Nari Shakti Puraskars National Award Nominations received upto 31st October, 2022


Dated 22.07.2022

It is for information of General Public that the applications/ nominations for Nari Shakti Puruskar, 2022 are now open. The details are as under:

(i) Applications/ Nominations may be filed at

(ii) All Applications/  Nominations  received upto 31st October, 2022 will be considered for Nari Shakti Puruskar for the year 2022.

(iii) For eligibility criteria and other details, the attached Guidelines for Nari Shakti Puruskar may be referred.

F. No. WD/IC-21/2/2022-WD/IC  (e-100492)
भारत सरकार
Government of India
महिला एंव बाल विकास मंत्रालय
Ministry of Women & Child Development

Guidelines for "Nari Shakti Puraskars" - National  Award for Women International Women's Day is celebrated every year on 8th March. The Ministry of Women & Child Development celebrates this day to acknowledge the achievements of women for the nation and recognize their contributions to the society.

Nari Shakti Puraskars

Therefore, it has been decided by the Ministry to confer 'Nari Shakti Puraskars' every year to individuals in recognition of their service towards the cause of women empowerment, especially vulnerable and marginalized women.

2. Objectives

2.1 In the past few years, there have been concerted efforts by the Government to recognize and encourage women to participate in all spheres and issues related to women have gained utmost importance and focused attention. "Nari Shakti Puraskars" shall showcase the Government's commitment towards women with the aim of strengthening their position in the society.

2.2 Nari  Shakti   Puraskar   will   also   provide   an   opportunity   to   Young Indians to understand the contribution of women in building of society and the nation.

2.3 The awards will inspire the citizens to follow the league of awardees.

3. Description

3.1 The recipients of the Nari Shakti Puraskars shall be declared every year by 20th February and awards will be conferred on 8th March on the occasion of International Women's Day (IWD).

3.2 The maximum number of awards would be 15. However, any relaxation to this maximum number may be permitted at the discretion of the selection committee. The Award in each category shall carry a certificate and a cash amount of rupees Two lakh per awardee.

4. Eligibility Criteria for Nomination

4.1 The awards are open to individuals only.

4.2 The applicants must be at least 25 years of age on }st July of the award year (e.g. for the year 2021 awards to be distributed on 08.03.2022, the age should be as on 01.07.2021 and so on).

4.3 The applicant should not be a recipient of the same award earlier (including Stree Shakti Puraskars as were awarded by the Ministry earlier).

4.4 The Nari Shakti Puruskar may be awarded for outstanding work, preferably in exceptional circumstances, to individuals in the areas of: economic and social empowerment of women or pertaining to this theme or incidental thereto.

The Nari Shakti Puruskar may be awarded to individuals who encouraged women to participate in decision making roles; encouraged women's skill development in traditional and non-traditional sectors; facilitated basic amenities for rural women; promoted women in non-traditional sectors like science and technology, sports, art, culture, concretely and significantly towards safety and security, health and wellness, education, skill development, life skills, respect and dignity of women etc.

4.6 An award may also be given to a State or Union Territory, which has appreciably improved Child Sex Ratio (CSR).

4.7 Normally the awards shall not be presented posthumously; excepting in cases where death occurred subsequent to a proposal having been submitted to the Ministry in the manner as stipulated in these guidelines.

5 Nominations

5.1 Nominations for the award shall be invited from:

  • (a) State Governments, Union Territory Administrations, concerned Central Ministries/  Departments.

  • (b) Non-Governmental Organizations, Universities/ Institutions,  Private  and Public Sector Undertakings (PSUs).

  • (c) The Selection Committee may also, suo-moto, recommend an individual for the award with sufficient justification.

  • (d) Self-nominations & recommendations for the awards, both, shall be considered. 

5.2 The Nominations would be submitted to the Ministry of Women and Child Development with details as per online application form alongwith supporting documents as mentioned in the application form.

5.3 The entities at para 5.1 recommending the nominations should clearly certify the work carried out by the nominees for which the award is being recommended.

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6. Mode of calling the nominations

6.1 For inviting the applications for the awards, the designated portal shall be opened from 1st July to 31st October of every calendar year. The Ministry will also write to all the State Governments, Union Territory Administrations, Central Ministries/ Departments for giving wide publicity for the awards and also for sending nominations through the designated portal. Government may, at its discretion decide any other start/ cut-off date for consideration of nominations for awards for that particular year.

