Submission of List of Candidates (LOC) for Class X/XII Examination, 2022-23




The Principal/Head,
All Schools affiliated to CBSE.
(Through CBSE website)

Subject : Submission of List of Candidates (LOC) for Class X/XII Examination, 2022-23.


submission of List of Candidates (LOC) for Class X and XII is the most important activities towards preparation for the Board’s Examinations every year. For the session 2022-23 the activity of submission of data of eligible candidates through LOC is being started available from 16™ June, 2022. Submission of LOC shall be done through e-Pariksha link given in CBSE website

As submission of the LOC as per schedule is very important the schools are therefore requested to plan timely submission of data of the candidates. It will also have to be ensured that the filled-in data is correct.

Following actions are to be taken for registration of students in the List of Candidates: -

1. There are various details/information in list of candidates, without understanding which, schools will not be able to fill-in the LOC correctly. It is therefore requested that a meeting be convened by the principal with the persons/ teachers assigned the responsibility to complete the LOC in which this circular be discussed in details and after proper understanding, LOC be filled.

Submission of List of Candidates (LOC) for Class X/XII Examination

2. Only those students shall be allowed to appear for Class X and XII Board’s Examinations in session 2022-23, whose names would be submitted through the online process of submission of LOC explained in this circular.

3. Principals/Schools should ensure that: -

  • (a) Students sponsored are their own regular and bonafide students only.

  • (b) No bonafide students’ name is left unsponsored.

  • (c) Students are not from any unauthorized/unaffiliated schools.

  • (d) Students are regularly attending classes in your school. (e) Students are not registered with any other School Education Board in addition to CBSE. 

  • (f) The students are eligible for appearing in Board’s Examinations for classes X and XII as per provisions of Examination Byelaws. 

  • (g) In case of students of Class-XII, it may be specifically ensured that the students have passed their Class-X examination from a recognized School Education Board only.

In this context your attention is invited to provisions of para 14.2 of the Affiliation Byelaws-2018, which are as follows :-

“It is mandatory for every affiliated school to follow the Examination Bye-laws of the Board mutatis mutandis.

14.2.1 Every affiliated school shall present a list of number of students and _ their particulars in respect of Classes IX, X, XI & XII at the time of beginning of an academic session in the manner prescribed by the board.

14.2.2 No affiliated school shall present the candidates to the Board’s examination who are not on its rolls.

14.2.3 No affiliated school shall present the candidates to the Board’s examination who are enrolled in an unaffiliated School/Branch.

14.2.4 No affiliated school shall present the candidates to the Board’s examination who are on its roll but have not attended the school regularly or do not meet the requirement of minimum attendance for appearance in the Board’s examination.

14.2.5 Every affiliated school shall sponsor regularly its bonafide and eligible students in Boards Class X and Class XII examinations from the year mentioned while granting affiliation/upgradation regularly without break or inform with reasons thereof in writing well in time about the non-sponsoring of the candidates.

14.2.6 The school affiliated to the Board shall not send candidates for examination of any other Board/University. It shall prepare candidates for the Secondary and Senior Secondary examinations of the CBSE only.”

4. All schools need to ensure that byelaws/rules of the CBSE are being followed in letter and Spirit for submission of List of Candidates, availability of class rooms and the teachers. In a section 40 students are allowed and teachers pupil ration is 1:30. Further, number of sections cannot exceed the number of sections permitted by the Board.

5. All CBSE affiliated schools are required to register themselves before proceeding for online submission. Schools must use the ‘Affiliation Number’ as user ID, already available with them.

6. Newly affiliated schools should contact the concerned Regional Office of the CBSE for obtaining password, in case they have not received their password or instructions regarding it. After receiving the password, schools are advised to change the password for future use and keep it confidential to avoid misuse. Maintaining the safety of the password shall be the sole responsibility of the schools.

7. The Board is extending several exemptions/concessions to candidates with disabilities as defined in the “The Rights of Persons with Disabilities Act 2016”. In this context the schools may refer to the communications available on link Circular/2019/5 CIRCULAR. pdf


8. Before proceeding for submission of LOC, existing schools shall have to update the data on OASIS & HPE Portal.

9. Only those TGTs/PGTs who are teaching Classes IX-X/XI-XI respectively should be shown as TGT/PGT to ensure appointment of eligible evaluators for quality evaluation. Accordingly, in OASIS, classes taught need to be clearly filled-in by the schools. The names of the teachers who have left the school shall be deleted from the data. Simultaneously the names of teachers whose names are not figuring in the existing data shall be included.

10. ‘It may be ensured that the full names of all the teachers shall be filled in the OASIS. Abbreviations should not be used. If abbreviations are given, it will be treated that wrong data of teachers has been provided by the schools. No salutations etc. shall be prefixed with the names.

11. New Schools have to:-

  • (a) first enter the information on the OASIS portal
  • (b) thereafter, they will submit the data on HPE portal.
  • (c) after completing activity (a) & (b) above, they can submit LOC data.

12. The information on OASIS should be filled very carefully as schools will not be allowed to change the declared section/strength of students after submission.

13. Number of students sponsored by the school should be in proportion to the number of teachers appointed in the school. It will be the responsibility of the school to relieve the teachers for evaluation in accordance with the number of candidates sponsored in each Subject.

14. Schools will be able to finalize LOC data only when they have first submitted data on HPE portal. Link of HPE portal is available on CBSE website. A confirmation number will be generated after successful filling of data on HPE portal. Schools are requested to keep this confirmation number safely for future reference.

