What is Agnipath Scheme : Why Student are protesting Agnipath Scheme

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What is Agnipath Scheme : Why Student are protesting Agnipath Scheme  

The “Agnipath Scheme” of the Central Government, brought for recruitment in the three armies of the country, has been embroiled in controversy. On one hand, the government is patting its back that it has come out with a very brilliant plan. On the other hand, young students (Agniveer Scheme Protest) have come out on the streets against this scheme. There have also been incidents of arson and vandalism at many places in Bihar. Under the ‘Agneepath scheme’, fierce anger can be seen among the youth about being given an opportunity to serve in the army for only four years. After Bihar, in Rajasthan, Uttar Pradesh, and Haryana too, this demonstration against ‘Agniveer’ is increasing.

What is Agniveer Recruitment Scheme?

The Cabinet Committee on Defense Affairs of the Central Government has launched the ‘Agniveer Recruitment Scheme’ for recruitment in the Indian Armed Forces. The main goal of this scheme is to connect the youth in the three services and make them skilled citizens for the future. Defense Minister Rajnath Singh said that through Agnipath Yojana, a target has been set to make the army youthful. On this occasion, the presidents of the three armies also enumerated the benefits of this scheme. Army Chief General Manoj Pandey said that along with the insurance scheme, Agniveers will get plenty of job opportunities in the future.

What is Agnipath Scheme

The demonstration that started across the country against the Agniveer Scheme of the central government is now taking a fierce form. Under the Agneepath scheme, the government’s plan is to recruit youth to the forces for four years. Younger youth will be retired after four years of service. Only 25 percent of the recruited soldiers will be kept in the army. There is a protest among the students regarding this. Let us understand in detail the difference between the claims of the government and the demand of the youth.

Agneepath (Agniveer) Yojana – Why students are protesting?

Vigorous demonstrations are taking place in many areas including Jehanabad and Chapra of Bihar. These protesting students say, ‘We work hard to join the army. How can a service last only four years if training and vacations are combined? How will we protect the country by taking only three years of training? Will the government have to withdraw this scheme?’

Name of Scheme

Agneepath ‘Agniveer’ Yojana

Started by

Central Government

Launched date

June 15, 2022


Army Recruitment Scheme


Recruiting youth into the Indian Army


All youths of the country

Min and max age to apply

17.5 to 21 years (Now 17.5 to 23 years)

Application Process

Online/ offline

Agniveer Yojana exam date

Started Soon

Official website


Why Student are protesting Agnipath Scheme

Agniveer Army Recruitment Scheme 2022

Problem 1: Why only four years?

The biggest problem of the protesting youth is why recruitment is being done only for four years. There are at least 10 to 12 years of service under the Short Service Commission in the army and those soldiers also get a chance in internal recruitment. The biggest problem of the youth in the ‘Agneepath Yojana’ is that after four years, 75% of the youth will have to look for a way out.

Students protesting in Jehanabad say, ‘Where will we go after working for just four years. After four years of service, we will be homeless. That’s why we have blocked the road. The leaders of the country will now know that people have woken up. The protesters demand that this plan be withdrawn immediately.

Problem 2: What will be the future after four years?

The concept of retiring 75% of the youth after four years of service is not being embraced by anyone. Captain Amarinder Singh, retired from the army and Punjab CM, has also raised questions on this. The youth are worried about what they will do after four years. Candidates say that the youth who becomes ‘Agniveer’ in 17 and a half years will neither have any professional degree nor any special qualification, so he will be bound for second-class jobs.

The government argues that apart from paramilitary forces, priority will be given to “Agniveers” in the jobs of the states. Along with the Union Home Ministry, many states have also announced it, but the candidates say that it will be such that after four years of service, we will again be in the job line.

What is the demand of the protesters?

The demand of the protesters who took to the road against the Agniveer Recruitment Scheme is very clear. They say that this scheme should be withdrawn with immediate effect. Due to the recruitment in the armies for a long time, the troubled students are demanding that the recruitment rallies should be organized as soon as possible as the examinations start. Apart from this, there is a demand to clear the old pending recruitments at the earliest.

A student said that the same process should be adopted for recruitment in the armies, which was followed earlier. The protesters said, ‘Schemes like a “Tour of Duty” have to be withdrawn, otherwise no one will go to serve in the army for four years. The protesters are in a cross mood and their performance is getting faster.

After demonstrations in Munger, Jehanabad, Chapra, and all the districts of Bihar, demonstrations have started in Gorakhpur, Bulandshahr, and Bareilly of Uttar Pradesh. Apart from this, competitive students from Rajasthan and Haryana have also taken to the streets.

Agnipath Scheme: How will the recruitment happen?

Here know the answer to every question related to Agniveer Recruitment Scheme Training, Salary, and Pension:

In the presence of the chiefs of the three services, Defense Minister Rajnath Singh announced the Agneepath scheme. Rajnath Singh said that this plan will bring a revolutionary change to the Indian armies. Along with this, the economy of the country will improve and the future of the youth will also be brightened. Let us know what this scheme is and how the target has been set to give benefit the youth.

Those recruited under this scheme will be called “Agniveer”. Defense Minister Rajnath Singh said that the jawans who came out of the Agneepath scheme will be given priority in jobs in many states, public sector undertakings, and ministries. Youth will be recruited from ITIs and other educational institutions in the country for the Agniveer Yojana.

What will be the eligibility to become an Agniveer?

It has been told that under the Agneepath scheme, both men and women (to be inducted when service is required) will be given a chance to become Agniveer. Youth between 17.5 years to 23 years should be considered eligible to join this service. At present, the medical and physical standards of the army will be valid. Youth who have passed 10th and 12th (according to the terms and conditions of military forces) can become Agniveer.

How to get recruited in the Agneepath scheme?

Under the Agneepath scheme, youth between 17 and a half years to 23 years will be recruited into the army. They will be given training for 10 weeks to six months. These Jawans will be equipped with holographic, night, and fire control systems. Along with this, hand-held target systems will also be given in the hands of the soldiers.

What will be the salary of Agniveers?

Under the Agnipath scheme, the annual salary of Agniveers will be ₹4.76 lakh. In the fourth year, this salary will increase to ₹6.92 lakh. Apart from this, the risk and hardship packages will be given separately. After completing 4 years of service in the army, about ₹11.7 lakh will be given along with one-time interest. This money will be out of the purview of income tax.

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