Maharashtra Housing and Area Development Authority (MHADA) cancels 2nd lottery draw for transit and house distribution

The Maharashtra Housing and Area Development Authority (MHADA) cancelled the second lottery draw scheduled on October 20. The authority was to distribute transit accommodation and actual houses in new upcoming rehab buildings for the residents of the Bombay Development Directorate (BDD) Chawls of Worli, Naigoan and NM Joshi.
Maharashtra Housing and Area Development Authority

The cancellation was done following a grievance put up by a few residents. They explained that those families who are having more than one house, how they would be given houses in these lottery draws. Currently, these families are having houses adjacent to one another. While in the said lottery scheme, they may get houses in different wings, floors, etc causing inconvenience.

The General Secretary of the Akhil BDD Chawl Badekaru Hakk Sanrakshan Samiti (Residents Association) Kiran Mane said: "The aggrieved residents sent a letter to the MHADA Chief Executive Officer (CEO) on October 18. This caused the cancellation of both the trial run of the lottery draw scheduled on October 20.

Mane added: "Retired IAS officer Johnny Joseph, who is the appointed advisor of the BDD Chawl redevelopment project, was also present wherein it was decided to ask the National Information Centre (NIC) how this said issue can be addressed."

MHADA held the first lottery draw for 272 tenants of NM Joshi Marg. In this lottery draw, the houses that the residents will be given in new projects were disclosed.

Mane said, "The second lottery draw was to be held to distribute transit houses and also to disclose in which building and floor in the ongoing redevelopment project they will have their new flats. But this has been delayed now for technical reasons."

In the said cancelled lottery draw, tenants of five buildings from Naigoan, 10 buildings from NM Joshi, and two buildings from Worli were expected to get the information of both transit and actual houses.


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