National Common Mobility Card : One Nation One Card

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National Common Mobility Card : One Nation One Card

NCMC (National Common Mobility Card) is launched by Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi Ji on Monday 28th December 2020 via video conferencing, the Card launched with the tagline “One Nation One Card”. The NCMC service is currently available on the Delhi metro airport express line, PM Modi Ji said that the NCMC card will become available on the entire Delhi metro rail corporation by 2022. PM initiative one nation one card enables seamless travel by metro or any other public transport like rail, bus and also usable for digital payment on toll plaza, Parking, and small value merchant payments.

National Common Mobility Card

Detail of NCMC, Highlight


National Common Mobility Card

Launched By

Prime Minister Narendra Modi

Launching Date

28thDecemebr 2020


One Card for Public Transporation of India

Official Website

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One Nation One Card (NCMC) Card

National Common Mobility Card can be used for any public transportation in India the facility is currently available in Delhi metro Airport express line and it will fully work in all of Delhi by 2022. The main objective behind the ‘One Nation One Car’ is to improve digital transactions and centralized the fare collection for all public transport through AFC (Automatic Fare Collection) system, automatic fare collection is the process of automatic fare collection digitally by the NCMC card. this card will store the money like a debit card and users can do any transportation fare through this card and also will do the other small merchant shopping.


Here’s all you need to know about NCMC:
  • NCMC will allow passengers with RuPay debit card, issued in the last 18 months by 23 banks, including SBI, UCO Bank, Canara Bank, Punjab National Bank etc, to be swiped for Metro travel. “This facility will become available on the entire Delhi Metro network by 2022,” a DMRC spokesperson said.
  • NCMC is an automatic fare collection system. It will turn smartphones into an inter-operable transport card that commuters can use eventually to pay for Metro, bus and suburban railways services.
  • NCMC service is slated to cover the entire 400km stretch of Delhi Metro.
  • It will allow entry and exit from Metro stations with the help of a smartphone, known as the automatic fare collection (AFC) system. In the upcoming Delhi Metro Phase-IV project, the AFC system will fully accept NCMC, which can also be used in any city across the country.
  • To make AFC compliant indigenous gates for metro stations the government has engaged Bharat Electronics Limited. Eventually, all Metro stations will be fitted with AFC gates.
  • The Nilekani committee had suggested that NCMC should contain two instruments – a regular debit card which can be used at an ATM and a local wallet, which can be used for contactless payments, without the need to go back to the server or additional authentication.
  • Banks mandated by the department of financial services have been asked to make their debit cards NCMC compliant, to ensure availability of service.

Benefits of NCMC Card
  • The National Mobility Card is an automated fare collection system.
  • One Nation One Card is the tag line of NCMC.
  • The card is also used for shopping and other minimum transaction.
  • The card will be available in Delhi Metro Rail Corporation by 2022.
  • The card is working on the AFC System (Automatic Fare Collection).
  • The card has integrated access to all Indian public transport.
  • The card is currently available at 25 public and private banks.
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