Training Courses (in double spell) during the session 2023-24 for  PGTs(all sub jects), TGTs(all subjects except AE/WE/Library/Yoga/P&HE), HMs and   PRTs(except Music) of Kendriya Vidyalayas

File No. 11-Acad0338T(l)/2/2018-Academic/4250-4281
Date 03.02.2023

The Deputy Commissioner/Director
Kendriya Vidyalaya Sangathan
All Regional Offices/ZIETs
Sub:- In-service Training Courses (in double spell) during the session 2023-24 for  PGTs(all sub jects), TGTs(all subjects except AE/WE/Library/Yoga/P&HE), HMs and   PRTs(except Music) of Kendriya Vidyalayas - regarding.

As per the scheme in vogue .and approved by the AAC & BOG, Kendriya Vidyalaya Sangathan has to conduct In-service Training Programmes, for the session 2023-24, split-up into 4 spells of 12+10 days as per the guidelines issued vide letter F. No.11016/01/2009/ KVS HQ/Acad. dated 28.08.09. The first spell of 12 days will be organized during the summer vacation and the Second Spell of 10 days would be conducted during the w inter break. As far as possible, the Second Spell of the course will be conducted at the same venue where the first spell of the 12-Day Course was conducted and the same Director will be deputed for it. The Courses for Primary Teachers will preferably be organized at Regional Level itself at suitable venues identified in the Regions concerned.


The In-service Training Courses are to be organized by KVS (HQ) at ZIETs or other Venues . The main objective o organizing these In-service Training Courses is to enhance the levels of competence, commitment and performance of teachers. All  In-service  Training Programmes aim at enhancing the effectiveness of the teachers ' ability, so that the expected outcomes are achieved.


All Regional Offices are requested to instruct the Kendriya Vidyalayas to identify and send the names of subject teachers* for participation in the Inservice Training Programmes for the session 2023-24.

*The names of PGTs (all subjects), TGTs (all   subjects except AE/WE/ Library/Yoga/P&HE), HDMs and PRTs (except Music) are to be forwarded.


Priority (A)

While selecting the participants, priority is to be given to the teachers who ·are due for grant of senior scale/selection grade on or before 31.12.2024 and have not attended any In-service training programme in the same cadre since 2018, as they have to undergo 3 weeks ' In-service training programme  within preceding six years from the date they are eligible for Senior Scale/Selection Grade to fulfil the mandatory requirement for grant of Senior scale/Selection scale. 
Training Courses during the session 2023-24 for PGT
Priority (B)
The  second  priority  will  be  of  all those  teachers  who  have  not attended  any  In-service training programme since 2017.

Please Note:
  • Teachers who are coming under LTR category must not be sponsored for In-Service training programme unless they are due for senior scale or selection grade during the next three years and have not attended 21-Day In-service training programmes within preceding six years from the date they are eligible for Senior Scale/Selection Grade.

  • Female teachers having infants below the age of two years may be granted exemption, if sought, provided the ,individual is willing to forgo the financial benefits (if any).

All those promoted teachers i.e. TGTs and PGTs who have not undergone training in the promoted post should be enlisted in Proforma II.


All ROs are requested that they forward a list of proposed venues where courses can be conducted {PROFORMA  III). The  following  points  may  please  be  kept  in  view  while suggesting the venues for various In-service Training Courses :
  • Providing good board and lodging facilities to the participants.
  • Accessibility by Rail/Road etc.
  • Having reasonably good library and audio-visual aids.
  • Computer laboratory with Broadband connectivity.
  • Availability   of   guest   speakers   from   reputed   institutions   like   IITs/Engg.   Colleges/ Universities/ Colleges' of Education and Institutions of Sciences and Technology, etc.

The  norms  for  the  Course  Directors/Associate  Directors/Resource Persons  to  be  nominated for the In-service Training Courses for different cadres are as follows:



Associate Director

Resource Persons

PGT(Regular/ Promotee, by DPC

. & LDE)

Director, ZIET/ Asst. Commissioner/Principal (with Masters in subject)

Principal/Vice · Prrncipal (with Masters in the Subject)

Two PGTs (min. 8 yrs. Experience

TGT(Regular/ Promotee, by DPC

& LOE)

Director, ZIET/ Asst. Commissioner/Principal (with Masters in subject.)

Principal/Vice Principal (with Masters in the Subject)

Three PGTs/ Sr. TGTs (min: 8 years experience)




One HM & Two Sr. PRTs


Director, ZIET


Two Sr. HMs

While selecting Course Directors, Associate Directors and Resource Persons for various In­ service Training Courses, the Asst. Commissioners/Principals/Vice - Principals/HMs/Teachers who are been recognized by the KVS under various programmes/Incentive schemes as enumerated below should be given priority for selection:
  • Assistant Commissioners, Principals,  Teachers, Training Associates (of ZIETs) who underwent training  on Direct Trainer Skill '(DTS}, Design of Training (DoT}, Systematic Approach to Training (SAT), Management of Training (MoT), etc. conducted by DOP&T at ISTM or any Administrative Training Institute (ATI)

  • KVS Incentive Awardee/National  Awardee Principals, Vice-Principals,  HMs and other teachers.

  • Assistant Commissioners, Principals, Teachers deputed by KVS under Teacher Exchange Programme I Cultural Exchange Programmes like Fulbright Scheme/Japan Teacher Exchange Programme, etc. or underwent Educational study tour to Germany, Australia, etc.

  • Teachers. who  have undergone  training programme/diploma  course  from  NCERT  in Guidance and Counselling.

  • Teachers deputed by KVS under specialized trainings in NCERT/NUEPA/TTTI/IIMs/IITs, etc.

  • Teachers trained in Constructivist approach of learning at HBCSE, Mumbai.

