SACRED Senior Citizen Job Portal 2021 : Job for Senior Citizen 

After a survey conducted by a technical group, it’s declared that 50% of senior citizens means the folks who are more than 60, are better functional, active, and enthusiastic. The government has decided to appoint the people again in the workplaces. Collaboration with IT Industry, the government has launched a portal named SACRED Senior Citizen Job Portal 2021 that is Senior Able Citizens for Re-Employment in Dignity.

The portal is going to work as a staffing resource website where the job seeker senior citizen can post their requirements and the employer can search for their employees.

SACRED Senior Citizen Job Portal

Features of SACRED Job Portal

Let us see the features of the SACRED Job Portal for senior citizens, as shown below.

  • The mission of this portal is to get back the senior enthusiastic people towards work. The government has already invested 10 crores for the betterment of the portal.

  • And for maintenance expenditure, the government has allotted 2 crores per annual.

  • The population in India is continuously expanding and with that, the population of senior citizens is also rising upwards. In 1957, the senior citizens were 1.9 crores. Whereas, in 2021 the number has jumped to 13.76 crores.

  • But the proportion of neglecting the senior citizens is also raising. The aged persons are given less priority in this society.

  • And another issue is a dispute in the health care system. As the health care facilities are demanded more by the senior citizens. If the person is financially able to pursue their treatment.

  • It will be great for the government. For all this purpose, the government has taken this drive.

  • If a senior citizen has no work at home or no source of earning, they feel lonesome. And numerous children avoid their aged parents for this reason.

  • This portal can surely help them to establish their position again in this society. And it is a great challenge to bring their power, their position back into this crowded society.

Scope of the SACRED Senior Citizen Job Portal

Let us see the scope of the SACRED Senior Citizen Portal, as shown below.

  • It is an IT portal governed by the government.

  • It is a great platform where the employees and employers can connect in a verified manner.

  • A job seeker senior citizen can upload their past job’s data, their qualifications, their extra curriculum activities, their physical ability, etc. Even they can choose their comfortable job fields through this portal. So that the job provider can easily comprehend the employee’s demand.

  • Here is the scope to register for the job providers or employers too. Whether the employer is an individual or a firm or company can register themselves in this portal.

  • There are voluntary agencies that will govern the total process. And there will be no charge. Not only jobs, but the senior citizens can also improve their skills through this portal.

  • Though the portal never has claimed that they are providing a guaranteed job. But they are trying their best to create a medium between the employees and employers.

  • The employees will search for their comfortable jobs here. And the employers will be helpful to get employees for their organizations through this platform. Attending the interview, selecting for the job, joining everything is up to you.

SACRED Portal New User Registration Process

Do you want to know how to apply for online registration, Log in to this portal? Follow this.

  • First, you have to visit the Official Portal of SACRED.

  • A Home Page will appear on your screen.

  • On this Home Page, there will be so many options to check out.

  • On the right side, there are two multiple options, one is – register and another is Log in. You have to first register yourself.

  • If you are an employer, then click on the option ‘Firm’. An application form will be disclosed. There you need to write the company’s name, email, phone number, designation, which type of corporate sector it is, contact number, and a password.

  • Then click on the ‘Submit’ option.

  • If you are an employee or a senior citizen, tap on the option ‘Senior Citizen’. Here again, an application form will open. In this application form, you have to write your first name, last name, email address, phone number, job experience, job sector, skills.

  • Click on the ‘Submit’ button again.

  • Now if you are an NGO, then click on ‘Voluntary Organisation’.

  • Again an application form will appear. Here you need to write the organization’s name, owner’s name, email address, phone number, job destination, etc.

  • Again click on the ‘submit button.

  • Even you can find jobs from the option on the top, job field, search jobs, search by city, etc.

  • In this way, you can submit your name, number, and email address to this portal. As this portal is just started from today means 1st October 2021. For further information, you will keep your eyes on this article in the future.

SACRED Senior Citizen Portal Login, Apply Jobs Online

After the successful registration, the interested candidates can start applying for the jobs on the senior citizen job portal.

  • Please visit the Official Portal of SACRED Online.

  • It lands the online users to the Home Page.

  • On the Home Page Click on the Login Button.

  • Choose and Select the Senior Citizen option on the Home Page.

  • Enter Email Address, and Password.

  • Click on the Submit button.

  • It then takes the online users to the dashboard.

  • On the dashboard the job seekers can filter the jobs as per their needs and start applying them online.

  • Once after the applying, the senior citizens will receive a call from the concerned organisations if matches to the job description.

All the interested applicants can visit the Official Portal and apply online for jobs on Senior Citizens SACRED Job Portal.

What is the full form of SACRED concerning the following article?

  • The full form of SACRED is Senior Able Citizens Reemployment in Dignity.

Is a person of only 15 years of experience eligible to apply?

  • Yes, a senior citizen of 15 years to 25 years easily can apply for the job in this portal.

Can a firm register itself in this same portal?

  • Yes, this is the only portal for both employees and employers.

Can I get the job for sure if I register on the SACRED Job Portal for Senior Citizens?

  • The SACRED Program does not guarantee any jobs for the applicants. However, if the employers find them suitable they can expect jobs.


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