Launching of Online Scheme for disposal of EWS flats at Pocket- 1A Sector A1-A4 Narela at concessional rates on First Come First Serve basis : DDA

Launching of Online Scheme for disposal of EWS flats at Pocket- 1A Sector A1-A4 Narela at concessional rates on First Come First Serve basis  : DDA

EWS flats at Pocket



Dated: 06.08.2020



Subject:- Launching of Online Scheme for disposal of EWS flats at Pocket- 1A Sector A1-A4 Narela at concessional rates on First Come First Serve basis

DDA has approved allotment of Multistoried EWS flats at Pocket- 1A Sector A1-A4 Narela through Online Scheme on First Come First Serve basis. The details of flats being offered are as follows:-





No. of flats (Appro x.)

Tentative Plinth Area

(in Sq, metres)

Broad range of tentative disposal cost (Rs. In Lakh)


Narela Pocket 1A

Sector A-1-A4




35.27 to 37.31 sq. mtr.

10.89 to 12.29

1. Scheme
  • The Scheme is titled as Online Housing Scheme 2020 for Allotment of Approx. 900 EWS Flats with 40% concession on construction cost on First Come First Serve Basis.


2. Eligibility
  • i) The applicant must be citizen of India
  • ii) He/she should have attained the age of majority i.e., an applicant should have completed 18 years of age as on the date of submitting the application
  • iii) The applicant must not own any dwelling unit (including residential plot/flat in full or in part on „leasehold or freehold basis‟ having carpet area of more than 67 sq. mtrs. in urban areas of Delhi, New Delhi or Delhi Cantonment either in his/her own name or in the name of his/her spouse or in the name of his/her dependent relations including unmarried children
  • iv) Applicant must have Permanent Account Number (PAN) allotted under the provisions of Income Tax Act and the same must be quoted in the Application Form
  • v) The income of the applicant should not exceed Rs. 3 lakhs per annum and family income should not exceed Rs. 10 lakhs per annum.
3. How to Apply:-
  • i) Applicants can apply online. For applying online, the applicant is required to visit DDA‟s website i.e.,
  • ii) Applicant applying for flats under this Scheme shall have to deposit application money of Rs. 10,000/- which will be adjusted against the cost of the flat but will be non- refundable in case of surrender/cancellation.
  • iii) The desirous applicants will apply online and will have a choice to book a specific flat on first-come-first-serve basis
  • iv) One selecting for a specific flat online, he/she will be given reasonable time say 30 minutes to deposit application money online. Till this period of 30 minutes, the flat will not be available for selection by others.
  • v) Once application money is paid, the flat will be kept reserved for that applicant.
4. Allotment:
  • Demand-cum-Allotment letter will be generated online and sent to the concerned applicant to deposit the requisite amount and documents for issue of possession letter.
5. Period of Payment:-
  • i) The cost of the flat is to be deposited within 90 days from the date of issue of Demand-cum-Allotment letter. Demand-cum-Allotment letter will be issued online. No hard copy is required to be sent.
  • ii) The application money will be forfeited if the demanded amount is not paid by the allottee within the due date as stiputated in the demand-cum-allotment letter and flat will be made available for allotment to others.
6. Method of payment of demanded amount
  • The payment of application money may be made from any account. However, demanded amount after issue of online Demand-cum-Allotment letter have to be deposited from Allottee‟s own account.
  • However, the demanded amount may also be deposited by spouse/family members. The family members include relations viz., Husband/Wife, Brother/Sister, Son/Daughter, Grandson/grand daughter (Son‟s child, daughter‟s child), Wife of Son (daughter-in-law), Wife of grand son, Husband of grand daughter.
 7. Conveyance Deed:-
  • i) The Conveyance Deed (Free Hold Deed) papers will be issued by DDA after depositing of cost of flat and submission of all requisite documents. These are required to be submitted back to the forwarding officer of DDA along with e-stamp papers of the requisite value with proof of payment of the demanded amount and all other requisite documents for processing the case for issuance of letter of possession. The expenditure on e- stamping and other expenses on account of registration of Conveyance Deed, etc. in this regard shall be borne by the allottee.
  • ii) The allottee shall not be entitled to transfer or otherwise part with the possession of the whole or any part of the flat without execution of Conveyance Deed. In the event of sale/transfer being made without execution and registration of Conveyance Deed, such sale/transfer shall not be recognized by the Authority and allotment of such flats will be cancelled and possession will be resumed.
  • iii) The Conveyance Deed in the prescribed format transferring the title to the flat shall be executed in favour of the original allottee, after physical possession of the flat which shall be registered with the Sub- Registrar as per law, upon receipt of all other dues provided the original allottee has not in any manner sold, transferred or alienated the whole or any part of the flat by any agreement of whatsoever nature and parted with possession thereof.
  • iv) In the event of death of the original allottee prior to execution of Conveyance Deed, the Conveyance Deed shall be executed in favour of the legal heir(s) of the original allottee, as per policy/guidelines of DDA in respect of mutation.
8. Mortgage/Availing Loan:-