  • Teachers trained in Innovation in Mathematics Education at IDC, IIT Mumbai.
Note: In case the required numbers of teachers who have undergone any one of the programmes as mentioned at (I} to (7) above are not available in a region, services of such teacher(s) from other KVS Regional Offices may be utilized . as a Resource Person for In­ service training programmes to be conducted at ZIETs /other training venues.

The details of such selected Resource Persons should be sent in separately PROFORMA IV.

It has been observetj that in some cases the guest speakers invited from outside the KVS do not do proper justice  with the participants.   They often deliver lectures which are irrelevant to the needs of our teachers and outside the context of the KVS. As a result, whereas many teachers do not pay adequate attention to the lectures, in-house talents of KVS are also not properly utilized.  Many of our teachers are competent to discuss various pedagogica l issues and capable of content enrichment with their experience in actua.1 classroom transactions. There is explicit need to utilize their learning through group activities. The Guest Speakers should be judicio usly selected, not exceeding the norms in a 12/10-Day In-service Training Course. The Director/Associate Director/Resource  Persons  should  interact  with  the  participants  on  various  issues regularly every day.

In each Training Course, a PGT (Comp. Sc.) preferably having background of similar subjects may be engaged for 5 days for giving hands-on experience in IT and Multimedia to the trainees in order to make them competent in using IT in planning, teaching­ learning, evaluating and analysing the performance of self and students. The concerned Regiona l Office will ensure availability of the services of PGT  (Comp. Sc.) at the Venues/ZIETs located in the Region.

COLLECTION OF DATA: The following steps are to be taken for the collection of data for In­ service Training for the session 2023-24:

At Vidyalaya Level:

  • Each RO will circulate the information to schools immediately.

  • Principals have to ensure that no teacher who falls under priority A & B  is left out.  No addition or inclusion after finalization of venues shall be considered.

  • Principals shall circulate this information among all the staff, and also the record of names sponsored, so that the individuals are aware of the conditions. The acknowledgement of this must be kept on official records, for reference at a later date, in case of any claim/representation by any teacher. Teachers shall not drop out or seek to be included on a later date, based on the venue.

  • Forward hard copy and soft copy to respective Regional Office, only in the given format (in MS Excel)
At Regional Office Level:

RO should compile the data in MS Excel work book and forward to ZIET concerned.

At ZIET Level:

ZIETs will compile the data from all its feeder regions and send the soft copy in MS Excel to  ZI ET Mumbai.



Data collection and compilation dispatch to RO by KVs


RO to send the soft copy to concerned ZIET


ZIETs to send the consolidated lists to ZIET Mumbai


Consolidated proposal to KVS HQ by ZIET Mumbai

The Distribution of ROs under each ZIET is as under:

ZIET Mum bai

ZIET Gwalior

ZIET Mysore

ZIET Chandigarh

ZIET Bhubaneswar

Ahmedabad, Raipur,

Jabalpur, Lucknow,

Bangalore, Chennai, Hyderabad, Ernakulam,

Chandigarh, Dehradun,

Guwahati Silchar Ranchi

Pre-training preparations -
  • The Course Director of each course should develop a need assessment proforma specific to their subject content, listing out the different areas covered under the latest curriculum and send it to the participants of the course at least one month in advance and get back within 15 days before date of commencement of the in-service training programme.

  • An analysis of the need assessment proforma should be done by the Course Director to identify the generic and individual need areas related to the subject content.

  • The areas identified by most of the participants should be taken as thrust areas and external experts should be engaged to enrich, refresh, reinforce, update and upgrade their knowledge in those specified areas.

  • Time budgeting for the In-service Training course - content enrichment- 60%, attitude building- i5%, transactional skills - 25%.
Post training follow up -
  • The  learning  index  of each trainee  is to  be  calculated  and  communicated  to the Principal of the trainee through their participation certificate.

  • The follow up proforma/tool should be sent by the Course Director to the Principal of the trainee.

  • The Principal should record observations and send it to the Assistant Commissioner Concerned.
It is to be noted that the following types of issues/grievances do not arise:
  • a) Selected  teacher  be  exempted  on the  ground  that  the  teacher  has  already attended a training programme in the last 5 years.

  • b) A teacher's name is missing in the selected participants list and be included subsequently.

  • c) A teacher's name is included in the list of another subject inadvertently.

  • d) A promotee teacher's name is included in the list of regular teachers' list and vice-versa.
Such issues must be avoided by careful scrutiny based on the above criteria at the Vidyalaya/R.O./Zonal level.

Further, it is informed that the list of participants be sent in 'Excel' Sheet only. The 'Designation' of the teacher participants should be mentioned clearly and correctly, . keeping in view the changes made in designations. KV may use designation as given in staff sanction orders. To avoid ambiguity, designation for TGTs (Science) should be written as TGT(Sc.) and not as TGT (Bio.).' This helps in sorting of data correctly and avoiding errors. It is, therefore, suggested that subject codes to be used for transfer applications may be used to maintain uniformity and facilitate  compilation.  The Gender and category of the participant should not be left blank. The current  active email ID of the Vidyalaya must be furnished.

Please note that organization of In-service Training Courses is a time bound activity and hence the schedule should be adhered to scrupulously. The formats/Proforma to be sent are as under:
  • Priority (A) & (B) - Consolidated in respect of all the KVs in the region
  • Promoted teachers - Consolidated in respect of all the KVs in the region
  • List of proposed venues       - as identified by the RO/ZIET
  • List of Director, Associate Director,  Resource Persons, etc.-   as   identified by   the RO/ZIET
Yours faithfully,

(Pallavi Sharma)
Deputy Commissioner (Trg.)
Copy to:

1.· The Joint Commissioner (Trg.), KVS (HQ), New Delhi
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