Maadhyam Portal Registration 2021 & Login for Investors – Apply Online, Know Your Approvals, Check all registrations, Fees, Documents

Central government begins Maadhyam Portal Registration 2021 & Login process for investors at Maadhyam Portal has been launched as a National Single Window System to identify and apply for various approvals required to commence a business in India. This Ease of Doing Business platform provides the investors with information on pre-operations approvals required to commence a business. Currently, the Madhyam portal has more than 560 approvals/ licenses from across 28+ Central ministries/departments and approvals/licenses from across 14 States. Investors can apply online, know your approvals, check all registrations / approvals, fees, documents among others.

What is Maadhyam Portal

Maadhyam is a one-stop-shop portal, and a medium of convenient and efficient online Government-to-Business (G2B) services to the business community, which reduces the complexity in obtaining information and services related to starting businesses in India and deals with various licenses and permits.

Maadhyam is a portal wherein investors/ entrepreneurs can identify, apply and obtain regulatory approvals and compliances as under applicable laws in India, for setting up and starting a business unit anywhere in India. However, the final authority of giving approvals lies with the Ministry/ Department/ State authorities and the internal process followed by the respective Ministries/ Departments/ States remains the same.

Maadhyam Portal Registration 2021

India Maadhyam Portal Launch for Ease of Doing Business

Indian govt. has launched a national single window system namely Maadhyam Portal for regulatory clearances. Madhyam Portal would facilitate domestic as well as global investors in getting over 560 types of regulatory approvals online which includes the following:-

  • Permission to start a fuel retail business
  • Get a permanent exporter license
  • Set up a unit in the special economic zone (SEZ)
  • Register a copyright
  • Start a power exchange
  • Obtain license to start a private security agency.

How Maadhyam works

According to the trial version, the online system works in three steps – filling a ‘know your approval’ (KYA), applying for approvals through a single interface, and tracking the status in real time. Here is the complete process in which Maadhyam Portal works:-

Fill KYA Form

Answer a set of questions to know the approvals pertinent to your business

Apply for Approvals

Apply for approvals through a single interface

Track Status & Get Approval

Track the status of your application in real time

Services at Maadhyam Portal

It further strengthens the ease of doing business ecosystem by offering the following services:-

Secure document repository – NSWS web application provides secure storage and access to your documents that you can upload/attach in multiple applications for ministries and state approvals.

Intelligent KYA System – KYA web tool is an intelligent, dynamic questionnaire to enable investors to navigate the complex approval logics/preconditions to arrive at the list of approvals required to commence their business in India. The tool has two different sections for both Central government and State government approval.

Track Status – NSWS web application allows you to track your application’s real-time status with expected timelines for the processing. Further, the portal enables investors to resolve any queries or respond to any clarifications raised by the ministries and States.

Central and State Approvals – NSWS portal aggregates and integrates all information/ document(s) required to apply for multiple approvals from 560+ approvals across 28 ministries into the Common Registration Form and prevents redundancy and duplication of data submission effort of the applicant. State approvals can be accessed by filling the respective State Registration form.

Investors Apply Online at Maadhyam Portal

Investors will be able to apply for these central government licenses/approvals by filling the Common Registration Form. Further, Maadhyam is integrated with the State Single Window System (SWS) of all the participating States. The investor will be able to apply for the State licenses by filling in the relevant State Registration Form.

Maadhyam Portal Registration & Login at

Here is the complete process to make Maadhyam Portal Registration and login:-

  • At the homepage, click at the “Register” tab present in the main menu of Maadhyam Portal.
  • Then the Maadhyam Portal Registration Form for Investors will appear.
  • Here you can enter details such as name, email ID, mobile number, password and click at “Register” button to complete Maadhyam Portal Registration process.
  • After completion of the registration, investors can make Login to open the Maadhyam Portal Login page for investors.
  • Here investors can enter e-mail ID, password and then click at “Login” tab to make Maadhyam Portal Investors Login.

Know Your Approvals – Check All Registrations & Approvals

Here is the direct link to check All Registrations and Approvals at Maadhyam Portal –

Know your approvals –

Fee / Charges for Registration on Maadhyam Portal

A user does not need to register on the respective State Single Window portal for availing services under the Maadhyam portal. There is no fee/ charge for registration on the Maadhyam portal.

Which Documents can be stored in My Documents Folder

A document repository service is available for every investor registering on the portal. The “My Document” folder can be used to upload and store documents like identity proof, certificates, approvals etc.

Apply for Multiple Licenses / Approvals at Maadhyam Portal

Yes, a registered user can apply for multiple Licenses/ Approvals at the same time. However, the grant is subject to the fulfilment of necessary information required, correct documents uploaded and criteria as defined by respective Ministry/ Department/ State Government, for obtaining each License/ Approval.


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