Engagement of Consultant on contract basis in the Ministry of Food Processing Industries to assist Economic Division in the International trade matters

No. E - 19014/10/2019 - Economic Division
Government of India
Ministry of Food Processing Industries
Panchsheel Bhawan,August Kranti Manrg,
New Delhi - 110049

Dated 12-07-2021


SUBJECT: Engagement of Consultant on contract basis in the Ministry of Food Processing Industries to assist Economic Division in the International trade matters-­ regarding.

Ministry of Food Processing Industries (MoFPI) invites application from interested and eligible consultants for engagement on Contract basis for a period of one year initially and extendable subsequently as per requirement and performance.

Engagement of Consultant on contract basis

2. The details terms of engagement , eligibility conditions and mode of application is available in the website of this Ministry i.e. http://www.mofpi.nic.in.

3. The application duly filled in and complete in all respects may be sent through e- mail on or before 30th July, 2021. The self- attested documents may be sent to-

Dr. Atya Nand Director (Estt),
Room No. 101, Panchsheel Bhawan,
August  Kranti Marg, New Delhi-110049
Tel No. 26496566

4. Any application received after the prescribed date will not be entertained.

(Md. Rehan Zaheer)
Under Secretary to the Government of India

No. E - 19014/10/2019 - Economic Division
Government of India
Ministry of Food Processing Industries
Panchsheel Bhawan,August Kranti Manrg,
New Delhi - 110049

Dated: 12.07.2021

Subject: Engagement of Consultant for assisting in International Trade Matter.

Ministry of Food Processing Industries (MoFPI) deals with issues related to international trade in agri-food products (Chapters 1 to 23 and such other Chapters relevant time to time). This includes preparation of wish list for tariff concession from the partner country/ trading bloc and offer of concession to them on their request list under Preferential Trade Agreements/ Free Trade Agreement/ Comprehensive Economic Partnership Agreement (CEPA) etc. Impact analysis I monitoring of Trade Agreements in force and bilateral negotiation is also an ongoing activity . Besides, formulation of suitable Product Specific Rule (PSR) for each tariff line ensures tariff concession to the originating country/s only. This Ministry also formulates views on other international agreements including WTO agreement on agri-food and Food Processing for which the assistance in terms of trade data support and such other inputs are required. Ministry of Food Processing Industry hereby invites application from desirous Consultants for assisting in above referred international trade policy issues in agri food products and other tariff and taxation issues (chapters 1 to 23 and such other Chapters relevant time to time). Only persons with requisite qualification and experience as prescribed would be hired as Consultant. It is mandatory for applicants to provide email id & any application received without email id shall be rejected. The only means of communication between the department and candidates shall be email. The application should be submitted as per Annexure-1 only. The requisite qualification for applicants and details of the terms & conditions of engagement of Consultant is as follows : -

1. Eligibility:

1.1 Qualifications:

1.1.1. Essential: Persons having Master's Degree in Economics.

1.1.2. Desirable: Persons with additional qualification in Trade data analysis or research experience, published papers in reputed journals will be preferred.

1.1.3. Work Experience: Minimum of two year of Work Experience in Government Department in international trade policy related to agri-food products (chapters 1 to 23 Indian HS classification) on following issues (a) FTA/PTA negotiation/agreemenUCECA/CEPA; (ii) Other bilateral/multilateral negotiation relating to trade; (iv)WTO issues; (v) Any other trade policy/ taxation issue.

1.1.4. Other Attributes: Candidate should have good working knowledge of technology based skills on the computer and ability to work on ICT applications. He should also possess strong communication and interpersonal skills.

1.2 Age: The maximum age limit is 50 years . The date of Notice will be the cut off date for calculating the age.

2. Remuneration and Allowances:

2.1 Remuneration: A consolidated amount of Rs. 60,000 per month. There shall be an annual increase of 5% subject to satisfactory performance on the basis of Annual Performance Certificate to be given by the Head of the Economic Division in the Ministry.

2.2 TA/DA:

2.2.1. No TA/DA shall be admissible for joining the assignment or on its completion.

2.2.2. No TA/DA shall be payable for attending the interviews/written test or both as the case may be. phone/mobile, conveyance/ transport , foreign travel, personal staff, medical reimbursement, CGHS etc. would be admissible to the Consultant.

2.2.4. Tax Deduction at Sources (TDS): TDS as admissible shall be deducted from the monthly remuneration of Consultant. A TDS certificate shall be issued by the concerned ODO on demand.

3. Place of Posting: Consultant shall be engaged in Economic Division in Ministry of Food Processing Industries, New Delhi.

4. Scope of Work/ Terms of Reference (ToR)/ Deliverables:

4.1 Create a database of India's trade flows for all agri-food products (administered by Ministry of Food Processing Industries) at HS 8 digit, along with bound and applied rates.

4.1.1 Analyse the database/data set to capture broad export trends, conduct competitiveness analysis of India's agri-food products for exports and identify the tariff lines with: (i)high export growth and (ii) other products having export potential.

