Planning for Works and preparation of Labour Budget under the Mahatma Gandhi NREGA for the FY 2021-22

File No.G-31011/17/2019-MGNREGA-V  (368314)
Government of India
Ministry of Rural Development
Department of Rural Development

Krishi Bhavan, New Delhi
Dated: 24th  September, 2020


The Additional Chief Secretary/ Principal Secretary/ Secretary/ Commissioner Rural Development Department/ Panchayati Raj Department (In charge MGNREGA) All States/ UTs

Sub: Guidelines/  framework  for  "Planning  for  Works  and  preparation  of  Labour  Budget" under the Mahatma Gandhi NREGA for the FY 2021-22.


Sub section 6 of section 14 of the Mahatma Gandhi NREG Act 2005, directs that the District Programme Coordinator (DPC) under Mahatma Gandhi NREGA shall prepare, in the month of December every year, a Labour Budget (LB) for the next financial year containing the details of the anticipated demand for unskilled manual work in the district and the plan for identification for need based works and engagement of workers in the works covered under the program. Chapter 6 of the Annual Master Circular 2020-21 reiterates and details the procedure to be followed for the planning of works and preparation of LB.

Mahatma Gandhi NREGA for the FY 2021-22

2. The States/ UTs are required to take up a time bound participatory planning exercise followed with other relevant activities to ensure timely preparation of a realistic Labour Budget that may be pragmatically considered. by the Empowered Committee of the Ministry as per the following suggested timeline viz.

Action to be Taken


Launch of Gram Panchayat level planning process and discussion o: the planning process by Gram Sabha/Ward Sabha.

21th October

Special Gram Sabha for approval of the Gram Panchayat level annual action plan.

03ra October to 30th November

Submission of Gram Panchayat Level Plan to the Block Panchayat

By 5tn December

Approval of Block Level Consolidated Annual Plan by Block Panchayat and submission of the same to District Programme Coordinator/ Collector (The consolidated Labour Budget including all interventions proposed for the Block level should be approved by the Block Panchayat/Intermediate Panchayat)

By 20th December

Presentation of Block Plans by Programme Officer before DPC in the suggestive format circulated by the Ministry and appraisal of same by the DPC.

By 20th January

Presentation of District Annual Plan and LB to District Panchayat by the District Programme Coordinator/ Collector (all interventions proposed for the District should be approved at the District level)

By 21st January

Approval of District Annual Plan by the District Panchayat and submission of the same to State Government. The DPC/ ADPC will present the plan before the State/ UT Government in the suggestive format circulated by the Ministry and the same will be appraised before collation into State Plan.

By 31st of January

Submission of Labour Budget to the Central Government in the suggestive format circulated by the Ministry.

By 10th February

Meeting of the Empowered Committee and finalization of the LB Communication of the LB to the States by Ministry and further by the By 31st March states to Districts, Blocks, and Gram Panchayats

20th February onwards

3. The activity planned for October 2 nd to 30th November, 2020 which relates to Planning for Works under Mahatma Gandhi NREGS are as follows : -

3.1 21th  October Gram Sabha for discussion on Mahatma Gandhi NREGS (Performance against Plan and Orientation)

A comprehensive report to be read out by GRS/ GP Secretary on the last year's progress of Mahatma Gandhi NREGS implementation and list of permissible works under Mahatma Gandhi NREGS.

Discussion on the Report with special focus on
  • a) Incomplete works
  • b) Shelf of Projects
  • c) Job card Updation
  • d) Citizen Information Board
Selection of two/ three Women Self Help Groups (SHGs) whose members can act as Village Resource Persons (VRP) for Social Audit.

Awareness regarding Sanitation linked works for Clean and Green villages

  • a .  Sessions on Mission Water Conservation and Natural Resource Management& GIS based Planning
  • b.  Sanitation initiatives like construction of assets like Household Soak Pits
  • c.  Waste Management Initiatives like Vermi/ NADEP composting
3.2 3rd October to 30th November Gram Sabha for finalization of Labour Budget
  • Preparation of Mahatma Gandhi NREGS Annual Acton Plan
  • Reading out the draft plan prepared by the Gram Panchayat for the FY 2021-2022
  • Detailed discussion and approval.
  • Documentation
  • Officials/ functionary will be recording/ noting down the outcome/ feedback/ objections/ difference of opinion raised during the discussion .
  • Special focus on water harvesting and water conservation
  • Emphasis on Solid Liquid Waste Management (SLWM)
  • Upgradation of Grameen Haats
  • Focus on individual works related to livelihood enhancement.
  • Taking a pledge to participate in Mahatma Gandhi NREGA Rozgar Divas organized by the Gram Panchayat at least once in a month .
  • Discussion on usage and benefits of Janmanrega, a citizen centric mobile application .
3.3 It is reiterated that the States/ UTs have time till 30th November for finalization of Labour Budget of Gram Panchayats. States that have already completed the pre  planning exercise may finalize the Labour Budget on this day. In fact, to facilitate evidence based scientific NRM planning process, the recommended work plan on Watersheds/  Command  Area approach as approved in the District Irrigation Plan can be discussed for community validation and vetting.

