Uttar Pradesh State Road Transport Corporation (UPSRTC) Smart Card Apply Online

The UPSRTC Smart Card helps in reducing your travel fee when you are travelling in the UPSRTC buses. The buses may ply inside Uttar Pradesh or even outside Uttar Pradesh. You can use this card when shopping to make transactions. You can view each transaction you have made by going to the official portal. Then, log in UPSRTC smart card with your details. Click on the card statement, and then you can see the transactions made, money spent. You can use it as a debit card in any place or website where VISA cards are accepted. You will receive the pin inside the envelope. You have to preserve this pin just like you do for the debit card. Otherwise, it might be misused. You can check the balance of this card also.

Uttar Pradesh State Road Transport Corporation

Features of UPSRTC Online Portal 

Let us see the features and benefits of the Uttar Pradesh State RTC Portal, as shown below.

  • Book bus ticket without Registration
  • Book bus tickets for UPSRTC Platinum & Gold Line Services
  • Plan your trip & choose a suitable bus type/journey date
  • Check availability & book online
  • Round the clock customer support

How to Apply Online for UPSRTC Smart Card Online

Let us see the online procedure to apply online for the Uttar Pradesh State RTC Smart Card, as shown below.

  • Visit the official website for upsrtc smart card apply online.

  • There you will see the official portal of UPSRTC, Uttar Pradesh State Road Transport Corporation.

  • There, at the bottom right of the screen, you will see the option of online registration of a smart card. Click on it.

  • Now, in the user registration, fill in the details. The details include name, email, confirm email, verification code.

  • Fill in the details and click on submit.

  • A new page will be opened where it is written: “congratulations your application has been sent.”

  • Now, check your mail id for any latest emails.

  • You will see that you have received an email from UPSRTC. You will get a link attached. Click on the “click here link, and you will be directed to the official portal back.

  • Now, create your password. Note this password as you have to use it later. Do not share the password with anyone.
  • Now, as you have your email id as well as your password, click on home.

  • Now, enter the details and then click on submit.

  • You have to fill in your details like your name, occupation, gender, city, country, mother’s name. Fill in all the details of the required information and then scroll down.

  • Now enter from where you want to collect the pass. Enter the booking centre according to your choice.

  • Now, in the pass type and validity, choose the option desired.

  • If you choose the open pass, then you can use that pass anytime, anywhere.

  • Now, click on submit.

  • On the new page displayed, your details can be seen which you have submitted till now.

  • Now, you can capture your live photo or submit a digital copy of the picture.

  • Now, click on proceed.

  • On the new page, check all your details displayed are correct or not.

  • After verifying your details, click on proceed for payment.

  • Proceed for payment and pay the money online from your bank account.

  • After that, go to the portal and for checking status, choose my transactions option.

  • Your card number or card id will be displayed.

  • Click on print receipt.

  • Note down this number; go back to the official portal starting page. Now, click on view card status.

  • The process is complete.

  • Now, you will receive the card within days after getting the approval. You will receive the card at the address you have given.

  • It is the process of getting upsrtc mst pass.

UPSRTC Portal Login Procedure Online

Let us see the online procedure to Login on the official portal of UPSRTC, as shown below.

  • Please Visit the Official Portal of Uttar Pradesh State RTC.

  • It takes the online users to the following page below.

  • Enter the User Name and Password under the Sign-in Section.

  • Enter the Captcha Code and Click on the Login button.

  • It then takes the online users to the user dashboard.

  • All the interested applicants can visit the Official Portal of UPSRTC Smart Card online.

In how many days will I get the UPSRTC SMART CARD?

  • You can get the upsrtc smart card within 15 to 20 days after you complete the application and make the payment.

How can I check the transactions I have made using the UPSRTC smart card?

  • You can check the transactions you have made using the UPSRTC smart card by going to the official portal and then login with your details. Then, from the horizontal list of options, choose the card statement option. There you can see the transactions you have made using the UPSRTC smart card.

How can I apply online for the UPSRTC smart card?

  • The official portal for applying for the UPSRTC smart card is www.mst.upsrtconline.co. You can use this official portal to apply online for the UPSRTC smart card. In the article above, you have explained the process of how to apply. Refer to the operation and use.

Where can I get the pin for my UPSRTC SMART CARD?

  • The pin for the UPSRTC SMART CARD is present in the envelope sent along with the card.

Source: https://upsrtconline.co.in/#

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