Common Transport Agreement among the Government of Delhi, Haryana, Rajasthan and Uttar Pradesh



Delhi, the 26th October, 2021

F.No.78/STA/TPT/2018/101191.—The following draft of the Combined Reciprocal Common Transport Agreement, among the Government of Delhi, Haryana, Rajasthan & Uttar Pradesh for unrestricted movement of interstate contract carriage and stage carriage vehicles in the National Capital Region comprising parts of adjoining States National Capital Territory of Delhi as defined in the Para 2.1 of the Regional Plan-2021, which the Hon’ble Lieutenant Governor proposes to make in exercise of the powers conferred by sub-section 5 of section 88 of the Motor Vehicle Act, 1988 and all other powers enabling him in this behalf, is published as required by section 212 of the said Act for the information of the persons likely to be affected thereby.

Notice is hereby given that the draft will be taken into consideration by the Government on or after the expiry of a period of thirty days from the date of publication of this notification in the Official Gazette.

Common Transport Agreement

The objections or suggestions in this behalf, shall be received by Secretary (STA), Transport Department, Government of National Capital Territory of Delhi in his office at 5/9 Under Hill Road, Delhi-110054, during working hours.

By Order and in the Name of the Lt. Governor of the
National Capital Territory of Delhi,
K. K DAHIYA, Spl. Secy. (Transport)-Cum-Secy. (STA)


Combined Stage & Contract Carriage agreement


WHEREAS in the interest of facilitating development of an effective transport system in the National Capital Region (NCR) comprising parts of adjoining States to NCT Delhi i.e. Rajasthan, U.P. & Haryana as defined in the Para 2.1 of Regional Plan-2021 and is at Annexure-I as amended from time to time, there is dire need for unrestricted1 and seamless2 movement of interstate traffic, reduction of pollution and aim for removal of bottlenecks/congestion on roads in the National Capital Region i.e. among these States under a reciprocal common Stage Carriage & Contract Carriage agreement. A map showing constituent area of National Capital Region is at Annexure-II.

Now, therefore, the Govt. of NCT-Delhi, Haryana, Rajasthan and U.P. hereby agree on the following terms and conditions:-

This agreement is made in August 2021 among the Governments of NCT-Delhi, Haryana, Rajasthan and U.P. (which expression shall include their successors/assigns in office).

WHEREAS, in view of the rapid economic development and environment of the National Capital Region, to encourage unrestricted and seamless movement of interstate traffic of the passengers in the NCR and to regulate, coordinate and control their operations, it is necessary to make a reciprocal common agreement among and through the Constituent States of NCR i.e. NCT-Delhi, Haryana, Rajasthan and U.P.

AND WHEREAS the parties hereto agree that this agreement which supersedes all the previous agreements on this subject entered amongst them for NCR. This agreement shall have an overriding effect over all the other Agreements applicable to NCR in this regard.

NOW THIS DEED WITNESSES and the parties hereby mutually agree as follows:-

1. This agreement shall come into force with immediate effect on issue of the signed agreement by NCRPB. The Court Orders/Directions specific to movement of vehicle in the area shall have to be adhered & obeyed.3

2. Stage Carriage Permits/Licenses:

2.1. Reciprocal agreement with regard to operations of State Carriage on inter-state routes between Delhi and Rajasthan, Delhi and U.P., Delhi and Haryana, Rajasthan and U.P., Rajasthan and Haryana, U.P. and Haryana shall be as per Annexure "A" to "F", which is subject to 2.7 below. In future, the number of trips will be decided mutually by the State Governments concerned, as per the need/demand of the traffic from time to time.

2.2. A trip for purpose of this agreement will mean single trip daily. The routes mentioned in Annexure A, B, C, D, E and F shall always mean the shortest direct route connecting the two terminals lying in the two States through the place mentioned therein. In case of Stage Carriage carrying daily commuters, the number of boarding/alighting points in Delhi would be as per mutual /bi-literal agreements between the States. Any discrepancy discovered later in the name or length of route shown in the said Annexure shall be promptly corrected through correspondence between the reciprocating States and shall not be treated as any modification of the agreement.

1 Unrestricted movement of interstate traffic is the movement of vehicles registered in the NCR districts without stopping at barriers/borders.

2 Seamless movement of interstate traffic is the movement of passenger vehicles from one State to another State either without changing the mode of travel or with quick and efficient transfer among modes in performance of the journey.

3 Directions/Orders given by the Hon’ble Supreme/High Court related to movements of vehicles in the NCR on various occasions shall be enforced in NCR irrespective of their mention as applicable to the State concerned in this Agreement.

2.3. The time table for stage carriages plying as per annexure "A" to "F" shall be fixed by the concerned State Transport Authority/Regional Transport Authority.

2.4. Passenger fares shall be charged according to the rates fixed by the respective States for the Buses run by the respective State.

2.5. The stage carriage permits/licenses of these States falling under this common Agreement shall be signed as per applicable tax as per Para 4 under this agreement.