4. Important activities for aspects of planning

4.1 Gram Sabha/ Ward Sabha: The District Programme Coordinator should ensure strict adherence to the principle of bottom-up approach from the stage of planning to approval of the selected shelf of projects by each Gram Sabha/Ward Sabha in the district. The State Government is also required to furnish a certificate to the effect thatthe provisions made in the Mahatma Gandhi NREGA for preparation of Labour Budget have been considered and a bottom-up approach has been adhered to in the preparation of LB. The annual planning exercise  for Mahatma Gandhi NREGA will be part of the Convergent Planning Exercise for the Ministry. Technical inputs for planning shall be drawn from the technical resources available in the district under Mahatma Gandhi NREGS, CSO partners and other line department agencies.
4.2 Thrust on planning  for  works  related  to  Natural  Resource  Management  (NRM), agriculture and allied activities and livelihood related works on individual's land leading to sustainable livelihoods: The DPC will facilitate and ensure that NRM related works under Mahatma Gandhi NREGA are taken up in convergence with Pradhan Mantri Krishi Sinchayee Yojana (PMKSY), Integrated Watershed Management Programme (IWMP) and Command Area and Water Management (CAD&WM) schemes for better outcomes of the water conservation and water harvesting measures. For planning for NRM works,  the technical inputs will be  drawn from the joint pool of technical personnel of IWMP in Watershed Cell cum Data Centre (WCDC), Mahatma Gandhi NREGA unit, Water Resource Department and the Agriculture Department. The technical inputs relating to Excavation, Renovation & Modernisation (ERM)/ water bodies may also be sought from Regional Office of Central Ground Water Commission (CWC). The planning should be based on GIS & RS tools.

4.3 District Irrigation Plan: The recommended work plan on Watersheds/ Command Area approach as approved in the District Irrigation Plan, should be sent to all the concerned Gram Panchayats for community validation and vetting. The final DPR, reflecting all community suggestions will then be recommended by all Gram Sabhas of Gram Panchayats involved in the Watershed/ Command Area. The DPC/Collector will further ensure  that  the  NRM component of Labour Budget of Mahatma Gandhi NREGS is integrated into the District Irrigation Plan (DIP).The DPC/ Controller will also ensure that the planning for works is such that at least 65% of expenditure under Mahatma Gandhi NREGS is on NRM works in the identified Blocks under Mission Water Conservation (MWC) rural Blocks of the country.

4.4 Wage  -  Material   ratio: For  all  the  works  planned   to  be  implemented   by  the   Gran1 Panchayats  and  other  Implementing  Agencies,  the  60:40  ratio  in wage  and  labour  must  be maintained at the district level.

4.5 Expenditure on Agriculture and allied  activity:  District  Programme  Coordinator/ Collector should ensure that at least 60% of the works taken up at the district level, in terms of cost, shall be for creation of productive assets directly linked to agriculture and allied activities through development of land, water and trees which is mandatory as per the Act.

4.6 Role of SHGs and CBOs: The Self He is Groups (SHGs) under DAY-  NRLM  will  be closely involved in the planning especially in case of  implementation  of  watershed  projects under Mahatma Gandhi NREGS. Intensive Block cluster of DAY-NRLM should be actively involved in the .planning process, including in Blocks identified under Mission Water Conservation. The process of creating a community organization at the watershed level will also commence simultaneously so that a community led planning and implementation structure is in place well before financial resources are committed for the project.

4.7 Pro-actively reaching out to landless and manual casual labour household for covering them under Mahatma Gandhi NREGA: The ongoing effort to ensure that households that are listed as automatically included or deprived as per the SECC (especially households  under the deprived category of landless dependent on manual casual labour for livelihood) are issued Job Cards on priority needs to be emphasized during planning and household visits period.

4.8 Proceedings of each Gram Sabha/Ward Sabha in which the respective LB and shelf  of projects for the GP has been approved, must be uploaded as an attachment to the respective LB in MIS. The Labour Budget should comprise a month-wise anticipated quantum of demand for work and a plan that outlines the quantum and schedule of works to be provided to those who demand work. While preparing LB, it should be ensured that all columns and rows are duly filled in, especially, month-wise projection of labour demand during FY 2021-2022. It also needs to be ensured that  units [volume/length/area etc.] in respect of works & numbers in cases of persondays, cost, etc. are filled in correctly. To assess adequate and advance budget requirements for the Mahatma  Gandhi NREGA and smooth and timely release of Central share of funds to your State/UT, GP-wise online entries should be completed for all the districts of your state. The data should be uploaded in the MIS latest by 10111 February, 2021.

4.9 The proforma for preparation of LB in which it is to be submitted to the Ministry of Rural Development is at Annexure. The  proforma may be used by Gram Panchayats, Blocks and Districts also to present their Labour Budget before reviewing authority.

4.10 It should be ensured that Labour Budget for 2021-22 should be part of Gram Panchayat Development Plan (GPDP).

5. It is, therefore, requested that the Labour Budget for  FY 2021-2022 should be prepared in consonance with the requirement of the Act and it should be reviewed at all levels of scrutiny viz. Block, District and State level to arrive at a realistic assessment  and should be submitted, both online as well as in suggested booklet format by 10111 February, 2021. The meeting of the Empowered Committee is likely to be scheduled in 3rd week of February, 2021.

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