Pradhan Mantri Ghar Tak Fibre Scheme 2020

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Pradhan Mantri Ghar Tak Fibre Scheme 2020

PM Ghar Tak Fibre Scheme 2020 has been launched by the central government. Common Service Centres (CSC) under the Ministry of Electronics & Information Technology (MeitY) has undertaken the task of laying optical fibre network across India. These optical fibres will connect villages to gram panchayats / village blocks across the entire country. The CSC is taking the initiative through its Village Level Entrepreneurs (VLEs) under the Central govt’s Bharat Net Initiative.

Ghar Tak Fibre Scheme

“Countries that have focused on their infrastructure have seen fast development. Only Atal Bihari Vajpayee’s government stressed on the importance of a robust infrastructure in India before the current government,” he added.

The highway projects inaugurated cover a road length of about 350 kilometres and will be completed at a cost of Rs 14,258 crore.

‘Ghar Tak Fibre’ scheme will connect all 45,945 villages of Bihar through optical fibre internet service, according to a PMO release issued on Saturday.


“The fibre internet services programme is a “prestigious project” which will enable a “digital revolution” to reach the state’s remotest corner,” the release said.

PM Ghar Tak Fibre Scheme 2020

PM Narendra Modi announced in his 74th Independence Day speech that only 5 dozen village panchayats were connected with optical fibre before 2014. In the past 5 years, around 1.5 lakh village panchayats have been connected with optical fibre network. In the upcoming 1000 days, central govt. will work to connect every village of the nation with optical fibre as per the PM Modi’s vision of Digital India. Now the govt. has launched PM Ghar Tak Fibre Scheme 2020 to provide high speed internet connectivity to people.

CSC to Provide Fiber To The Home (FTTH) Broadband Internet Connectivity

Taking forward the PM Modi’s vision of connecting villages through optical fibre network, CSC aims to provide Fiber To The Home broadband internet connectivity. This FTTH connectivity will be provided to 45,945 villages of nearly 8,900 Gram panchayats where Wi-Fi and FTTH through BharatNet are functional. It is expected that govt. will lay down optical fibre network in all villages till end of next year i.e FY 2021.

Online Scheme / Service Delivery to Citizens with PM Ghar Tak Fibre Scheme

With the spread of broadband connectivity in villages of Bihar, online scheme / service delivery would be provided to citizens. After implementation of PM Ghar Tak Fibre Scheme 2020, people can now take benefits of various schemes and initiatives by the government with just a click. New employment opportunities will open up in villages and this will help local youth and especially girls to become independent and support to their families.

Opening of New Areas of Income with Availability of Internet

With optical fibre connectivity, new avenues of extra income sources would be opened. This includes new areas such as:-

  • Rural BPO
  • E-Commerce
  • e-Education
  • Tele-Medicine
  • Online Banking

All these new areas of earning handsome amount shall be created by providing the high speed internet facility in villages.


Progress Under BharatNet Phase 1

The task of operation and maintenance optical fibre network laid under the BharatNet phase 1 was allocated to CSC in July 2019. In January 2020, the FTTH connectivity was also added to 5 government institutions. However, CSC VLEs achieved a great output in phase-1. It includes 5889 Gram Panchayats with over 45,000 subscribers along with 20,000 rural households and government institutions who have access to broadband internet.

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