Govt Launches Kisan Samriddhi Project of Rs. 603 Crores to Boost Farmers' Income

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Govt Launches Kisan Samriddhi Project of Rs. 603 Crores to Boost Farmers' Income

The Uttar Pradesh government has launched a new scheme to transform barren lands into arable lands. According to official reports, the scheme will help in boosting farmers' income.

The agricultural department has begun the implementation of the Rs. 603 crore Pandit Deendayal Upadhyaya Kisan Samriddhi project in Uttar Pradesh. The agency set a goal of altering the status of 2.19 lakh hectares of unproductive land for agricultural purposes in a government directive issued on Wednesday.

Kisan Samriddhi Project

Except for Gautam Budh Nagar, the remaining 74 districts of Uttar Pradesh would be covered by the plan. According to officials, the UP-NCR area was excluded from the plan due to minimal agricultural activity in Noida and Greater Noida, as well as a lack of farm employees.

According to Additional Chief Secretary Devesh Chaturvedi, the initiative would enhance the income of disadvantaged farmers and laborers while also creating jobs and requirements of manpower in the state's backward districts.

"The initiative would aid small and marginal farmers by making their land productive," Chaturvedi remarked.

The Yogi administration approved the scheme's debut and supplied the funding during a cabinet meeting on June 14. Following assessments, the government discovered 1.78 lakh hectares of barren and fallow land, as well as 41,000 hectares of low-lying and flooded land.

According to the department, work on restoring the status of waterlogged and low-lying land would be done with MGNREGA money, while the state government will contribute cash to transform barren land into productive fields.

The five agricultural institutions in Uttar Pradesh have been instructed to start giving modules to begin work on the barren land.

Local people will be enlisted to assist develop channels through which surplus water will be drained in soggy regions. The agency has calculated that it will cost Rs 25,000 per hectare to complete the turnaround.


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