National highway number 222 (New NH-61) in the state of Maharashtra and authorizes the National Highways Authority of India 


New Delhi, the 9th October, 2020

National highway number 222
S.O. 3509(E).—Whereas by notification of the Government of India in the Ministry of Road Transport and

Highways number S.O 4006(E) dated 06.11.2019, issued under section 5 of the National Highways Act, 1956 (48 of 1956), the Central Government entrusted the stretch from km 342.000 to km 444.000 of National Highway No. 222 (New NH-61) in the State of Maharashtra to the State Government of Maharashtra;

Now, therefore, in exercise of the powers conferred by section 7 of the National Highways Act, 1956 (48 of 1956) read with rule 3 of the National Highways Fee

(Determination of Rates and Collection) Rules, 2008, (hereafter referred to as the ―rules‖ ), the Central Government levies the fee on mechanical vehicles at the rate specified in column (2) of the Table 1 for Net road section length of 5.095 Kms and at sixty percent of the rates specified in column (2) of Table 1 for net road section length of 94.6218 kms and for equivalent structure length (having length more than 60m) of  5.582 km (having length of 0.5582 Km) on the type of vehicle specified in column (1) of the Table 1 below of from Junction NH-211 to Manwath [Tadborgaon] from Km 342.000 to Km 444.000 (from Junction NH-211 to Manwath [Tadborgaon]) (Length 100.275) of National highway number 222 (New NH-61) in the state of Maharashtra and authorizes the National Highways Authority of India to collect, either through its officials or through a contractor, the said fee, namely:-


Table 1

Type of Vehicles

Base rate of fee per km for the base year 20072008 (in Rs.)



Car, Jeep, Van or Light Motor Vehicle


Light Commercial Vehicle, Light Goods Vehicle or Mini Bus


Bus or Truck (Two Axles)


Three-axle commercial vehicles


Heavy Construction Machinery (HCM) or Earth Moving Equipment (EME) or Multi Axle Vehicle (MAV) (four to six axles)


Oversized Vehicles (seven or more axles)


1. The fee levied and collected hereunder shall be due and payable at the Fee Plaza for net road length specified for such Fee Plaza namely:

Table 2



Location of Fee Plaza (chainage)

Length (in km) for

which Fee is payable

Rate at which fee is payable


Km/Ch. 344.334

(Ranjani/Gadhi VillageTal. Gevrai District-Beed) Maharashtra.

48.00 kms

60% of the base rates mentioned in the Table 1 above


Km/Ch. 429.630

(Manwath Village District Parbhani) Maharashta.

5.095 kms

100% of the base rates mentioned in the Table1 above

46.6218 kms

60% of the base rates mentioned in the Table 1 above

2. In addition to above, the following fee shall also be due and payable for the use of the bypass structure having length more than 60m at the following Fee Plaza(s), by converting the length of structures into an equivalent length of highway by multiplying the length of such structure by an equivalent factor of 10:-

Table 3

Location of Fee Plaza(chainage)

Length of structure (in Km) to be converted into equivalent road length

Equivalent road length (in Km)

Rate at which fee is payable

Km/Ch 429.630

(Manwath Village District Parbhani) Maharashta.



60 % of the base rates mentioned in the Table 1 above

The details are as under:-


Type of structure

Length (in Km)

From Km

To Km




Major Bridge





Major Bridge









3. The rate of monthly pass for a person who owns a mechanical vehicle registered for non- commercial purposes and resides within a distance of twenty kilometers from the fee plaza is Rs. 275.00( Rupees Two hundred and seventy five only) for the year 2020-21 and is subject to revision every year as per the provisions of the said rules.


4. For multiple journey on the highway section, passes shall be issued at the following rates, namely:-

Table 4

Amount Payable

Maximum number of one way journey allowed

Period of validity

One and one half times of the fee for one way journey


Twenty four hour from the time of payment

Two-third of amount of the fee payable for fifty single journey


One month from date of payment

5. Fee for commercial vehicle (excluding vehicles plying under national permit) registered in the district where the fee plaza falls shall be 50% of the prescribed rate for that category of vehicle provided no service road or alternative road is available for use of such commercial vehicle.

6. The driver or owner or a person in charge of a Mechanical vehicle which is loaded in excess of permissible load specified for its category, shall be liable to pay fee for entering the overloaded vehicle on the National Highway to the fee collecting agency, equal to the specified in sub – rule 1A of rule 10 of the said rules, and shall not be entitled to make use of the highway section unless the excess load has been removed from such mechanical vehicle.

7. All definitions including category of mechanical vehicles, its permissible load, category of  exempted vehicles, service road, alternative road etc. shall be as per definitions specified in the said Rules.

8. The fee rates shall be displayed for information of the users in accordance with Rule12 of the said rules.

9. Based on the Base Rate of Fee per km for the base year 2007-08 as mentioned in Table-1 above, the actual amount of fee to be charged from the mechanical vehicles and the discounts will be calculated by the National Highways Authority of India on the basis of the completed length of the sections and revised annually in accordance with the rule 5 of the said rules and the same shall be published in at least one newspaper in English and vernacular language.

10. The estimated Capital Cost of the Project is Rs. 427.26 Crore (The Capital cost is subject to variation as the activities of land acquisition, utility shifting, tree cutting, etc are yet to be completed and the final capital cost will notified separately. )  The National Highways Authority of India shall maintain a record of the recovery of capital cost through user fee realized and after recovery of the capital cost, the fee leviable shall be reduced to 40% of the rates and shall be revised annually in accordance with the said rules.

[F.No.    RO/MUM/EPC-14/NHDP-IV/2013-14/Toll]

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