  having poor integrity should not be recommended. It may further be certified that the officer has not been awarded any  major  penalty  or punishment during the period under review i.e. period from 2011-12  to 2020-2021.

(iii) a. Length of Service- A minimum service of 18 years for Police Medal for Meritorious Service and 25 years for President's Police Medal for Distinguished Service is required for all police officers irrespective of rank and service.

b.  The crucial  date from  date  of  joining  of service for    counting of number of years will be 26th January 2023.

(iv) Police personnel should be physically fit and must be in SHAPE 1 category. Relaxation for SHAPE 2 category may be given in exceptional cases. Guidelines in this regard have already been circulated. Guidelines regarding Physical/Medical  fitness  for awarding Police Service Medal to Police Officers should be strictly followed in letter and spirit while issuing medical fitness certificate.

(v) Police Medal should not be awarded to more than 50% of the total strength of a Group 'A' service in each batch of the cadre induding IPS. For counting 50% of the batch in each cadre, a block of five batches (starting from 1st and 6th year of every decade) be taken together.

(vi) 'No  objection  Certificates'  wherever  applicable  may  be  sent  this Ministry as early as possible.

(vii) One passport size photograph in respect of officer recommended for the award of President's Police Medal for Distinguished  Service only.

(viii) The APAR grading for the last J O years i.e. from 2011-12 to 2020- 2112012 to 2021 (in case APAR is given as per Calendar Year). The post for which the APAR is written may also be indicated. APAR Grading for last ten year should be indicated strictly in the prescribed format. In case where Non-Initiation-Certificate (NIC) is reported against the APAR, the record of such officers for equal number of years preceding the period under consideration may please be sent/uploaded.

(ix) It may be ensured that the recommended JPS officers have submitted Annual Immovable Property Return (AJPR) for the year 2021 to the Cadre Controlling Authority (JPS-II Section, MHA, North Block). In the absence of AIPR for the year 2021, the vigilance clearance will not be granted and as such the JPS officers will not be considered for award of Service Medals on the occasion of RD, 2023.

(x) The recommending organizations must ensure that the names and designations of the officers recommended are correctly indicated in Hindi and English in the forwarding letter since the notifications in respect of award of Service Medals are issued bilingually.

(xi) Contact No. of forwarding officers may also be indicated.

3. It has been observed that some States forward a large number of recommendations (several times of the allocated number of medals) which serve no purpose. It is again requested that limited number of recommendations (ordinarily not more than 1.5 times) commensurate with the number of Police Medal for Meritorious  Service (PM) allocated (Annexure-II) to a particular States/CPOs may be forwarded.

4. A copy of the guidelines is enclosed herewith  as Annexure..;111 for guidance of the Committee screening the proposals at the State level. There is no bar for sponsoring of name of Group 'A ' officers for the award. In this effect, a revised guidelines has been circulated vide this Ministry's letter no. 11019/2312016-PMA dated 12th January 2020. The States/ UTs/ CAPFs/CPOs are advised that while making recommendations for award  of  President's Police Medal for Distinguished Services to eligible officers, seniority may be given priority. Officials having poor integrity should  not  be recommended. State Governments are requested to strictly abide by the above norms while forwarding the recommendations.

5. The cases of police officers who are working on deputation for a period of one year or less and where the officer is eligible and is considered fit for the award, the recommendation should be forwarded by the parent departments to this Ministry. Where, the officer is on deputation and in the borrowing department has completed more than one year service, the recommendation should  be  initiated by the borrowing department.

6. APARs however must be completed for the period stipulated in para 2(ix) above ad 'No Objection  Certificate' from the parent cadre invariably be obtained so that if any complaint/court case/departmental proceedings are pending or contemplated against the person recommended, the same becomes available with the recommending authority. Similarly, vice versa the lending department will also obtain 'No Objection Certificate' from the borrowing Department for the services rendered with the borrowing Department even when the officer on deputation is repatriated to his parent Cadre. In case, an officer on Central Deputation  moves  from  one  organization  to  the  other, and is recommended by his present employer, he will seek 'No Objection Certificate' from his previous organization(s) as well as his parent cadre. Recommending authority is wholly responsible for timely submission of 'No Objection Certificate' in respect of police officer on  deputation recommended for the PPM/PM.

7. Since, the process of award of medals is a time consuming procedure, it is not feasible to consider recommendations received beyond the stipulated date. It is, therefore, requested that the recommendations relating to the awards of service medals on the occasion of Republic Day, 2023 may be sent/submitted on-line by 26th October, 2022. The online citation may be sent by feeding of citations/APARs for service medals in the prescribed proforma on the Nation Award's Portal address https://

It is once  again  requested  to  submit  the  proposal  before  26th October 2022 through  online  only.  Last  date  of  submission  will  not be extended further.

Encl : As above.

Yours faithfully,

(A. K. Saran)
Director (Police)
Tel. No.: 011-23093256

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