6.2 The information will be simultaneously placed on Ministry's website and other social media platforms as well as any other medium of communication as may be decided, along with relevant details.

7. Procedure for sending nominations:

7.1.   Nominations   will   be   received   only   through   designated    website    i.e.  www .in. The link of this website will also be available on the  official website of the Ministry of Women and Child Development ( Applications  received  other than online mode will not be entertained.

7.2 Applications received by the due date will be sent to the State/ UT and District Collector/ District Magistrate, other government/  appropriate  agencies/ organizations for verification of the claims and achievements mentioned in the applications.

8. Screening of  Nominations

8.1 A Screening Committee shall be constituted by the Ministry of Women and Child Development to scrutinize and short list the nominations received for the Awards considering the achievements of the applying/  recommended individuals.

8.2 The Screening Committee shall consist of:


Joint Secretary, Ministry of Women and Child Development


Chairperson, ex-officio


Domain expert in the field of women issues/ gender expert, Ministry of Women and Child Development




Director/ DS level officer, Ministry of Urban Development, Rural Development, Health, Panchayati Raj, Home Affairs, NITI Aayog.




Representative of en and FICCI Ladies Organisation (FLO)




Concerned Director/ Deputy Secretary, Ministry of Women and Child Development


Member Secretary

9. Selection of Awardees by the Selection Committee

9.1 A Selection Committee shall be constituted by the Ministry of Women and Child Development to select the awardees on the basis of recommendation of the Screening Committee.

9.2 The Selection Committee shall consist of:


Hon'ble Minister for Women and Child Development


Chairperson, ex-officio


Hon'ble Minister of State for Women and Child Development


Member, ex-officio


Secretary, Ministry of Women & Child Development


Member, ex-officio


Special or Additional Secretary, Ministry of Women & Child Development


Member, ex-officio


Secretary or his nominee from Ministry of Rural Development


Member, ex-officio


Five National level eminent Individuals/ Representatives of Institutions of National Importance/ Representatives of relevant Ministries/ Departments


Co-opted members


Joint Secretary (Women Awards), Ministry of Women & Child Development


Member -Secretary

9.3 The Selection Committee may at its discretion also consider individuals other than those who have got nominated/ recommended before the last date of receipt of nominations/   recommendations.

10. Presentation of the Award

10.1 The Award  shall be presented at New Delhi at a special ceremony/ function held on the occasion of the International Women's Day on 81h March every year.

10.2 The Ministry will reimburse travel expenses by economy class by shortest route, for the awardees to and from Delhi, by Air India or any other airline as specifically permitted and local travelling allowance on production of bills and air tickets. Apart from this, boarding and lodging arrangements for the awardees for three days (one day prior and one day after the date of Award ceremony) shall be arranged by the Ministry.

10.3 In special circumstances, the Ministry may also reimburse travel expenses by economy class by shortest route, for one companion of the awardee, in case the awardee belongs to any of the following categories:
  • (i) Awardee is more than 70 years of age (as on date of award ceremony);

  • (ii) Awardee is Divyangjan or a person with disability, who cannot manage without companion's support (certificate from designated authority of State/ Central Government is required to be submitted);

  • (iii) Awardee belongs to BPL (Below Poverty Line) category;

  • (iv) Awardee is illiterate or having language barrier, and cannot manage without a companion.
11 Recall of Awards

If subsequent to the presentation  of awards, it is found that false declaration has been made by the applicant in the application to claim the award or the conduct of an awardee is found to be unbecoming by way of any anti-national, anti-social, unethical, immoral, illegal activities including indulging in crime against women, economic offences etc. or conviction by a court of law, the Ministry reserves the right to withdraw the awards and in such event the name of the awardee shall be deleted from the list of awardees and they would be required to refund the award money to Consolidated Fund of India in such manner, as may be prescribed.

12 Miscellaneous Provisions Governing the Awards

12.1 The Ministry reserves the right to reject any entry without assigning and/ or disclosing any reason.

12.2 The decision of the Government with regard to selection of awardees shall be final and binding and no person including the applicant will have the right to question the decision of the Government or to challenge the validity of such decision.

(Manish Kumar Singh)
Under Secretary to the Government of India

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