4.1.2 Analyse the database/data set to capture broad import trends, conduct an analysis of vulnerability of India's agri-food products from imports and identify the products/tariff lines with imports threat that would require duty protection on account of livelihood and food security.

4.2 Create a database/data set(need not to maintain database in any electronic portal)of trade flows with respect to various countries and group of countries forming trade blocks such as European Union, ASEAN and the like. The data base will have export and import (value and quantity) of trading block/ country with the world and India along with bound and applied rate. HS 8 digit classification of agri-food products of India will be harmonised with HS 8 digit of the trading block/ specific country for the entire data base.

4.2.1 Analyse the database to capture broad export trends, conduct competitiveness analysis of India's agri-food products for exports and identify the products/tariff lines with export potential in trading block/country .

4.2.2 Identify the tariff lines that would require reduction in the existing tariff of the partner trading block/country (for drawing up the request list in FTA/CECA/CEPA negotiations).

4.2.3 Identify the tariff lines/products where tariff concession can be offered by India to the trading block/country , indicating the extent of concession, along with reason (for drawing up the offer list in FTA negotiations).

4.2.4 SPS and other Non Tariff Barriers (NTB's) which Indian products are subject to in the destination countries will be identified.

4.2.5 For the concluded FTA's: An analysis of duty concessions granted under each existing FTA for the agri-food products by India and by partner country and their impact on trade flows, will be carried out.

4.3 The data generated need to be continuously updated and analysed on ongoing basis and should have search/query features.

4.4 In addition to above, the consultant will be required to provide inputs on issues relating to agri­ food in World Trade Organization (WTO), other bilateral negotiations relating to trade and any other trade related issue.

5. Period of Engagement: Initially for a period of 1 year (can be extended upto 2 years - one year at a time depending on requirement and satisfactory performance).

6. Leave: Leave of 8 days shall be allowed in a year on pro-rata basis. The leaves shall accrue to them on completed month basis calculated from the date of joining on pro-rata basis.

7. Attendance & Working days :

7.1. The working hours of the consultant shall be same as regular Government employees working in MoFPI. No extra remuneration shall be allowed for working beyond office hours or on Saturdays/ Sundays/        Gazetted       holidays,       if       warranted        under        any        extra        ordinary situation/requirement.Compensatory leave in such cases shall be at the discretion of the AS/JS of the concerned division.

7.2. The attendance shall be marked in the Biometric system by the CONSULTANT

7.3. A CONSULTANT shall not draw any remuneration in case of his/her absence beyond 8 days in a year (Calculated on pro-rata basis).

8. Service Condition: The CONSULTANT shall not, except with the previous sanction of Ministry of Food Processing Industries, in the bona fide discharge of his duties, publish a book or a compilation of articles or participate in a radio broadcast or representing any private entity in legal or commercial matters or contribute an article or write a letter to any newspaper or periodical, either in his own name or anonymously or pseudonymously, in the name of any other person, if such book, article, broadcast, uses any information that he may gather as part of this CONSULTANT assignment.

9. Confidentiality and Secrecy :

9.1. During the period of assignment with Ministry of Food Processing Industries, the CONSULTANT would be subject to the provisions of the Indian Official Secret Act, 1923 and will not divulge any information gathered by him during the period of his assignment to anyone who is not authorized to know the same.

9.2. Selected candidates shall provide integrity certificates from 2 references known to them.

9.3. A self-undertaking shall be provided by the candidate to the effect that he/she has no criminal record or criminal case in any court is pending against them.

10. Termination of Consultancy and requirement of notice:

10.1. In case a professional wishes to resign from his/her position, he/she shall furnish at least one month's notice period or salary in lieu thereof. Secretary (MoFPI) may waive off the condition for notice period/salary in lieu thereof, in deserving cases.

10.2. MoFPI shall have powers to terminate the consultancy period at any time without assigning any reason, with the approval of the Secretary (MoFPI). 10.3. Absence from duty for a continuous period of 8 days, without any information or any valid reason shall lead to automatic termination of contractualengagement.

11. Selection Procedure:

11.1. All the applications received will be scrutinized by a Committee opting members from Establishment & Economic division and data of eligibility of candidates will be tabulated. Scrutiny Committee will be headed by Joint Secretary (Admin). The scrutinized/shortl isted applicant will be called for personal interview at Panchsheel Bhawan, New Delhi before a three member Selection Committee headed by Joint Secretary (Trade) or equivalent, and Director/Deputy Secretary (Administration) and Director (Economics) with members. Direct interview will be held if number of shortlisted candidates remain up to 20 numbers.

11.2. If more than 20 applications will be received, candidates will be shortlisted based on their experience by the scrutiny committee and the shortlisted candidates will be called for written tesUinterview. The weightage of written test and interview will be in the ratio 70:30.

(Md. Rehan Zaheer)
Under Secretary to the Government of India
E-mail:- rehan.zaheer @nic.in

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