2.6. If for any reason, it has not been possible to decide an application for the renewal of the permit/license before its expiry, the home State may issue temporary permits/licenses under Section 87(1) (d) of the Motor Vehicle Act, 1988.

2.7. No permit/license for Stage Carriage shall be granted or countersigned, other than that of State Transport Undertakings or their counterparts or other private operators of State/Regional Transport Authorities in respective States on NCR routes, by the Transport Authorities of reciprocating States for nationalized/non- nationalized routes or area or any portion thereof except as provided in a scheme, as the case may be, of such route(s) or area(s). Provided that in case of any breakdown or any contingency, State Transport Undertaking (or their counterparts in respective States) of these States can operate any route in the agreement by any vehicle out of its own fleet.

2.8. The Competent Authority in respective State Governments may add services of Stage Carriages on new routes or increase the numbers of trips on any existing route keeping in view the overall public demand by mutual agreement in writing. Permits/Licenses of such services of Stage Carriages shall be countersigned by the reciprocating State, as per applicable tax under this agreement.

2.9. Corridor Arrangements for Stage Carriage:

2.9.1. In pursuance to the order of the Hon’ble Supreme Court, for NCT Delhi, this Corridor arrangement is limited to passenger movement only. Other constituent states of NCR may also define similar corridor for movement of inter-state bus services in mutual consultation with other NCR participating states.

2.9.2. The traffic subject to corridor arrangement shall enter and pass out of the participating State along the shortest, direct and specified route only.

2.9.3. Except as otherwise provided in this Agreement among the constituents States of NCR, traffic taking advantage of the corridor arrangement shall neither pick up nor drop passengers, within the corridor of the State.

2.9.4. The Corridor State shall have the right to prescribe a time limit for the traffic to pass through along the route fixed by the corridor state.

3. Contract Carriage Permits/Licenses:

3.1. Motor Cab/Taxi/ Auto rickshaws Permits/Licenses (Non-Temporary/Non Special Permits/Licenses):

Contract carriage permits/licenses for motor cab/taxi/auto rickshaw  conforming to norms as per para 5.4 and registered in NCR area will be required to be countersigned by other participating States on being issued by any of these States. Such vehicles may move unrestricted, in such other participating States.

3.2. No additional permit/license charges would be required to be paid in addition to permit/license charges paid in the State where the vehicle is registered in NCR. However, countersigning of the permits/licenses for these vehicles would be required.

3.3. Interstate movement of auto rickshaws in NCR would be as per numbers given in Annexure- III. Inter-state movement of auto-rickshaws in Delhi would be subject to the relaxation of ceiling on its numbers by the Hon’ble Supreme Court.

3.4. Contract Carriage Permits/Licenses other than Motor cabs / Auto Rickshaw/ Taxi (Non Temporary Permits under the Motor Vehicle Act, 1988):

Contract carriage permits/licenses for vehicles other than motor cabs, including educational institutional buses used solely for the purpose of transporting students/staff of the educational institutions in connection with any of its activities, conforming to norms as per para 5.4 and registered in NCR area will be required to be countersigned by participating States on being issued by any of these States.

3.5. Contract Carriage Permits/Licenses (Temporary/Special Permits/Licenses under the Motor Vehicle Act, 1988):

Permits/licenses may be issued by the Transport Authority of these States irrespective of numbers without prior concurrence of the Transport Authority of the other State, according to the need of the commuters/passengers. The permit/license shall contain the detailed programme of the tour, showing the dates of onward and return journeys, the order in which the various places shall be visited along with an indication of the approximate date of the arrival and the departure from each such place.

3.6. The Contract Carriage permits/licenses of these States falling under this common Agreement shall be signed as per applicable tax as per Para 4 under this agreement.

4. Taxation:

4.1. The license/permit fee/countersignature fee for Stage Carriages and Contract Carriage shall be fixed by the members of all the participating states as per their respective policies. However, once the taxes are paid in the NCR State by such vehicles registered in NCR, countersigning by other NCR participating States shall be done, for plying within NCR, without any such fee /tax or any such tax called by any other name for the following categories:-

(i) All Motor cabs/Taxis/Auto Rickshaws

(ii) All Educational Institution vehicles

(iii) All  Stage  Carriage  Buses  of  State  Transport  Undertakings  (including  City  bus  services) of  NCR participating states

4.2. Information regarding temporary permits/licenses issued under this agreement shall, as soon as possible, be given by the permit/license issuing Transport Authority to the reciprocating State stating details of vehicle owner(s) registered laden weight of the vehicle/route for which the permit/license is granted and the period of validity of the permit/license. This information shall be given in the name of the Transport Commissioner / Secretary, State Transport Department, as the case may be.

4.3. Further, all permits/licenses including temporary permits/licenses (Contract Carriage and also Stage Carriage, as applicable) shall be issued only on Vaahan Software, as updated from time to time. This shall also ensure that details of all such permits/licenses are shared automatically with the Transport Commissioners/Secretaries of each State by the other State. .................. Read More.

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