The allottee can avail housing loan by mortgaging the flat to following institutions without prior approval of the DDA. However, an intimation regarding institution to which it has been mortgaged must be sent to concerned Dy. Director (Housing), DDA, Vikas Sadan, New Delhi:
  • (i) Government of India; 
  • (ii) State Government; 
  • (iii) Union Territory Administration ; 
  • (iv) Public Sector Undertakings / Autonomous Bodies; 
  • (v) Nationalized Banks; 
  • (vi) Life Insurance Corporation of India; 
  • (vii) General Insurance Corporation of  India; 
  • (viii) Housing Development Finance Corporation; 
  • (ix) Cooperative Banks; (x) MCD; (xi) NDMC; 
  • (xii) All joint sector companies irrespective of the percentage of share holding; 
  • (xiii) University of Delhi; 
  • (xiv) All organisations, private or public, which receive the approval of Govt. of India, State Govt. for the purpose of general mortgage permission and are recognized by RBI as a Housing Finance Company; 
  • (xv) All Financial Institutions extending loans to individuals for house building, if they are leading companies with good market standing and repute say with a capital base of Rs.5 crores or so; 
  • (xvi) All Financial Institutions/Banks which are controlled by RBI or the Govt. of India irrespective of the percentage of Govt. shareholding; 
  • (xvii) All public companies with a capital base of Rs.5 crores provided  they  have  a  Scheme  for  granting  HBA  to  their employees and the mortgage is required for grant of such advances e.g. HUDCO.


9. Misuse, Additions and Alterations, etc.
  • The flat shall be used only for residential purpose and cannot be put to any other use. The allottee shall not be entitled to sub-divide the dwelling unit or amalgamate it with any other dwelling unit or to make any structural additions/alterations.
10. Responsibility for the maintenance of common portions and common services, etc.
  • Every successful applicant is required to become a Member of the Registered Agency/Association of Apartment Owners to be formed for the purpose of maintenance of common portions and common services for these housing pockets, in accordance with the provision of the law i.e., DDA (Management & Disposal of Housing Estate) Regulation 1968 in this behalf before the possession of the flat is handed over to him/her.
11. Mis-representation or suppression of facts
  • If it is established that the applicant has applied although he was not eligible as per conditions laid down in Clause 2, the applications(s)/allotment(s) will be rejected/cancelled summarily without issuing any show cause notice for the same.
12. Possession of flats
  • i) The allottee shall be entitled to take delivery of possession only after he/she has completed all the formalities, paid all dues and furnished/executed all the documents as required in the demand-cum-allotment letter and as per Clause 6 (a), (b) and Clause 7 above.
  • ii) If the allottee does not take possession of the flat within 3 months from the date of issue of possession letter, he/she shall be liable to pay watch and ward charges at the prescribed rates beyond a period of 3 months from the date of issue of possession letter up to a maximum period of one year from the date of issue of possession letter. At present watch & ward charges are Rs.1000/- per month for EWS flats.
  • iii) If the physical possession is still not taken over then the allotment shall be automatically cancelled. No show cause notice shall be served before cancellation. However, in exceptional cases, the physical possession can be given beyond 12 months and up to 24 months on payment of said charges in addition to prescribed restoration/cancellation charges provided prior permission of DDA is obtained. Any amount deposited towards the cost of the flat shall be refundable without interest in such a case of cancellation after deduction of Application Money.
  • iv) The property is being offered on “as is where is basis”. The DDA will not entertain any request for additions or alterations or any complaints whatsoever, regarding property circumstances as defined in Regulation 19 of the DDA (Management & Disposal of Housing Estate) Regulation  1968.  DDA  shall  also   not   entertain any complaint about cost of flat, its design, the quality of material used, workmanship or any other defect.
13. Status of allottee
  • All allotments shall be made on Free Hold basis. However, the title shall be transferred only when the Conveyance Deed is executed in favour of the allottee and is registered in the office of Sub-Registrar, GNCTD.
14. Inspection of flat

The applicants are advised to visit the site and look at the flat before applying for allotment of a specific flat.
  • (i) The contact numbers and addresses of the concerned Divisional Executive Engineers are given below. These officials will facilitate the visit and inspection of flat.



Mobile No.



Sh. N.K. Sharma, Executive Engineer ND-10, DDA


Near Railway Line Ashok Vihar, Phase-1, New Delhi


Sh. Abhishek Khatri Asstt. Engineer

ND-10, DDA


Near Railway Line Ashok Vihar, Phase-1, New Delhi


Sh. Sourabh Kumar Junior Engineer

ND-10, DDA


Near Railway Line Ashok Vihar, Phase-1, New Delhi

15. The eligible allottees may take benefit under Credit Linked Subsidy Scheme (CLSS) under Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana – Housing For All (Urban). The eligible allottees seeking housing loans from  Banks,, Housing  Finance Companies  and other such institutions would be eligible for an interest subsidy at the rate of 6.5% for a tenure of 20 years or during tenure of loan which ever is lower.
All the interested applicants are requested to apply for allotment of flat in accordance with the above conditions.

The Scheme will be launched on 05.08.2020 and will be in operation till the entire inventory included under the Scheme is disposed of. DDA reserves the right to withdraw any or all flats or include more flats in the scheme. More flats from old inventory of Aawasiya Yojana-2017 and DDA Housing Scheme 2019 available with DDA at same or different locations may be included in the Scheme to dispose of entire inventory of flats.

For other terms and conditions of the Scheme other than what have been mentioned in this circular, please refer to Scheme Brochure of “DDA Housing Scheme 2019 for EWS flats”.

(Rajiv Gandhi) 
Commissioner (Housing)

नोट :- हमारे वेबसाइट पर ऐसी जानकारी रोजाना आती रहती है, तो आप ऐसी ही सरकारी योजनाओं की जानकारी पाने के लिए हमारे वेबसाइट से जुड़े रहे। 


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