15. Schools who had not uploaded the photographs of their students in Class IX/XI registration, shall have to upload the same before final submission of LOC. Newly affiliated schools shall also have to upload the photographs of their bonafide students. Correct procedure for uploading of the photographs is given in ANNEXAIRE:E. The Hardware, software and manpower requirements in schools for effective use of CBSE’s IT Applications/Portals is given in Section-XXV.

16. It may be noted that while submitting LOC for classes X and XII, school will be shown the data of the same students which was submitted by them previous year for registering them in classes IX and XI. Schools are advised to “delete” students who have moved out of school due to transfer/other reasons. Schools can add students who have been admitted in the school in Class X/XII under “DIRECT ADMISSION” category ONLY AFTER obtaining due approval from concerned Regional Office as per Board’s rules.

17. Schools shall have to complete the LOC submission process Online only. Facility of data filling in downloadable Excel file is not available in LOC submission module as only minor corrections are allowed in LOC.

18. Students of Class X/XII of the previous academic session seeking re-admission in respective class shall be considered as RE-ADMISSION cases and procedure as defined for DIRECT ADMISSION cases will be applicable and thus the same be followed by the schools. Meaning thereby that due approval is to be obtained from concerned Regional Office as per Boards rules. .

19. As per Rule 6.1(a) (iii) of the Examination Bye-Laws, school shall ensure that the student Satisfies the requirement of age limit (minimum and maximum) as: determined by the State/ U.T. Government and applicable to the place where the school is located, while seeking admission in a class.

20. Many organizations and States are awarding scholarships based on financial status of the | students. Accordingly, information about annual income of parent(s) may be collected as given by them. Schools should not demand ITR/other income proof etc. from parents.

21. As per affiliation bye-laws, schools can offer any academic subject in Classes XI and XII except the subjects requiring laboratory. Academic subjects in which laboratory is not required, could be offered by updating the same in the OASIS.

22. As per CBSE Circular no. ACAD-38/2021, no formal permission is required by the affiliated schools for introducing Skill Subject(s) at any level. 

23. In accordance with the Scheme of studies, Board has prescribed list of valid/invalid combination of subjects. School should check the combination of Subjects before filling in the subjects in the LOC as per ANNEXURE-H (for Class X) and ANNEXURE-K (for Class Xl).

24. Details of all students should be submitted only in one lot for each fee slab. Partial submission of data will be not allowed in a fee slab. Meaning thereby, in each slot only one list of the students will be accepted.

25. In earlier years, schools were required to send the signed copy of finalized data of LOC of Class X/XII to concerned Regional Office. From 2021 onwards, this practice has been done away with. Now, LOC will be uploaded on the system provided with the E-signature linked with Aadhaar of the Principal. It may be ensured that data uploaded is fully correct. No updation of data will be permitted by the CBSE after its final submission.

26. No window for correction in the uploaded data will be made available. Uploading of correct data is the responsibility of the school concerned.

27. Link for submission of online form for Private/2nd chance Compartment will be made available separately.

28. Now, for online submission of LOC, sufficient time is being given. Schools may upload the data as per their convenience but within given schedule only. They can upload the data at number of occasions and save it. However, they need to submit the data on or before the last date along-with the fee. No change will be allowed after submission of data.

29. On-line submission shall close at 11.59 midnight on the designated dates. Schools are, therefore, advised to complete the online submission of LOC well in time to avoid the possibility of slow connection/failure to connect to server on account of heavy load on internet on the penultimate day or because of any other basis.

30. Last date for each activity is fixed and no extension will be made in the last date. Hence, schools are requested to complete activity within schedule date and time.

31. After submission of LOC, no request for change of subject, admission in Classes-X and XII (except on transfer cases) and concessions for CWSN shall be considered by the Board.

32. In the event of any difficulty, concerned Regional Office may be contacted. 

While uploading data, schools will be responsible for ensuring the following : -

33. Spelling of name of student/mother/father/guardian is correct and is as per Admission & Withdrawal Register maintained by the school.

34. Date of Birth is correct and is as per Admission & Withdrawal Register maintained by the school.

35.Subject combinations are correct and as per Scheme of Studies.

Subject codes should be chosen carefully & especially in the following subjects, codes be chosen correctly:

(a) In Class-X:
     Hindi — A (002), Hindi — B(085),
     Urdu A(003), Urdu B(303),
     Mathematics Standard(041), Mathematics Basic(241).

(b) In Class — XII:
     Hindi Core(302), Hindi Elective(002),
     English Core(301), English Elective (001),
     Sanskrit Core(322), Sanskrit Elective(022),
     Urdu Core(303), Urdu Elective(003).
     Mathematics(041), Applied Mathematics(241).


Schools are expected to keep their data on OASIS Portal updated at all times. However, once again the school may complete/update the information on OASIS portal before finalization of their LOC/Data. It is mandatory to complete/update OASIS data before submission of LOC.


Board has prescribed scheme of studies which is available in the Curriculum on the link 2023.htm! for Secondary and Senior Secondary classes. Schools are required to offer the subjects in accordance with the Scheme of Studies only. It is expected that the schools will read the guidelines carefully, collect the correct data of the Students & submit the same also correctly. Their efforts in uploading correct data will help in providing correct subject Question Papers to the candidates & also in providing documents with correct particulars which will also reduce the cases of corrections in the personal data of the candidates after declaration of results.

For any query or help during office hours, kindly visit the link

Yours faithfully,


नोट :- हमारे वेबसाइट पर ऐसी जानकारी रोजाना आती रहती है, तो आप ऐसी ही सरकारी योजनाओं की जानकारी पाने के लिए हमारे वेबसाइट से जुड़े रहे।