Adaptive Front-Lighting System (AFLS) suitable for Indian Road and Traffic conditions

Adaptive Front Lighting System (AFLS) 


Adaptive Front-Lighting System (AFLS) suitable for Indian Road and Traffic conditions

TRL: 6 (Prototype with Verification and Validation)

Properties/ Features 
  • Provides wider visibility in town and country roads during night driving 
  • Provides longer range of visibility at higher speeds especially on expressways 
  • Avoids excessive glare on oncoming passengers as the system encourages use of Low Beam 
  • Enhances visibility around bends owing to it Dynamic Swivel Functionality 
  • Automatically aims light according to the passenger occupancy 
  • Tuned to Indian road and Traffic conditions 
  • Cost-effective Indigenous solution 
  • Applicable for Advanced Lighting Technologies in passenger and commercial vehicle segment 
  • Application for 2&3 Wheelers can also be developed 
  • Specific application for Off-Road vehicles and Construction & Mining equipment/vehicles can also be developed 
Scale of Validation Achieved 

The AFLS equipped vehicle was driven through various road geometries and traffic conditions including Ghat sections for verification of Dynamic Swivel, and on expressway for high speed related testing. Calibration and verification of this system was carried out on test tracks and steering pad. The system and its functionalities have been evaluated as per standards AIS-008 and AIS-127, equivalent to ECE-R48 and ECE-R123 respectively. 

Intellectual Property 
  • NA 

The Automotive Research Association of India has developed indigenous and cost effective technology solution for Adaptive Front Lighting System (AFLS) for mid-segment cars and SUV/MPV. The algorithm is designed to address needs of Indian road and traffic conditions. AFS adapts the headlamp beam pattern to driving conditions encountered by the vehicle. The AFLS operates in different modes, viz. Expressway Mode, Country Mode and Town Mode. The developed prototype AFLS ECU has been integrated with a Utility Vehicle’s Electrical & Electronic architecture via CAN network to achieve these modes. 

These AFLS modes are achieved with less sensor inputs as compared to the similar solutions available in the market, on existing mid-segment utility vehicle architecture. The vehicle speed thresholds are optimized to meet the Indian traffic requirement. 

With this AFLS technology development, ARAI is now able to offer the following development services in automotive lighting. 
  • Functional Architecture Development 
  • Control Algorithm development for Intelligent Lighting Technologies 
  • Software development using MATLAB & Simulink/ C 
  • Verification and Validation Methodologies 
  • Consultancy for AFLS development and new technologies in the area of lighting 
ARAI is also keen to develop similar AFLS technologies for 2&3 wheel vehicles, Buses, Commercial vehicles, off-road vehicles and Construction & Mining equipment/vehicles as well. 

Beneficiary Industry 
  • Vehicle Manufacturers of 2W, 3W, Cars, SUV/MPV, Buses, Commercial Vehicles etc., 
  • Lighting Systems Manufacturers supplying to vehicle OEMs 
  • Off road vehicles and Construction & Mining equipment/vehicles 
Technology Readiness Level: 7 (System prototyping demonstrator in an operational environment) 

  • For a typical electric 4-wheeler (Car, LCV, SUV segment) with full drive by control capability 
  • CAN / TCP-IP option for communication with vehicle controller 
  • Actuation Systems for Steering, Brake, Accelerator 
  • Sensors for ADAS/Autonomous functions/Data monitoring 
Vision system 
  • Stereo camera for Object Detection 
  • Mobileye Camera for Blind spot detection 
  • Integration of reference Cameras (up-to 6) 
Radar system 
  • Mid-range front collision warning radar 
  • Short and long range radars For Adaptive Cruise Control and Driving in close vicinity 
  • 16 channel LiDAR for Objects and Obstacles Detection o GNSS (Global Navigation Satellite System) for localization o IMU (Inertial measurement unit) 
  • Complete hardware and vehicle package ready for Autonomous / ADAS deployment 
  • Safety mechanisms 
  • Selective Auto or manual drive capabilities 
  • Complete platform package for development of ADAS / Autonomous vehicle functionality 
  • Useful for On Road trials and validation 
  • Useful for Traffic data acquisition 
Scale of Validation Achieved 

The current package is ready with selected sensors and is being used for ARAI’s internal program of 
Intelligent Vehicle Development. 

Intellectual Property 
  • NA 

The Automotive Research Association India is working on internal R&D program titled “SwayamGO”. The main objective of this program is to work on improvement of safety making use of latest electronic and software technologies. As part of this program, ARAI has made prototype of Autonomous vehicle using standard electric passenger car. The actuators of the vehicle (accelerator pedal, brake and steering) have been automated. The sensors like GPS, cameras, RADARs and Lidar have been integrated. This prototype is being used for on road trials of developed control systems. 

This ARAIs autonomous vehicle deployment platform offers complete packaged solution for customers to jump start their ADAS/AV functionality development. It offers options for sensor selection as per customer’s specific requirement. The platform can be used for on road deployment, development and validation of ADAS/AV functionality. 

This complete packaged vehicle prototype can be offered as solution to interested parties. It will help customers to jump start their ADAS/AV functionality development. 

Beneficiary Industry 
  • OEMs 
  • Tier 1 industries 
  • Service Industries 
  • Research Institutes/Academies/Universities 
  • Startups